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Why Do People Love Footed Pajamas?
                                   Adult footed pajamas are becoming a large industry. While once manufactured just for children, footed
                                   pajamas now are made also in sizes for adults by many manufacturers and the demand for adult footie
                                   pajamas is rapidly growing. One manufacturer announced revenues over $2 million from footed pajamas
                                   alone. Many new manufacturers have launched brands of adult footie pajamas in the past few years.
                                   Now, there are even matching footie pajamas in styles for everyone in the family. This information may be a
                                   surprise to many people particularly those people who may not be even aware that footed pajamas are available
                                   in adult sizes.

                                   The question remains, what is driving the large rate of growth of this market? Why are there so many people
                                   interested in buying footed pajamas for adults? In order to get a hint to the interest in adult footies a survey was
                                   done with website visitors to a website which offers footed pajamas. The responses give an insight to the interest
                                   in footie pajamas for adults.

                                   When asked about their interests in buying adult footies, approximately one quarter indicated that the reason
                                   was due to warmth. Since footie pajamas cover the body from feet to shoulders, adult footed pajamas are
                                   probably the warmest pajamas around.

                                   Another twenty percent indicated fun as their reason for buying footie pjs. Pajamas are often seen as comfortable
                                   but dull. Feet turn an otherwise boring item into fun nightwear.

                                   Some of the other popular responses for buying adult footies referred to cold feet and reliving the childhood
                                   memories. Nearly ten percent of the population are troubled by cold toes. Chronic cold toes, often caused by
                                   peripheral vascular disease is very uncomfortable. Raynaud's disease, a condition more more common in women
                                   is also a cause of chronic cold toes. Regardless of the cause of cold extremities footies can help relieve this
                                   problem. Further, wearing footed pajamas bring out the child in almost everyone.

                                   When considering all of these answers, it is easier to understand the demand for adult footed pajamas. Some are
                                   buying footed pajamas for medical issues, some for comfort when relaxing at home and some are buying footies
                                   simply for fun. The only question which remains is how the rapid trend in adult footies pajamas will develop in the

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