Stillwater Power
               A Division of
       Stillwater Utilities Authority


        SP Bid #006-02/03

        Diesel Gensets

BID OPENING DATE: October 7, 2002
         TIME: 3:00 P.M.
        PLACE: City Hall
                                      Notice to Bidders

Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) requests sealed bids:

Project:       Diesel Gensets
               SP Bid #006-02/03

Prebid Conference:    9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 25, 2002, Stillwater Power Building,
                      411 E. 3rd, Stillwater, OK. Attendance is not mandatory for bidding.

Acceptable Bidders: Established companies regularly engaged in supplying this type of

To receive Specifications, contact:   Dixie Terrill, 411 E. Third St., Stillwater, OK 74074,
                                      Or phone (405) 747-8041

To view Specifications, contact:      City Clerk, Stillwater City Hall, Phone: (405) 742-7243

Two copies of sealed bid documents should be submitted to one of the following:
      Mailing Address:             Deputy City Clerk
                                   Department of Finance
                                   P. O Box 1449
                                   Stillwater, OK 74076

       Hand or Special Delivery: Deputy City Clerk
                                 City Hall
                                 723 S. Lewis
                                 Stillwater, OK 74074

Mark outside of bid envelope with: 1.        Name of bidder
                                   2.        Items being bid
                                   3.        Date and time of bid opening

Due Date:             Must be received on or before October 7, 2002 at 3:00 p.m.
Public Opening:       At that time

Dated: September 16, 2002

Deputy City Clerk

                                        LABEL FOR MAILING

In order to insure correct routing and prompt delivery of bid documents, please affix the attached
prepared mailing label as per instructions:

For regular mail: Please affix the prepared label in the upper left corner of the outside envelope just
under the return address.

For express/overnight mail: Please affix the prepared label to the outside of the envelope in which the
bid is contained in the left hand corner.

For hand delivered bids: Please affix the prepared label in the upper left corner.

           MAILING LABEL.

VENDORS NAME:           SP #006-02/03
Item:                   Diesel Gensets
Bid Opening Date:       October 7, 2002
Bids Rec'd by:          3:00 p.m.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dixie Terrill
Office Manager,
Stillwater Power
(405) 747-8041

                                                 NOTICE OF NO BID

This sheet is provided for the convenience of Vendors submitting a no bid response to solicitations.
Request for bid (RFB) number and company name must be indicated by the Vendor.
       [ ] 1. Cannot comply with Specifications
       [ ] 2. Cannot meet delivery requirements
       [ ] 3. Cannot identify the item(s)
       [ ] 4. Do not regularly manufacture or sell the type of Item(s) involved
       [ ] 5. Other
       [ ] 6. We do [ ], We do not [ ] desire to be retained on The bidder list.

Name and Address of Company:

Signature:                                                 Title:


Bid Number:        SP #006-02/03
Item:              Diesel Gensets


                   Deputy City Clerk
                   Finance Department
                   P. O. Box 1449
                   Stillwater, OK 74076

Ref. Bid No: SP #006-02/03

                                         STILLWATER POWER
                                        BID #006-02/03 PROPOSAL
                                           Item: Diesel Gensets

Still water Utilities Authority
% Deputy City Clerk
Department of Finance
723 S. Lewis
P.O. Box 1449
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74076

Note: Please type or use ink. Submit two copies of each bid proposal with itemized bid schedules.
       The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids when such rejection is in the interest
      of the owner.

We hereby propose to furnish and deliver in compliance with your official notice and specifications:

          Bid Quote:
A. Four (4) Diesel gensets, per Sections 1
  through 12 of these specifications: $

B. Remote control capabilities, per
  Section 13 of these specifications:     $

C. Maintenance Services, per
  Section 14 of these specifications:     $

                          Total Bid Price: $

D. Optional NOx Reduction Equipment, per
  Section 15 of these specifications: $

Delivery:                                                                  weeks A.R.O.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phone:                                                   Fax:

Authorized Signature:


STATE OF                                       )
COUNTY OF                                      )

                          , of lawful age, being first duly sworn, on oath says that (s)he is the agent authorized by the
bidder to submit the attached bid. Affiant further states that the bidder has not been a party to any collusion among
bidders in restraint of freedom of competition by agreement to bid at a fixed price or to refrain from bidding; or with
any City official or employee as to quantity, quality, or price in the prospective contract, or any other terms of said
prospective contract; or in any discussion between bidders and any City official concerning exchange of money or
other thing of value for special consideration in the letting of a contract.


Subscribed and sworn to before me this                day of             , 200       .

Notary Public

Date Commission Expires:

Date Signed

                                          Instructions to Bidders
1.   Proposals shall provide for furnishing and delivering all materials and services in accordance with the
     Notice to Bidders and more completely described in these Specifications.

2.   No interpretation of the meaning of the Specifications or other contract documents will be made to any
     bidder orally. Every request for such interpretation should be in writing addressed to: Mike Herron,
     Electric Director, City of Stillwater, 411 E. 3rd, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074.

     To be given consideration, any such request must be received at least ten working days prior to the date
     fixed for the opening of bids. Any and all such interpretations and any supplemental instructions will be in
     the form of written addenda to the Specifications, which if issued, will be mailed by certified mail with
     return receipt requested, to all prospective bidders (at the respective addresses furnished for such purpose),
     not later than three days prior to the date fixed for the opening of bids. Failure of any such bidder to receive
     any such addendum or interpretation shall not relieve such bidder from any obligation under his bid as

3.   All addenda that are issued to Bidders after the Bidding documents have been distributed, and which
     addenda are acknowledged by the Bidder in the order and sequence in which addenda are issued shall also
     become part of the bid and contract documents.

4.   Proposals must be submitted on forms provided in the Bidding Documents, together with all supporting
     documents required. Uncompleted bid documents or lack of pertinent applicable data shall constitute an
     incomplete or irregular bid, and shall, therefore, be subject to rejection by the Owner. The entire Bidding
     Document (as bound) together with descriptive materials shall be delivered to the City Clerk, Stillwater,
     Oklahoma, in a sealed envelope marked with the title of the bid, bid number, date and hour of the opening
     of the bids. The proposal must be signed with the full name and post office address of the Bidder. In the
     case of a partnership, the Proposal must be signed in the firm name by each partner. In the case of a
     corporation, the Proposal must be signed in the corporate name by a duly authorized officer and the
     Corporate seal affixed and attested by the Secretary of the Corporation.

5.   Each bidder shall include and shall be deemed to have included in the price quoted in the Bidder's Proposal,
     the amounts which it is estimated will be payable by the Successful Bidder for taxes imposed by any taxing
     authority upon the sale, purchase, or use of materials supplied, or equipment incorporated in the
     Specifications. The Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) is a tax-exempt agency. If necessary and
     appropriate, the Successful Bidder will supply affidavits which may be signed by the SUA or the City of
     Stillwater, which will declare that fact and allow the bidder not to pay sales tax on materials and equipment
     ultimately to be used by the SUA. The SUA will not pay sales tax.

6.   The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any or all minor irregularities and
     technicalities. Any such irregularities or technical errors so waived must be corrected on the proposal on
     which they occur prior to the execution of any contract to be awarded thereon.

7.   The Bidder shall provide all information applicable called for in the bid sheet of the proposal, if a bid sheet
     is made part of the bid documents. Incomplete data tabulation will be considered cause for rejection of
     proposals. The Bidder shall warrant the accuracy of all data listed herein.

8.   The City may make such investigation as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the bidder to provide
     the equipment and the bidder shall furnish all such information and data for this purpose as the City may
     request. The owner reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of,
     such a bidder fails to satisfy the City that such a bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of
     the contract and to complete the work contemplated therein.

9     Firm bid prices are required.

10.   The attention of all Bidders is called to the Federal, State and Municipal laws, regulations, and ordinances
      in reference to labor, materials, equipment, Specifications, proposals or bids, contracts, certified checks,
      bonds, and all other matters pertaining to the relationship between Owner and Contractor.

11.   Any bid received by the Owner, or any officer or employee thereof, more than ninety-six (96) hours
      excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, before the time set for the opening of bids, shall not be
      considered by the Owner and shall be returned, unopened, to the Bidder submitting same.

12.   No bid may be altered, withdrawn, or resubmitted within 30 days after the date set for the opening of bids.
      Formal awarding of the purchase to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders shall be made within thirty (30)
      days after the opening of the bids unless the Stillwater Utilities Authority, by formal recorded action and for
      good cause shown, provides for reasonable extension of that period, which extension in any event shall not
      exceed fifteen (15) days.

13.   Bid price must include delivery of the units to the locations identified in the Specifications.

14.   Appurtenances and/or accessories not herein mentioned but necessary to furnish a complete unit, ready for
      use upon delivery, shall be included. Recognized standards of strength, quality of material, and
      workmanship, subject to these Specifications in full and when appropriate, in compliance to all federal and
      state safety regulations, shall be observed and met by bidder.

15.   All materials purchased under these Specifications shall be new and subjected to a visual inspection for
      workmanship, finish, weight, and dimension check.

16.   Specifications shall be construed as indicating the minimum requirements acceptable. The phrase "and/or
      approved equal" shall apply where brand names are mentioned. Substitutions will be allowed except where

17.   A standard Manufacturer's or Dealer's warranty shall be supplied covering the replacement of all defective
      parts, including labor.

18.   The city shall have the authority to require a performance bond before entering into a contract, in such
      amount as the city shall find reasonably necessary to protect the best interests of the city.

19.   Prior to doing any work on the owner’s site, the Successful Bidder shall purchase and maintain such
      CONTRACTOR'S LIABILITY INSURANCE as will protect him from claims set forth below which may
      arise out of or result from the contractor's operations under the contract, whether such operations be by
      himself or by a sub-contractor or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them, or by anyone
      for whose acts any of them may be liable:
      a.        Claims under workers' compensation, disability, benefits and other similar employee benefits acts:
                 For the duration of this contract, contractor shall maintain statutory workers' compensation and
                shall maintain Employer's Liability Insurance with minimum limits to one-hundred thousand
                dollars ($100,000.00). Contractor shall require sub-contractors to provide Workers' Compensation
                and Employer's Liability Insurance with the same minimum limits.
      b.        Claims for damages because of bodily injury, occupational sickness or disease, or death of his
                Employees, and his claims insured by usual personal injury liability coverage: For the duration of
                this contract, Contractor shall maintain statutory Workers' Compensation and shall maintain
                Employer's Liability Insurance with minimum of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).
                Contractor shall require sub-contractors to provide Workers' Compensation and Employer's
                Liability Insurance with the same minimum limits.
      c.        Claims for damages because of bodily injury, sickness or diseases or death of any person other
               than his employees, and claims insured by usual personal injury liability coverage: For the
               duration of this contract, Contractor shall maintain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
               with minimum bodily injury limits of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for each person
               and one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) for each accident. He shall maintain property damage
               insurance with minimum limits of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) for each accident and one
               hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) aggregate. The policy shall include contractor's
               Protective Liability Insurance with the same minimum limits. Contractor shall require sub-
               contractors to provide Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with the same minimum limits.
      d.       Claims for damages because of injury to or destruction of tangible property, including loss of use
               resulting therefrom: For the duration of this contract, contractor shall maintain Comprehensive
               Liability Insurance with minimum bodily injury limits of one-hundred thousand dollars
               ($100,00.00) for each person and one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) for each accident. He shall
               maintain property damage insurance with minimum limits of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00)
               for each accident and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) aggregate. The policy shall
               include contractor's Protective Liability Insurance with the same minimum limits. Contractor shall
               require sub-contractors to provide Comprehensive Liability Insurance with the same minimum
      e.       For the duration of this contract, contractor shall maintain Comprehensive Automobile Liability
               Insurance for all owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles with minimum limits for bodily injury of
               one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for each person and one million dollars
               ($1,000,000.00) for each accident and property damage minimum limits fifty thousand dollars
               ($50,000.00). Contractor shall require sub-contractor to provide Comprehensive Automobile
               Liability Insurance with the same limits.

      These certificates shall contain a provision that coverage afforded under the policies will not be canceled
      until at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice has been given to the owner. Copies of certificates of
      insurance shall be filed with the owner prior to commencing work. The required insurance must be written
      by a company licensed to do business in the state where the work is located, at the time the policy is issued.
       In addition, the company must be acceptable to the owner.

20.   A prebid conference will be held at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 25, 2002, Stillwater Power Building,
      411 E. 3rd, Stillwater, OK. Attendance is not mandatory to provide a bid on this specification. Bidders
      will be notified of any changes resulting from this conference via US mail.

                                            DIESEL GENSETS

It is the intention of this specification to describe a 2000 kW, 2500 KVA, 480/277 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz,
liquid cooled, diesel engine driven generator set, including the engine, generator, fuel tank, breaker,
sound attenuating enclosure, and specified accessories and/or options. The completed set is to be
purchased from a single source bidder who will be responsible for supplying all the quoted equipment.

It is the intention of STILLWATER POWER to purchase gensets manufactured in the United States of

Four (4) such gensets are to be purchased. One generator set will be installed by STILLWATER
POWER at the City of Stillwater Water Plant (elevation 1000 ft.) as a standby unit during electrical
outages and as a peak shaving unit that will be run as needed during the summer. This unit shall be
delivered to the Water Plant at Highway 177 and Yost Lake Road north of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Three generator sets will be installed either in a group at the Boomer Lake Station Power Plant,
(elevation 1000 ft.) or at three substation sites around Stillwater as peak shaving units that will be run as
needed during the summer. These units shall be delivered either to the Boomer Lake Station plant at 1
Boomer Lake Station Drive in Stillwater, Oklahoma or to the separate sites in Stillwater. Determination
of which option to use will be made later based upon site permitting results.

Each of the units is to be able to be run in parallel with the utility so automatic synchronizing and
paralleling circuitry is required. The units are specified for outdoor installation, with their own sound
attenuating housings, built-in (base mounted) fuel tanks, enclosed 4000 amp breakers, critical mufflers,
and batteries and chargers. Baffled air inlets and outlets shall be provided in the housings and the
housings shall be large enough to enclose all the quoted equipment indoors and provide work room
around the engines.

The following specifications are not intended to limit the bid to a specific manufacturer. “Or equal”
items will be considered. Preference will be given to American made products. Questions concerning
these specifications may be addressed to Mike Herron, Director, Stillwater Power, at 405-747-8002.

     We require that your bid be offered on the form provided below so that an accurate comparative
     evaluation can be made. For all items below, if the unit you are bidding is equal to, or greater
     than, the MINIMUM specification, please indicated that compliance by placing an “X” on the
     line before the item number.

        If the item you are bidding does not meet the MINIMUM specifications, please state “N.A” and
        write in the exception or exceptions for consideration of equivalence. Provide adequate data to
        allow comparison as to the equivalence of the alternate item to that which was requested.

        A.   The manufacturer of this genset system shall have been regularly employed in the
             manufacturing and construction of diesel engine standby power systems for a minimum
             of the past 5 years.
        B.   The manufacturer shall actually produce or construct the generator or the diesel engine
             used in the particular genset being bid.
     A.   Turbocharged, low temperature aftercooled, 2,922 Brake Horsepower
     B.   V-16 diesel
     C.   Displacement, approximately 3,673 in.3
          State displacement bid:                                            in.3
          State bore and stroke:                                             in.
     D.   Running speed, 1800 rpm
     E.   Compression ratio, appx. 14.5:1
          State actual ratio:
     F.   Four Cycle
     G.   Water Cooled
     H.   Cast iron cylinder block
     I.   Forged steel crankshaft
     J.   Replaceable wet liners
     K.   Fuel, #2 diesel
     L.   Automatic electric fuel shutoff
     M.   Combination full flow and bypass oil filters
     N.   Dry type air cleaner
     O.   Battery System
          1.       24 Volt
          2.       Minimum 1800 CCA rating, or size needed for 0o F cold cranking operation.
                   State CCA:
          3.       Engine mounted alternator, minimum 40 amp: State actual.
     P.   Governor
          1.       Adjustable from Isochronous to 5% droop
          2.       Frequency regulation:
                   a.       No load to full load; isochronous.
                   b.       Steady state;  0.25% in all applications
     Q.   Cooling system
          1.       Radiator type, closed system
          2.       Capacity for 104o F ambient operation
          3.       Antifreeze protection to -20o F
     S.   Emissions
          1.       Engine shall be certified to U.S. EPA non-road Source Emissions Standards, Tier
                   1 compliance.
          2.       Provide Tier 1 Compliance Statement
     T.   Base/Skid
          1.       Engine and Generator are to be mounted on a steel skid base as one unit.
          2.       Skid base shall be equipped with lifting attachments for unloading unit.
     U.   State Fuel Consumption, in gallons per hour:
          100% load:
          75% load:
          50% load:
          25% load:
     V.   State engine model bid:
          Engine manufacturer:
          Location of engine production plant:
          Engine HP rating at 1800 rpm and 1000 ft. elevation:

     A.   Ratings:
          1.       Standby rating of 2000 kW/2500 KVA at .8 power factor; prime power
                   rating of 1825 kW/2281 KVA,
          2.       Voltage: 480/277 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
          3.       Maximum Surge (motor starting) rating: 7361 KVA. State actual:
     B.   Construction:
          1.       Brushless
          2.       Revolving field
          3.       Four pole
          4.       Single bearing design, using ball bearings
          5.       Designed to meet current NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI standards
          6.       Strip heater to prevent condensation in unit. Provide switch
                   interlock so heater is not on when generator is operating.
     C.   Rotor:
          1.       Direct coupled to engine
          2.       Flexible disc drives
          3.       Dynamically balanced rotor assembly
     D.   Excitation:
          1.       Permanent magnet type
          2.       Brushless, rotating
          3.       Automatic Voltage regulator for variable excitation during transient loads.
     E.   Insulation:
          1.       System to meet Class H material requirements per NEMA MG1-1.65 and
                    BS2757 definitions.
     F.   State Generator model bid:
          Generator manufacturer:
          Generator standby rating:                 KVA,             kW at 0.8 pf @            C rise
          Generator prime rating:                   KVA,             kW at 0.8 pf @          C rise

      A.   Provide a free standing, Main Line Circuit Breaker
      B.   4000 Amp Frame; 100% rated
      C.   3200 Amp Trip setting
      D.   NEMA Type 1 enclosure, appx. 45”W x 36”D x 90”H
      F.   277/480 Y, 3 phase, 3 wire breaker with ground bus
      G.   Auxiliary switch contacts: 2A and 2B
      H.   Digital Type, RMS trip controller
      I.   24 volt DC operating voltage for Trip, Close, and Charge operations.
      J.   Operating speeds:
           1.      Close operation: 5 cycles or less
           2.      Open operation: 2.5 cycles
           3.      Spring charge time: 5 seconds
      K.   Provide Lugs for 500-750 MCM conductors
           1.      12 per phase
           2.      12 each on neutral and ground

     A.   Provide a vibration-isolated controller mounted on the generator.
          1.       NEMA 3R Construction
          2.       Panel lamps as required to read gauges
     B.   Controller panel requested to include the following:
          1.       Run-Stop switch
          2.       Off/Manual/Auto Mode Switch
          3.       Remote Starting, 24 V DC, 2-wire (terminal connection points)
          4.       Emergency Stop Switch
          5.       Oil pressure gauge
          4.       Coolant temperature gauge
          5.       Voltmeter(s)
          6.       Ammeter(s)
          7.       Phase select switch (for voltmeter and ammeter, if required)
          8.       Frequency meter
          9.       Voltage adjust rheostat ( 5%)
          10.      Running time meter
          11.      Fault reset switch
          12.      Lamp test switch
          13.      Cycle cranking
          14.      Engine monitoring/management system with alarm contacts:
                   a.       Provide warning and shutdown protection
                   b.       Provide configurable cycle cranking functions and start sequence
                   c.       Automated exercise function
          15.      Status lamps
                   a.       Remote Start Command (green)
                   b.       Not in Auto (red-flashing)
                   c.       Warning (amber)
                   d.       Shutdown (red)
          16.      Integrated voltage and frequency control systems.
          17.      Integrated AC protective functions for voltage, short circuit, overcurrent, and
          18.      Integrated digital paralleling controls, including options for semi automatic,
                            automatic, and utility paralleling applications.
     A.   Provide a walk-in, ventilated, sound attenuating, weather protective enclosure for the
          engine/generator assembly, including accessories. It is permissible for the enclosure to
          sit on top of the base-tank (drop-over) or to enclose the tank.
     B.   Enclosure designed acoustically to reduce engine noise to 75 dBA at 50 feet from the
          enclosure (with equipment noise at 118 dBA at 3 feet from unit).
     C.   Provide screening on all ventilating openings to keep birds and rodents out of enclosure.
     D.   Provide sound attenuating input and exhaust louvers.
     E.   Construction:
          1.       Approximate dimensions: 119” W x 382” L x 142” H. State actual:

            2.      14 gauge galvanized steel construction on exterior
            3.      4” thick, insulated walls with 22 gauge interior perforated liners
            4.      Fixed Blade Air intake louvers
            5.      Outlet turning ducts
            6.      Four-point lifting system for enclosure only

     F.     Interior Construction:
            1.       Provide Industrial fluorescent fixtures
            2.       Provide Weatherproof wall switches and GFI Receptacles
            3.       Provide 100 amp Main Breaker Distribution panel
                     a.      120/240, 1P3W, NEMA 3R Enclosure
                     b.      (2) 40 Amp, 2-pole branch breakers for Jacket Water heaters
                     c.      (3) 20 Amp, 1-pole branch breakers
                     d.      (1) 15 Amp, 1-pole branch breaker
     G.     Interior and Exterior Paint to be polyurethane texture, Southwest Precision Tan color

     A.    Provide a 3,200 gallon sub-base design fuel tank
     B.    UL-142 Double Wall Construction (designed and labeled)
     C.    Engine supply and return connections
     D.    1.25” Normal, 8” Emergency Vents in Cell and Basin
     E.    2” Lockable Fuel Fill
     F     Sight Fuel Level Gauge
     G.    Provide the following Switches:
           1.      Critical low-level float switch set at 10% level
           2.      Low level float switch set at 50% level
           3.      Critical high-level float switch set at 100% level
           4.      Ruptured basin float switch
     H.    Provide top mounted pads for vibration springs
     I.    Exterior Color to be Southwest Precision Tan

     A.    Battery charger:
           1.      Automatic float type
           2.      Input; 120 Volts, single phase, 60 Hz.
           3.      Output; 10 Amps, 24 V DC
           4.      NEMA 3R housing construction.
           5.      Wall mounting
     B.    Battery Rack
           1.      Provide battery rack sized as required for unit batteries
           2.      Provide 120 Volt AC battery warming pads; thermostat controlled for “on”
                   operation at temperatures below 40 degrees F.
     C.    Vibration Isolators
           1.      Provide ACE Seismic Control Spring Isolators, Zone 4 rated
           2.      5,000 lb. each, 1” deflection, 0.2” Motion Limitation
           3.      Quantity, ten (10) or as required
           4.      Construct sub-base tank and engine base for installation of these isolators
                   between tank and engine.
     D.    Engine coolant heater(s)
           1.      Provide 240 Volt, single-phase engine coolant heater(s)
           2.      Provide thermostatic controls for ambient temperature operation below 40
                   degrees F.
           3.      Size heaters as necessary for engine operation below 40 degrees F.
     E.    Provide complete engine exhaust system
              1.      “Critical” rated exhaust silencer(s)
              2.      Stainless steel flexible connectors as required
              3.      Mounting brackets located on the outside of the enclosure housing.
              4.      Tailpipe, pointing up, with rain cap.
              5.      Paint tailpipe, muffler, rain cap, and other external exhaust system components
                      with high temperature, aluminized, rustproofing paint

      A.   Provide a remote alarm annunciator system meeting NFPA requirements. System to
           include annunciator, alarm contact package at the engine location, any engine wiring
           harness modifications required for the alarms, and terminal blocks as required for
           interconnecting wiring at the engine, transfer switch, and remote alarm units.
      B.   Alarm unit to be wall mounted.
      C.   Alarms to have audible and visual indication.
      D.   Remote alarm annunciator to operate from 24 V DC battery source on genset.
      E.   Provide switch at or in the annunciator panel for “Test/Normal/Retransfer” functions
           from that location. The Test function shall start the engine and transfer load to it. The
           Retransfer function shall transfer the load back to the utility source, bypassing the time
           delay, and put the engine on the cool-down timer for shutdown.
      F.   Requested Alarm lights
           1.      High Battery Voltage (red)
           2.      Low Battery Voltage (red)
           3.      Normal Battery Voltage (green)
           4.      Generator Running (green)
           5.      Normal Utility Power (green)
           6.      Genset Supplying Load (green)
           7.      Low Oil Pressure Warning (yellow)
           8.      Low Oil Pressure Shutdown (red)
           9.      High Coolant Temperature Warning (yellow)
           10.     High Coolant Temperature Shutdown (red)
           11.     Low Engine Temperature (red)
           12.     Overspeed Shutdown (red)
           13.     Overcrank (red)
           14.     Not in Auto (red)
           15.     Low Battery Electrolyte (red)
           16.     Low Fuel (red)
           17.     Fault (red)
           18.     Low Engine Coolant Shutdown (red)
      G.   State number, type, and size of conductors needed between engine controller and remote
           annunciator, based upon design for this engine installation.

      A.   Units shall be delivered FOB Stillwater, Oklahoma to individual sites as provided later.
           Bid prices shall include the cost of transport from point of origin to Stillwater.
      B.   Successful bidder shall notify Stillwater Power one week prior to shipping of units
           providing the number of items and their weight; owner will arrange for crane for
      C.      Truckers shall call Stillwater Power one day before arrival with expected time of arrival
              (ETA) for coordination with crane.
      D.      Contact phone numbers in Stillwater will be the following:
              Mike Herron 405-880-7092
              Lee Jackson     405-880-7067
              Jim Shelton     405-880-7086

      A.   Voltage Regulation:
           From no load to 100% load, voltage regulation is within  0.5%
           State actual voltage regulation of genset bid:
      B.   Random Voltage Variation:
           For constant loads from no load to 100% load, Random Voltage Variation will not
           exceed  0.5% of its mean value.
           State actual random voltage variation of genset bid:
      C.   Frequency Regulation:
           Under varying loads from no load to 100% load, frequency is isochronous.
           State actual frequency regulation of genset bid:
      D.   Total Harmonic Distortion of AC Waveform:
           From no load to 100% load, Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 5%, with less than
           3%for any single harmonic.
           State actual THD of genset bid:
           State actual maximum single harmonic:
      E.   Telephone Influence Factor:
           To be less than 50 per NEMA MG1-22.43.
           State actual TIF for unit bid:
      F.   Radio Frequency Interference:
           Genset shall meet provisions of IEC 801.2 - 801.5, and MIL STD 461C, part 9
      G.   Genset prototype tests may be used to verify above requirements.
      H.   Run Tests:
           1.      Provide certified results of standard factory-run, one-hour 100% load test at .8
                   power factor.
           2.      Site Test: Demonstrate Full load capabilities with a test at 2000 KW for 2 hours

      A.   Provide start-up assistance and checkout of unit, as required, prior to initial running at
           the site. Bidder is responsible for providing all fluids (oil, anti-freeze, battery acid, etc.)
           required by the genset, except for fuel. (Fuel will be supplied by the owner.)
      B.   Provide any unit adjustment and/or repairs needed for proper operation of genset,
           breaker, sensing circuitry, auxiliary equipment, etc., or as required to make the genset
           system whole and operational.
      C.   Provide a one (1) year manufacturer’s limited warranty, beginning at start-up date, for
           the complete genset system as part of the bid package.
      D.   Provide a total of eight (8) copies of the operations and maintenance manuals for the
           gensets, including sections for all items included in this quotation.

      A.   Provide modem and/or other require communications cards as needed to allow remote
           control of the unit via telephone connection to a remote computer.
      B.      Provide necessary computer software, software manuals, and licenses for four genset
              sites and a master control site for communications and control software. Master control
              site shall be located at the BLS plant control room in a SP provided computer.
      C.      Provide on-site factory representative services to install, configure, test, trouble shoot,
              and make the software work from a master location to all sites. Prove remote control
              capability by successful operation of each unit from the remote.

      A.   Provide cost for unit maintenance by factory-trained personnel at the Stillwater Power
           sites. Maintenance shall include:
           1.      Four (4) thorough checks of the 4 units at six-month intervals for a period of two
                   years. The owner shall be provided with copies of the maintenance check sheets
                   including a detailed listing of any repairs performed.
           2.      Oil changes, including filters, at the end of the first and second years.
           3.      Flushing of the cooling system at the end of the second year.
           4.      Refilling the cooling system with antifreeze to a -20o F, with a test run to remove
                   any air remaining in the cooling system. (End of second year).

15.   NOx REDUCTION EQUIPMENT (Optional Item)
      A.    Provide a quote for BACT equipment to reduce the NOx output of the engines being
      B.    Include descriptive brochures and technical data concerning NOx reduction capabilities
            of the equipment, suitable for evaluation by engineering staff and state regulatory
      C.    Provide information and sketch(es) or drawing(s) of how the equipment would be
            connected to the engines and physically mounted in or on the engine or enclosure.
      D.    Provide information and costs involved for any ongoing treatment and/or maintenance
            required by the NOx Reduction equipment.

      A.   Stillwater Power shall agree to pay up to 90% of the base bid price (Quoted price “A” for
           Sections 1 through 12) of the units upon receipt of units.
      B.   An additional 10% retainage of the base bid price will be paid upon demonstration of the
           successful local operation of all 4 generator sets.
      C.   If Stillwater Power chooses to use the Remote Control System (Quoted price B for
           Section 13), the cost quoted for the remote control capabilities shall be paid upon the
           successful demonstration of remote operations of all four gensets using the remote
           control system.
      D.   If Stillwater Power chooses to use the optional 2-year service agreement (Quoted price C
           for Section 14), costs for those services will be paid after successful start-up has been
           demonstrated, and then as billed by the vendor.
      E.   If Stillwater Power chooses to use the optional NOx Reduction Equipment (Quoted price
           D for Section 15), costs for those services will be added to the base bid price and
           included in the payments listed in 16.A and 16.B above.

A.    Bid must include the following:
      1.     A descriptive brochure of the engine, generator, breaker, and remote annunciator quoted,
             showing the options requested by this bid.
     2.       A scale drawing showing the dimensions, outline, and weights of the unit, as quoted,
              with sub base fuel tank, housing, exhaust silencer, and tail pipe.
     3.       A copy of the warranty.
     4.       A copy of the interconnection diagram for wiring connecting the generator, transfer
              switch, and annunciator.
B.   Successful bidder will supply detailed drawings for installation of unit within two weeks of
     receipt of order.

Bidder’s List SP #006-02/03
Diesel Gensets

Darr Power Systems                  (Caterpillar Distribution)
4501 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Generac Power Systems               (Onan Distributor)
100 N. Falcon
Oklahoma City, OK

Southern Plains Power               (Onan Distributor)
5800 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK

Waukeshaw-Pierce Industries, Inc.   (Kohler Distributor)
1128 S. E. 25th St.
Oklahoma City, OK

Oil and Gas Journal Exchange
Attn: Randy Hall
1700 West Loop South, Suite 1000
Houston, Texas 77027

Mid-America Engine
P. O. Box 752590
Memphis, Tennessee 38175


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