Sandra Cisneros (PowerPoint) by fjzhangxiaoquan



    Sandra Cisneros

    By: Perla Guerra

       She was born in December 20,1954

       She is 56 years old

       She was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States

       When she was small she moved to a lot of places
                         About books

       She started writing books because those books actually
        happen in her life

       In the books she expresses her feelings
                Languages of her books

       There’s over one million languages of her books

       Spanish, Galician, French, German, Dutch, Italian Norwegian,
        Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Iranian, Thai and serbo
                             Her office

       She has her office in her back yard.

       Her office is painted in Mexican marigold

       She likes to write in her pajamas
                             Her house

       Her house is no longer violet because the sun faded it

       From violet it turn to blue after few years

       From blue she panted her house to Mexican pink

       She panted it Mexican pink so it would turn into pink

       By that makes me think that she likes colors

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        Online. Available: Date of access
        October 3, 2011

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