President – Sue Convissar, Vice President – Jim Downey, Treasurer – Tony Danial & Secretary
       – Don Grundtisch

Review of Minutes:
      Minutes from 09/12/10 were reviewed & approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
      Checkbook Balance as of 09/12/10                     $    826
      Cash Receipts -
              Dues – 2010                                      1,155
              Transfer from Savings                              579
      Cash Disbursements –
              Property Improvements                             (506)
              Postage                                           (145)
              Utilities                                         (134)
              Miscellaneous                                     (115)
              Landscape Improvements                             (90)
              Bank Service Charge                                (30)
              Web Site Fee                                       (26)
              Office Supplies                                     (9)

       Checkbook Balance as of 11/07/10                    $ 1,505

       Savings Account Balance as of 11/07/10               $       0

Old Business:
    All outstanding dues have been collected.
    The board contacted our insurance company to determine our liability for injuries/damages that
      occur on association green space. The association is covered for any Briercliff Homeowners
      Association event. However, the association would be liable for any injuries occurring at an
      unsponsored event. Therefore, unsponsored events will not be allowed on association green
      space unless a homeowner adds a rider to his insurance policy to cover the event. In addition,
      “Private Property – No vehicles Allowed” signs will be posted to prevent liability if someone is
      hurt riding a snow mobile, dirt bike, ATV, etc. on association property. The board will get
      further clarification & guidance from our insurance company regarding these two points.
      The proposal to pay each board member an annual stipend of $1,200 ($300/quarter) has received
       the approval of 68.4% of the Association members. Pursuant to Article XII, Section 12.06 of the
       Briercliff Association Declaration, any amendment to the declaration may be made by obtaining
       the consent, in writing of not less than two-thirds of all of the members, (66.67%). Of the 171
       homeowners in Briercliff, 117 voted Yes (68.4%), 44 voted No (25.7%) & 10 (5.8%) did not
       vote. After listening to numerous homeowners, some who voted yes & some who voted no, the
       board has decided to reduce the stipend by 40%. Each board member will be paid an annual
       stipend of $500 ($125/quarter at the end of each quarter). In addition, the dues for the board
       members will be waived. If a board member resigns during his/her term, the stipend & dues will
       be prorated based on the number of days served. If a management company is hired at any time
       in the future, the board members stipend will not be paid. There must always be a Board to run
       the association even if there is a management company in place.
      Painting the guardrails green does not appear feasible at this time. The guardrails are made of
       galvanized steel. The intent of using galvanized steel is to eliminate the need for painting while
       providing corrosion resistance. Paint will not adhere readily to a galvanized surface. Painted,
       galvanized steel often has a streaky, unsightly appearance.

Committee Reports:
  1. Green Space Committee
          The bird houses have been installed. One remaining duck house will be installed by the
            end of November.
          S&K will re stain the bridge at no cost to the homeowners association in the spring.
          Pond maintenance – the next phase is to add 25 grass carp at $18 each next spring. We
            will need permission from all the homeowners around the pond before we can place the
          Haskell Tree Service inspected the large spruce tree at Amsdell & determined that it is
            infected with a fungus. It can be saved by applying a special fertilizer & pruning it in the
            spring. Estimated cost is $200 - $300.

   2. Sunshine Committee.
          Nothing to report.

New Business:
   1. Correspondence/Communication
          Reviewed e-mails & letters from various homeowners.

   2. Architectural Change Applications – since last meeting
          None

   3. Other
          The annul homeowners meeting will be held on Thursday, December 16th at 7:00pm at
            the Brierwood Country Club. A mailer will go out late next week with the meeting
                notice, the 2011 budget & ballots for the budget & the election of board members. The
                current board will be running for re-election. In addition, Kyle Kraus at 5293 Briercliff
                Drive has submitted his intention to run for the open vice president position. Kyle has
                served on a variety of boards over the last 17 years. He was the only homeowner who
                formally responded to the board’s request for anyone interested in running for a position
                on the board. We encourage everyone to vote & attend the meeting.
               Over 60 homeowners responded to the board’s e-mail requesting their opinion on the
                gazebos – either take them down or refurbish them. The responses were split down the
                middle. After receiving quotes for both options, the board has decided to refurbish the
                gazebos by encasing the columns (1/2 of the way up from the bottom) with the same
                stone used on the entrance way walls & replacing the wood with vinyl. This would make
                them maintenance free. The cost will be approximately $13k.

Updates on Senior Housing Project:
          There has been no new information regarding the Senior Housing Project. Minutes from
             the planning board meetings are on our website.

Next Meeting:          Annual homeowners meeting - Thursday, December, 16 at 7:00pm at Brierwood
                       Country Club.

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