Familiarity of Odesk by shariar5518


									Familiarity of Odesk?
   Odesk is a marketplace freelance workers to part their short statement, portfolio and for
buyers to search enthusiastic providers to keep in touch with divers tasks. There are a
number of opportunities; to cite an example data entry, graphics design virtual assistant
project manage even website development to creative media works and so on. You are
welcome to join for free and work with this great platform.
Getting introduced;
   After I had checked out the site, I googled them very soon and saw a lat of reviews.
Then I found a negative review about odesk and observed that odesk really works nicely
and it is very possible to build up a great online career and to make a big sum of money.
So not to make late I signed up for odesk and created my work profile.
How to works?
     To sing up for odesk is absolutely free. Buyers can also sign up and part their jobs
without any cast on odesk will have opportunity always to search jobs a variety of jobs,
you need only apply and wait until your buyers hires you.
Job styles: Fixed price and Hourly:
      Odesk job is two in types; one is fixed price that means you will be given a fixed
amount after you will complete your job. But it may take long time to finish and the
payment is not well guaranteed. Because it simply depends on buyer’s wish if they will
and how much they will pay you another is hously job that means your payment will be
based on per hour. That is why you need to download odesk team application and install
it on your computer.
      The moment you find a hously job, you can then log in using the application and
work your work hours. The app will capture one screen shet of your desktop every 10
minutes and same the record of your can evaluate your work progress. Hously jobs are
better to do, because the payment is well guaranteed and if will effectively promote your
overall career.
Making your profile:
    First of all you have to pass the odesk readiess test to get access to your odesk
provider profile. Make your profile though your extraordinary skills; get all the tasks and
create your portfolio; etails work experience so that it looks at other people’s portfolio to
know how a good portfolio can be made looktatine/ lucratine.
How to get a job as odesk:
   This is obvious that to get a job on odesk is the toughest part of odesk. After you will
create a profile and apply for jobs you have to wait until your buyer calls you for an
interview or hires you. To get your first job or even to get a hint on how to begin is really
difficult. The main ground why buyers don’t line new ones as because they have no well
work performance that can be mentioned and nothing to expose on their own portfolio.
    Think a bit show a couple of work examples on your portfolio and you need to pass
some relevant tests and upload a nice bio photo and throw details on your profile. You
first initiative should write something better when you look for a job. Try to get a job
letter from scratch. You should also show some work examples and give them few
methods to keep in touch with you, mention a reason why you should be hired.
    People generally pass a long time on odesk, but never get their first jobs. Most of the
people spend more then six months without any job. I’ve also applied for a number of
jobs but got no result, but I succeeded when I got my first assignment on odesk.
For what odesk?
      A lot of online marketplaces are available what can ensure you online based career
such as Hire A coder and guru Get A Freelances etc. But I emphasize odesk became its
place what I got first and I’ve already made a good work portfolio. If you would like to
get a great market place to open, most being late you should try odesk. Because if you try
to get a work from all other sites, you will hardly get it.
  Odesk has some special facilities for a provides; to cite an example weekly payment
through all of the major payment methods including paypal, payonees debit master card,
monybookers and others. They posses a great name and fame along with a gigantic
It is better to introduce with odesk as your default portfolio; because its not a tough job to
manage, update and even to get a better work.
Some tips for new providers:
     * Never think that there is a hard competition in odesk. So not to make late and apple
for a job, just believe that you are the best among others. You will get always new
opportunities and a late jobs then actual providers, so keep trying it.
    * You should try on all of the major communication methods such as yahoo
messenger, google talk, AIM, skype and email to make sure that a buyer can reach you if
they fell necessary.
    * Try to give a solution to your buyer and if you are not capable of doing it, don’t leave
them hanging.
     * Look for solution always not for money. In your freelance career, the feedback is the
vital thing to gain

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