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					Suitcase Packing Instructions:
The following instructions are for how to pack a suitcase for a 2-week trip
to China.

You will need:

      A large piece of luggage (note airline restrictions)

      Seven days worth of:
           Dress shirts and ties
           Dress slacks


      Three or four t-shirts and two pairs of shorts


      Toiletries and Personal Items

      Accessories: A watch, ties, etc.

      1 pair of dress shoes
      1 pair of sneakers
      1 – 2 weeks worth of socks (business appropriate and casual)

      Three space saving bags

NOTE: Clothing will depend on weather. Be sure to check travel guides
before your trip so you know what season to pack for.
NOTE: If you will be doing laundry at the hotel, one week worth of clothes
will suffice. If you will not be doing laundry, bring two weeks worth.

1. Begin by gathering everything you plan to pack and set it on one side
on your floor or bed. Place the suitcase on the opposite side.

2. Use one of the space saver bags to pack your dress shirts. Remove all
the air from your space saver and place it in the suitcase.

3. Use one of the space saver bags to pack your dress slacks. Remove all
the air from your space saver and place it on top of the other space saver
in the suitcase.

4. Use the last space saver bag to pack your t-shirts and shorts. Remove all
the air from your space saver and place it in the suitcase next to the
5. Fold up your undershirts, underwear, socks and pajamas together and
place them on top of the last space saver bag you packed.

6. Depending on the size of your suitcase, you should still have room in the
body. Place your personal items, accessories and toiletries in the open
spaces among the space saver bags. WARNING: Bottles may spill during
travel. It is recommended that you wrap bottles in a separate plastic bag.

7. Place your shoes in the zipper pocket on the lid of your luggage. If you
have anything else to pack that does not fit in the body, pack it with the

8. Close the lid and attempt to zip the suitcase. If it does not zip, rearrange
your items to ensure proper fit.

9. Weight your suitcase to ensure it complies with airline restrictions. If it
does not, you will have to remove or exchange items until it does.

WARNING: Always check with your airline on what can and cannot be
taken on the airplane. Anything you need that cannot go in your carry-on
must go in your suitcase. Check with your airline for restrictions and weight

NOTE: Remember not to pack anything extremely sensitive i.e.
medications, laptops, power cords, phones, money, etc. These items
should be in a carry-on bag to ensure safe arrival in the country.

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