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					                     Health and tips on healthy liv ing

What is health?

Health is state of complete mental and physical well being and f ree from disease or
abnormality. For any his health is unity of his mind and body. Health helps us to
achieve and maintain high quality life.

10 ways to improve your health:

1.     Re duce Fat:
       Avoid excessive eating of type of foods that can increase your fat. Te type of
       food items that you should avoid eating too much are:
       Avoid burger, fried foods, fatty meats, cheese, cream, milk, butter, sandwich
       and nuts etc.

2.     Drink Plenty of Water
       Drinking water is useful to health as doctors and expert’s advice drinking
       more water is useful to health because water is essentially responsible for
       almost every all body functions. The average healthy person needs 8-ounce
       glasses of water a day.

3.     Make your body Move More:
       Find new ways everyday by which you can make you body move more . The
       ways in which you can make your body move more are:

       Select option of climbing stairs and avoid escalators. Have an early walk in
       your garden everyday. Avoid driving cars or other vehicles for going to nearby
       places. Walk with your dog. Play with your child. To make your body move
       more does not require an everyday exercise gym up to 1 hour or more or an
       aerobic dance class but it will do well to your healt h if you are up to such

4.     Quit Smoking:
       Smoking is harmf ul to health and should be avoided and this warning is also
       written on branded cigarette packets but then also smokers avoid these types
       of warnings. Teenagers and adolescents start smoking by seeing their ideal
       Hollywood stars smoking in movies and they feel that are approaching to a
       personality of their ideals by follow ing them. But they are approaching
       towards diseases caused by smoking which will result in unhealthy life. The
       jury is definitely in on this verdict.

5.     Re duce Stress
       Stress could be reduced. Though to reduce stress is not so easy but it is
       possible. Experts recommend some techniques to reduce stress like to always
       have positive thoughts. Spend sometime everyday in p laying with your
       children, visit your friend, meditate, watch a movie etc.

6.     Avoid Excessive use of Alcohol
       Wine in a limited quantity of one glass can be helpful against diseases like
       heart disease but drinking in excess can cause liver and kidney problems and
       sometimes also leads to cancer.

7.     Have a Positive Outlook
       No one can be happy when they are having some mental tension. So to lead a
       healthy life it is advised that you should have positive look in mind for others.

8.     Keep safe yourself from Pollution
       Keep yourself away from all sources of pollution. Avoid going from high traffic
       areas, avoid going in smoke filled rooms.

9.     Floss Your Teeth
       Recent studies proved a direct relation between teeth flossing and longevity.
       Exact reason is still unknown. But this fact has been proved because people
       who floss teeth are healthier than people who don’t floss.

10.     You can counteract you genetic pool
        The relation between health and genetics is a strong one. But you can get
        independence from your genetic pool by follow ing basic tips of improving your
        health and you can control your destiny.
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