Tree Leaf Identification key by o6ro3ki


2.    COMPOUND—A leaf that contains several smaller leaves (leaflets).
4.    ALTERNATE—How leaves and branches are attached to a stem so that it appears like steps, every
      other one.
6.    BRISTLETIPPED—Small, pokey hairs at the tips and on the margins of a leaf.
11.   DECIDUOUS—A tree that loses its leaves in the winter or dormant season.
12.   SCALELIKE—A needle-like leaf that looks like snake's skin. Small needle-like leaves overlap one
13.   LEAFLETS—Smaller leaves that make up a compound leaf.
15.   NEEDLE—A leaf that you would find on a pine tree.
16.   MARGIN—The edges of a leaf.

1.  PINNATE—The vein pattern of a leaf that has a midrib with intersecting veins that radiate from the
3. MIDRIB—The center vein of a leaf.
5. OPPOSITE—When leaves and branches are connected to a stem directly across from one another.
7. LOBED—A leaf with margins that are indented and resembles the earlobes on a person.
8. EVERGREEN—A tree that keeps its leaves all year.
9. PALMATE—A vein pattern that resembles the fingers of a person's hand.
10. SIMPLE—A single leaf.
14. SERRATED—A leaf margin that is toothed and resembles a steak knife.

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