Midwest Tapes Order Procedures by 2c2A5Z


									                      Midwest Tapes Order Procedures

1.   Orders are created at www.midwesttapes.com with fund codes and branch
     distributions. Each order is separated by collection such as DVD fiction,
     DVD nonfiction, etc.
2.   Orders are emailed to Acquisitions.
3.   Acquisitions logs into www.midwesttapes.com and sends the order lines of
     each order to Cataloging.
4.   Cataloging downloads the records from OCLC and inputs the Dewey number
     WITHOUT the author for both fiction and nonfiction.
5.   Cataloging informs acquisitions that the order is ready for importing into
     Horizon. Acquisitions imports the brief MARC records from
     www.midwesttapes.com into a Purchase Order. Each title is examined for
     branch distribution and collection code accuracy. The call number is copy
     and pasted within the Horizon item record.
6.   Order is approved by Acquisitions, Edifact order is created and sent via

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