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					    Starters 4B

      Mrs. Greenlee
7th grade Language Arts
        Team 7-2
 Starter for Tuesday, January 19,
Wacky Web Tales
“Raise the Curtain”
        Tuesday’s Agenda
1. Starter / Copy Assignments
2. Review Poetry Terms handout
3. Began drafting Riddle Poem
 Work on Riddle Poem
 Work on Poetry Notebook
Starter for Wednesday, January 20, 2010

   *Decide if each of the eight phrases below is an
    infinitive (correct) or a split infinitive (incorrect).

     to work tirelessly              to fall repeatedly

          to boldly go            to always wait

        to sit quietly          to recklessly drive

   to consistently succeed        to scrub vigorously
        Wednesday’s Agenda
1. Starter
2. TCAP Practice Question
3. Venn Diagram
4. Infinitives / Prepositional Phrases Sorting
5. Identify the prepositions in a paragraph

 Final Draft of Riddle Poems due tomorrow
• Jonah wanted to be recognized for his
  musical talent, so he vowed to practice
  regularly, to follow his teacher’s tips, and
  to carefully prepare for his recital.

• Which part of the sentence uses an
  infinitive incorrectly?
         prepositional phrases and
•   to alliterate      to read
•   to church          to port
•   to compose         to reflect
•   to cram            to revise
•   to defy            to rhyme
•   to dinner          to school
•   to Haiti           to succeed
•   to harbor          to surgery
•   to infer           to town
•   to market          to work
• “Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years in
  Checkout Counter”
• “FOR SALE: Mahogany table by a lady with
  Chippendale legs”
• “Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg
  address while traveling from Washington to
  Gettysburg on the back of an envelope.”
• Groucho Marx said it best: “One morning I
  shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got
  into my pajamas I’ll never know.”

         Francis Macomber had, half an hour before,
     been carried to his tent from the edge of the
     camp in triumph on the arms and shoulders of the
     cook, the personal boys, the skinner and the
     porters. The gun-bearers had taken no part in the
     demonstration. When the native boys put him
     down at the door of his tent, he had shaken all
     their hands, received their congratulations, and
     then gone into the tent and sat on the bed until
     his wife came in. She did not speak to him when
     she came in and he left the tent at once to wash
     his face and hands in the portable wash basin
     outside and go over to the dining tent to sit in a
     comfortable canvas chair in the breeze and the
         Thursday’s Agenda
1. Review poetry terms at
2. Grouping examples activity with poetry
3. Turn in final drafts of riddles- read aloud.
Study session Friday morning at 7:00 a.m!
          Friday’s Agenda
1. No starter
2. Take Poetry and Prepositions Test in 6th
   grade computer lab at
3. Silent Sustained Reading
Starter for Monday, January 25, 2010
 Copy and complete the following analogy:

alliteration : consonants :: assonance : _________
Starter for Monday, January 25, 2010
1. Starter / Copy weekly assignments
2. Distribute Test Autopsy Papers
3. Review test results in 6th grade lab
Starter for Tuesday, January 26, 2010
 Write down your favorite headline. Underline
   the alliteration.
 Example: Boastful biscuit beaten by fast-
   thinking fox
 • Sleepy seamstress sends city into century
   long snooze.
 • Close call for kids caught in cake and
   confectionary house
 • Serious student snapper bitten by bug –
   secretly catches criminals.
Starter for Wednesday, January 27,
What are the requirements of your Poetry
 Project, due February 5?
         Wednesday’s Agenda
• 1. Starter- What are the requirements for your Poetry
  Project, due Feb. 5? Collect signed Progres Reports.
• 2. Poetry Project Example (Mrs. Hicks)
• 3. Play Garrison Kealor's reading of "The Road Not
  Taken" and show the ReadWriteThink PowerPoint
  "Bubbles" to get the students thinking about line breaks.
  (These are either open on my desktop or saved under
  Favorites in Microsoft Explorer.)
• 4. Work on "Alliteration in the Headlines" poems for
  approximately 30 minutes, due Thursday. Try creating
  your line breaks in interesting places to create different
Starter for Thursday, January 28, 2010
The first glasses were made by placing
   small magnifieing lenses into two round
   frames connected by rivets.
What is the correct way to spell the
   underlined word?
A. magnafying
B. magnefieing
C. magnifying
D. maganifying
        Thursday’s Agenda
1. Starter / Late progress reports?
2. Handout- Forming the plurals of nouns
3. Practicing with Plurals
             Which rule?
•   One weekday   two weekdays
•   One gravy     two gravies
•   One dish      two dishes
•   One loaf      two loaves
•   One tomato    two tomatoes
Long ago, there was as prince who loved
to tell stories. His favorite was about a
frog with a magnifying glass. One day,
    Starter for Friday, January 29, 2010
•    Fun Brain Spell Check

1. Number your starter page and number 1-10.
2. Take out your Personal Spelling Dictionary
    from yesterday.
           Friday’s Agenda
1. Starter (Fun Brian) / Collect Starters 4B

2. Poetry Presentations
Which ending do you need to make
       these nouns plural?
•   character sketch
•   hoof
•   bus
•   potato
•   suffix
•   bibliography
•   glory
•   hoax
•   taboo
•   kidney
•   lunch
•   scarf
•   mass
•   avocado
•   quantity
•   zoo
•   essay
•   fax
•   oral history
•   analogy
•   klutz
•   diary
•   wharf
•   kiss
•   documentary
•   zero
•   fantasy
•   supply
•   cameo
•   buoy
•   ax
•   winch
•   prefix
•   sheaf

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