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					                                   Hey hey, NJMS!
                         Here are the top updates from the last
                               Student Council Meeting!

                                         What is Med-Peds?
                             Learn about the newest student organization on campus,
                                 the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Interest Group!

                                      That's a Lot of Letters...
                                    Read more on the letter-writing campaign
                                       to fight future increases in tuition!

                                           Glug, Glug, Glug!
                                Get details on Charity Water, the Student Council
                                           charity choice for 2010-2011!


                                   ****NJMS Student Council Meeting****
                                        Monday, July 19, 2010, 6:00pm

Present: R. Chadha, N. Kaushal, R. Malapero, A. Ganza, C. White, M. Moralle, R. Schmidt, N. Chan, E.
Concepcion, A. Husain, A. Ward, M. Gross, T. Cusack, R. Sarkar, N. Chiu, S. Chu, M. Klein, A. Nguyen, L.
Flowers, A. Collins

Absent: R. Ramsook, J. Hashem, B. Fan, A. Meleis

I. New Business
a. New Med-Peds Interest Group - MPIG:
     Congratulations to the newest club on campus, the Med-Peds Interest Group (MPIG)! Under the
     direction of Dr. Mary Cantey (Director of the NJMS Department of Internal Medicine-Pediatrics), this group
     will explore the emerging field of Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, including lectures on business management
     of a primary care office under new reforms, or how to be competitive for a sub-specialty. It will also aim to
     provide interactions between medical students and med-peds physicians, as well as community involvement
     with both children and the elderly.

b. Reduction of Library Hours Follow-Up:
      Thank you for all of your responses to the survey regarding the reduction in Library hours! We have
      compiled a report based on your comments and have submitted it to the powers-that-be. Look for more
      updates soon on whether there will be any resulting changes!

c. Tuition Increase Follow-Up:
       Unfortunately, most of you know that our tuition was raised by 18% this year (21% for out-of-state
       students...ouch). While we could not prevent the increase this year, we are hoping to make an impact on this
       kind of decision in the future. A huge "THANK YOU" goes out to everyone who who took part in the letter-
       writing campaign to our NJ State Legislators! We have sent 365 letters to various state senators to
       date, and some students have even received mail in reply.

      If you have participated in the capaign and have received a letter in response, please let us know and, if
      possible, leave a copy of the letter in Ryan Chadha's on-campus mailbox. This will allow us to keep track and
      focus our future efforts.
       If you have yet to take part in the letter-writing initiative and would still like to (*cough cough FIRST YEARS
       cough*), please e-mail us with your home address (or voting distric residence) and permission to send
       a letter with your name on it. You can find a copy of the letter attached to this e-mail. We will look up
       your legislator, fill out the letter with your name, pay for postage, and mail the letter!

       Although we have had a wonderful response so far, we need all of NJMS to be involved, so please spread
       the word to everyone you know, especially if they ignore their e-mails!

             d. Financial Aid Office Issues Follow-Up:
       Student Council has met with several Financial Aid Office representatives regarding students'
       problems/issues with the Financial Aid process, access to Financial Aid counselors and the office, and
       concerns about the Financial Aid process in the upcoming years. The Financial Aid Office was very
       responsive to our concerns, and is willing to meet with us again to discuss any future issues.

       One major concern has been that students do not know who their counselors are, nor how to get in touch
       with them - Financial Aid has asked us to tell you that you can always e-mail the main financial
       aid address. You should receive a response from your personal counselor within 48 hours!

       However, we have heard of continuing problems in communicating with Financial Aid, especially when it
       comes to adjusting your current or past loan situations. It is imperative that if you are having difficulties
       working with the office that you contact us, so that Student Council can inform the appropriate individuals
       in the administration. If this applies to you, please e-mail us the following:
              1.) Which individual you were attempting to work with in Financial Aid
              2.) The SPECIFIC nature of the complaint (lack of response, misinformation, rudeness/attitude of
              employees, etc)
              3.) Was the issue ever resolved? If so, through what channels?

Please note that all of your names will be kept confidential when the information is presented. Please respond to
this ASAP, as it will help to move our efforts in the right direction.

e. Study Center Cleanliness/Repair Follow-Up:
      In response to your complaints about the cleanliness of the Study Center, Student Council consulted with the
      proper administration - in response, the carpet has been cleaned, the computers have been cleaned and
      made faster by IT, and the overall appearance of the Study Center has been improved! Please let us know if
      you notice a lack of cleanliness or have other issues with the state of the Study Center in the future.

f. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs:
       Congratulations to Dr. James Hill, the new Assistant Dean of Student Affairs!

g. Charity Choice for the Year - Charity Water:
      Student Council will be endorsing Charity Water (http://www.charitywater.org/donate) as NJMS's
      universal charity for the 2010-2011 school year! Please note that this does not intend to take away from
      regular fundraising or charity activities of the student organizations, but rather should serve as a suggested
      charity for the student organizations who want to be involved in charitable contributions and have not yet
      established a charitable affiliation.

       Although more details need to be hashed out, we will be sponsoring a well with clean drinking water for a
       village, then watching the progress with live updates, google earth images, and videos/pictures. Thanks
       to Sam Chu for this suggestion!

II. President's Report: Ryan Chadha, MS IV
a. Subcommittee Updates:
      -Campus Beautification: After a long and arduous process, the Library Walkway has finally been
      repaired and repaved!! Special thanks to Samuel Chu and Thomas Cusack for their hard work in making
      this possible.

              1.) The SFHCC is now officially 2.0! This means that things are automated, and a lot faster. Special
              thanks to Mike Klein for his work on this technology update!
              2.) THM has been re-designed and was re-launched just in time for Orientation. Special thanks to
              web-design-guru David Chen for all of his hard work!
              first years: please take a look at the book swap section on THM - it is a great place to find whatever
              you need!

b. Safety Update:
      There is not much going on in terms of new public safety concerns. Please let us know if you notice anything
      on campus that you would like to be brought up by our Safety Liaisons.

c. Marketing Liaison Update:
      The admissions website has been tremendously improved - it now includes statistics on last year's class, as
      well as the match results for the past three years. Not only does it have a much nicer look, but it gives NJMS
      much more transparency.

       As many of you have read in Sam Chu's e-mail, you should take a few minutes to check out the Newark Pulse
       Website. The site has information on Dining, Nightlife, Daily Drink and Food Specials, Recreation, and
       community Events going on in Newark. YOu can also sign up to receive weekly emails and follow them
       on Twitter and Facebook!

c. Alumni Liaison Update:
      Last year's mascot contest resulted in the selection of the "NJMS Centaurs," but this has been vetoed by
      upper administration.

       So, Ali Husain and Mike Gross have taken charge of getting new mascot suggestions, and the 10-day
       voting period for the new oficial NJMS mascot ends tonight! The finalists are:
              -Mighty Docs: Similar to the mighty ducks' logo
              -Doctoros: A fierce bull or stampede of bulls
              -Doctopi: A mean-looking octopus with or without medical instruments held in its tentacles
              -Circumflexors: A picture of the heart with the circumflex artery in its correct anatomical position
              but taking the shape of a flexing muscular arm
              -Quacks: ....self-explanatory.
              -There is also an option to select none of the above. If this gets the most votes, we will go back to
              the drawing board to try and think of some more ideas.
Please sign in to sign in to catalyst to vote by the end of tonight!

              d. Student Council Office:
       The code to the Student Council/SHARE office has been changed - the office was becoming more of a storage
       room, and too many people knew the access code for it to remain a safe location for SHARE/Student Council
       property. If you are a member of the Student Council or SHARE executive boards and need the new code,
       please contact us. However, please keep the code to yourself in order to maintain the security of the
       StuCo/SHARE office!

III. Vice President's Report: Neil Kaushal, MS III
a. Faculty Council:
      On June 8th the Faculty Council voted to change the NJMS Standards of Professionalism Policy. It is
      strongly recommended that every student review this new policy (you can find it attached to this e-mail).
       The most significant change int he policy is that it is now developmental in focus, with the possibility for
      different consequences for unprofessional behavior over the span of the four years of medical school. If you
      have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact Dr. Hill via email or telephone (973-
a. Curriculum Report:
      - 2nd-Year Curriculum: The new director for the DPPT course is Dr. Sangeeta Lamba! Core 2 was
      reviewed, and although students did well, some of the sites for 2nd-year preceptorships will be refined to
      move more towards a standardized experience.
      - Clinical Curriculum Report: There are talks of trying to incorporate a T3 course, as well as changing
      around meditrek to make it more student-friendly.

      If you have any issues you would like Student Council to address from a curriculum perspective, please e-
      mail Neil.

             IV. Treasurer's Report: Ray Malapero, MS III
      We will be having the Fiscal Year Hearings for 2010-2011 in late September/early October - be on the
      lookout for an e-mail from Ray explaining the procedures!

V. Student Senate Report
      The Student Senate has been winning small battles regarding the Academic Disciplinary Procedures for the
      University. Keep your eyes open for e-mails from the senate and how to get involved.

VI. Programming Report
      Orientation for the Class of 2014 was a huge success! Congratulations to Richard Schmidt and Andrew
      Nguyen for running one heck of a week. Special thanks to all of the Second Years who participated and
      helped out with the various events.

      Be on the lookout for e-mails soon regarding upcoming social events, including the Fall Formal!

VII. Fundraising Report
      The fundraising chairs are trying to think up new items for the School Store! These could include Nalgene
      water bottles, under-armor, car magnets, chip-bag clips, etc. We need your help! If you have any ideas for
      what you would like to see sold in the School Store, please contact Ryan Ramsook and Bensen Fan!

VI. Class Reports
a. Class of 2011:
      Some fourth-years have voiced concern about their CV's, including not knowing what to put on them or who
      to ask to review them. We are looking into compiling a list of faculty from each department who would be
      willing to review.

b. Class of 2012:
      Congratulations to everyone who received their board scores. If you would like to know more about what
      your numbers mean, talk with student affairs. One of your best resources is ythe database concerning
      specifics of each specialty - talk to Julie Ferguson or Marcia Tabakin for access to the database. Another
      concern was that people do not know what to do about electives - for now, the best thing to do is e-mail
      upperclassmen and the 4th year student council representatives for advice.

c. Class of 2013:
       Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year's Orientation Week. Good luck on your first IHR
       exam this Monday!

                           The next Student Council meeting will take place on
                            Monday, August 30th from 6-9pm in MSB B-617.
                                       All are welcome to attend!

    If you have any items to add to the agenda, please e-mail njmsstudentcouncil@gmail.com.

                                   Questions, Comments, Ideas? Let me know!

                                                    Amanda G
StuCo Secretary

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