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									updated May 15th 2008

          MicroMark Catalogue
              MAY 2008
       Organisation Charts for 1900-1937
        Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905
            Mexican Revolution 1913
            Balkans Wars 1912-1913,
           The Great War 1914-1918,
         Russian Civil War 1917-1921
          Inter-war armies 1919-1938,
         Spanish Civil War 1936-1939,
          Gran Chaco War 1932-1935

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                 Burnley, Lancashire, UK, BB10 3BD

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Pete Jones, Blitzkreig Commander/Cold War Commander:


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updated May 15th 2008

      Welcome to the 10th MicroMark catalogue detailing a selection of army lists the early
      20th Century, 1900-1937 approximately.
      What is an "army list"? it was once asked. From MicroMark, it is an A4 colour coded
      card sheet detailing the organisation and equipment of a particular division, Corps or
      whole state army. Details of battalion and regiment sizes are given where known, and
      artillery equipment where known.
      MicroMark army lists are unique in that they are available individually - no need to
      buy a whole book for that one army you are interested in! This means that customers
      can build up their collection of lists at a rate suitable to them, perhaps as their
      different armies are being built up. It also means that as new sources of information
      are discovered, updated lists can be produced quickly (no need to wait 5 years for the
      second edition book....).
      MicroMark lists are unique in format, and they are the most wide ranging – Russo-
      Japanese Wars, Balkans Wars, Russian Civil War and Gran Chaco Wars for
      instance, not to be found anywhere else I believe. The World War One section now
      includes many neutrals and obscure armies, Persians and Swedes for example.
      MicroMark like to be consumer responsive - if you do not see a list for a unit you
      require, please write and ask, we'll see what can be done. In addition, if anyone has
      information that is not on a list, or contradicts details recorded on lists, then please
      send it in. Such help will be rewarded. Please note new email address:

                           ORDERING MICROMARK ARMY LISTS
                                    All lists cost 80p each.
               For post & packing, add the following per 20 lists (or part thereof):

     UK, BFPO: £1.00
     Europe, EEC: £2.00
     USA/Canada: £3.00
     Australasia, others: £4.00
     For small orders of 4 lists or less, lists are £1.00 each including postage

     Postage costs includes a set of notes for use with the lists, and sales sheet
     updates detailing new releases. All payments must be in Pounds Sterling,
     made out to 'Mark Bevis', and sent to:

                        Mark Bevis, MicroMark, 17 Pheasantford Street,
                           Burnley, Lancashire, UK, BB10 3BD

     Orders are usually dispatched within a week, and overseas orders are returned
     airmail. If you have not received anything after 28 days then ring Mark Bevis on
     01282-702644 or email me on sultanbev@hotmail.com

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updated May 15th 2008

           incudes Russian Civil War and Balkans Wars

AIR FORCES                                                     SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA
AIR47: Danish Air Forces 1911-1950s, Denmark                   BZ2G: Brazilian Infantry Division & Corps Support, 1909-1920
AIR48: Danish Naval Air Forces 1911-1941, Denmark              LA40G: Bolivian Army 1913-1923, Bolivia
AIR51: Norwegian Air Force, 1912-1940, Norway                  LA42G: Colombian Army 1911-1928, Colombia
AIR53: Swedish Air Force, 1911-1938, Sweden                    LA45G: Argentinian Army 1905-1918, Argentina
                                                               LA46G: Cuban Armed Forces 1908-1918, Cuba
AFRICAN                                                        LA49G: Mexican Army, c1900-1909, Mexico
AF20G: British African Forces, East Africa, 1914-1918          LA50G: Mexican Army, 1910-1912, Mexico
AF21G: British West African Forces, Africa, 1914-1918          LA51G: Mexican Army, 1913+, (needs List LA52G)
AF22G: British North African Forces, Egypt, Sudan,             LA52G: Mexican Federal Army Zones, 1913+, Mexico
        Somaliland, 1914-1918                                  LA53G: Mexican rebel forces, 1912-1914, Mexico
AF23G: German colonial Forces, Africa, Asia, 1914-1916         LA54G: Nicaraguan Army, 1912-1919, Nicaragua

AMERICA                                                        BRITAIN
A42GA: American Cavalry Brigade 1916-1919, USA,                B42GA: British Aden Garrison 1914-1918, Aden
       Mexico                                                  B43G: BEF Infantry Division 1914, Europe
A43GA: American Expeditionary Force Infantry Div.              B44G: British Infantry Division 1915, Europe
       Europe, 1917-1918                                       B45GA: British Infantry Division 1916, Europe
A61G: American Infantry Division 1914-1917                     B46GA: British Infantry Division 1917, Europe
A62G: American Infantry Division 1919-1927                     B47GA: British Infantry Division 1918, Europe
A63G: American Cavalry Brigade 1919-1927                       B48GA: British Cavalry Division 1914-1918, Europe
A64G: American Marine Corps Brigade 1914-1918                  B49G: British Territorial Division 1915-1916, Europe
A91G: American 2nd Infantry Division, France, 1918 (includes   B191G: British Tank Forces, Europe, Ireland, 1916-1922
ARAB ARMIES                                                    BN11GB: Bulgarian Infantry Division, 1912-1918, wartime
IR32G: Armies in Persia, 1914-1919, Iran                               strength, East Europe
IR33G: British Garrison, South Persia, 1914-1919, Iran         BN12GA: Bulgarian Cavalry Division 1912-1918, E. Europe
                                                               BN15G: Bulgarian Infantry Division, 1912-1914,
ASIA                                                                   peace-time strength, Balkans
AS52G: Australian Imperial Force Infantry Division,            BN16G: Bulgarian Reserve Infantry Division, 1913-1918
AS53G: Australian Light Horse Brigade, 1914-1918               CANADA
AS54G: Australian & New Zealand Mounted Division,              C34G: Canadian Infantry Division, 1914-1918, all theatres
        March 1916-1918, Middle East
AS55G: Allied Desert Mounted Corps, July 1917-1918,            CHINA
        Middle East                                            CH19G: Chinese Infantry Division, 1910-1914, China

AUSTRIA                                                        FINLAND
AH1G: Austro-Hungarian KUK Infantry Division                   FN11G: White Finnish Army, 1918, Finland
        1914-March 1915                                        FN12G: Red Finnish Army, 1918, Finland
AH2G: Austro-Hungarian KUK Infantry Division mid
        1915-1917                                              FRANCE
AH3G: Austro-Hungarian KUK Infantry Division late              F22GA: French Infantry Corps 1914, Europe
        1917-1918                                              F23GA: French Cavalry Division 1914-15, Europe
AH4G: Austro-Hungarian Landwehr KK Infantry Div.               F27G: French Infantry Division 1915
        1914-1915                                              F28G: French Infantry Division 1916
AH5G: Hungarian KU Honved Inf. Div. 1914-1915, E.              F29G: French Infantry Division 1917-1918
        Europe                                                 F30G: French Cavalry Division 1916-1917, all fronts
AH6G: Austro-Hungarian Cavalry Division 1914-15, E.            F55G: French Colonial Divisions, Brigades & Regiments,
        Europe                                                         France, 1914
AH7G: Austro-Hungarian Cavalry Div. 1915-1918, E.              F56G: French Foreign Legion Regiments, all theatres, 1913-15
        Europe                                                 F57G: French RMLE Foreign Legion Regiment, France,
AH8G: Austro-Hungarian Mountain Bde 1914-1918, E.                      November 1915-1918
AH9G: Polish Legion 1914-1916, E. Europe                       GERMANY
AH10G: Albanian Legion 1916, Balkans                           G106G: German Infantry Corps 1914, Europe
                                                               G107GA: German Infantry Division 1915, Europe
BELGIUM                                                        G108G: German Reserve Infantry Division 1914, Europe
BL11G: Belgian Infantry Division, Belgium, 1914                G109GB: German Cavalry Corps 1914-1916, Europe
BL12G: Belgian Cavalry Division, Belgium, 1914                 G110G: German Landwehr Brigade 1914, Europe
BL13G: Belgian Infantry Division, Europe, 1915-1916            G111G: German Alpine Division 1915-1916, Europe
BL14G: Belgian Infantry Division, Europe, 1917-1918            G112G: German Alpine Division 1917-1918, Europe
BL15G: Belgian Force Publique, Belgian Congo,                  G127G: German Infantry Division 1916-Mar'1917
        1914-1915                                              G128G: German Infantry Division Mar-Dec. 1917
BL16G: Belgian Force Publique, Belgian Congo,                  G129G: German Infantry Brigade June 1915-Jun' 1916
        1916-1918                                              G130G: German Landesjagerkorps, 1918-1919
                                                               G135G: German Army Support 1916-1917

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G143G: German Ersatz Brigade, 1914-1915, all theatres           S32G: Portuguese Infantry Div, Oct 1917-June 1918,
G144GA: German Infantry Division, 1918, all theatres                    France
G145G: German Jager Regiment, 1916-1917, all theatres           S33G: Portuguese Infantry Division, July-Nov 1918,
G146G: German Cycle Brigade, Nov 1916-1917,                             France
        Romanian Front
G147GA: Wurttemburg Mountain Battalion, 1915-1918              ROMANIA
G148G: German forces in East Africa, 1914-1915, East           RM22G: Romanian 1st Line Infantry Division, 1912-1913
        Africa                                                 RM23G: Romanian 1st Line Infantry Division, 1914-early 1917
G149G: German forces in East Africa, 1916-1917, East           RM24G: Romanian Infantry Division, May 1917-1918, Balkans
        Africa                                                 RM25G: Romanian Reserve Infantry Division, 1912-Mar' 1917
G150G: German forces in East Africa, Nov 1917-1918             RM26G: Romanian Mountain Infantry Regiment,
G151G: German 14th Reserve Infantry Corps, Europe, mid 1916           Nov 1915-May 1917, Balkans
                                                               RM27G: Romanian Light Infantry Division, Nov 1918+
GREECE                                                         RM28G: Romanian Cavalry Division, 1912-1917, Balkans
GK12G: Greek Infantry Division, 1912-1913, Balkans             RM29G: Romanian Cavalry Corps, May 1917-1918, Balkans
GK13G: Greek Reserve Infantry Division, 1912-1913,             RM30G: Romanian Army Support, 1914-April 1917, Balkans
       Balkans                                                 RM31G: Romanian Army Support, May 1917-1918, Balkans
GK14G: Greek Infantry Division, 1914-1918, Balkans
GK15G: Greek Infantry Division, peacetime strength,            RUSSIA
       1912                                                    R51GA: Russian infantry Corps 1914-1915, all theatres
                                                               R52GA: Russian Cavalry Division 1914-1915, all theatres
INDIA                                                          R149G: Russian Infantry Corps, 1904-1906, all theatres
 IN24G: Indian Infantry Division, 1914-1918, all theatres      R150G: Russian East Siberian Rifle Division, 1904-1905, Asia
 IN25G: Indian Cavalry Brigade, 1914-1918, all theatres        R151G: Russian Cavalry Division, 1904-1905, all theatres
                                                                        (includes all known Cossack units)
ITALY                                                          R152G: Russian Guard Cavalry Division, 1904-1919,
 IT34GA: Italian Infantry Corps 1914-1915, Europe                       Russia
 IT35GA: Italian Infantry Corps 1916-1919, Europe              R153G: Russian Army Support (1), April-May 1904, Asia
 IT47G: Italian Cavalry Division, 1914-1918, Italy             R154G: Russian Army Support (2), July 1904, Asia
                                                               R155G: Russian Infantry Corps, 1916-1917, all theatres
JAPAN                                                          R156G: Russian Rifle Brigade, 1914-1918, all theatres
 J25G: Japanese Infantry Division, 1900-1904, Asia             R157G: Russian Guard Infantry Corps, 1914-1915, all
 J26G: Japanese Imperial Guard & Army Support,                          theatres
         1900-1904                                             R158G: Russian Guard Infantry Corps, 1916-1917. all
 J27G: Japanese Infantry Division, 1904-1906, Asia                      theatres
 J28G: Japanese Imperial Guard Division, 1904-1906,            R159G: Russian Infantry Brigades, June 1916-Nov 1917,
         Asia                                                           Balkans
 J29G: Japanese 1st Army Support, 1904-1905, Asia              R160G: Russian 1st Storm Detachment/Kornilov's Storm
 J30G: Japanese Guard Reserve Kobi Brigade,                             Regiment, June-Dec 1917
         1904-1905                                             R161G: Russian Cossack "Plastuni" Infantry Brigade,
 J31G: Japanese 2nd Army Support, 1904-1905, Asia                       1914-1917, South Russia
 J32G: Japanese 3rd Army Support, 1904-1905, Asia              R162G: Russian Caucasian Native "Savage" Division,
 J33G: Japanese 4th Army Support, 1904-1905, Asia                       Aug 1914-Dec 1917, all theatres
 J34G: Japanese 5th Army Support, 1905, Asia                   R163G: Russian Guard Cavalry Divisions, 1914-1915,
 J35G: Japanese Army Group Support, 1904-1905, Asia                     Russia
 J36G: Japanese Army Garrisons, 1904-1905, China,              R164G: Russian Cavalry Division, 1916-1917, all theatres
         Japan                                                 R165G: Russian Red Guard Army, 1917-1918, Russia
 J37G: Japanese Formosa Garrison, 1904-1906, Taiwan            R166G: Russian Red Army Infantry Division, Jan 1918+
 J38G: Japanese 1st Kobi Division, late 1904-1905, Asia        R167G: Russian Red Army Cavalry Corps, Aug 1918+
 J39G: Japanese 2nd Kobi Division, March 1905+, Korea          R168G: Russian Cheka Military Forces, March 1918+, Russia
 J40G: Japanese Kobi Brigades, 1904-1905, Asia                 R169G: White Russian Northern Corps, Murmansk Region,
 J41G: Japanese Infantry Division, 1914-1918, Asia                     mid 1918-Feb 1920
 J42G: Japanese 1st Cavalry Brigade, Asia, 1904-1906           R170G: White Russian Northern Corps, NW Russia, Estonia,
 J43G: Japanese 2nd Cavalry Brigade, Asia, 1904-1906                  June 1918-June 1919
                                                               R171G: White Russian Yudenich’s Northern Army, NW Russia,
NEW ZEALAND                                                           Estonia, May 1918-July 1919
NZ9G: New Zealand Army, 1914-1918, all theatres                R172G: White Russian Yudenich’s North-Western Army, NW
                                                                      Russia, Estonia, July 1919-Jan 1920
NORWAY                                                         R173G: White Russian Volunteer Army, South Russia,
N6G: Norwegian Army c1895-1905, Norway                                  Nov 1917-Dec 1918
N7G: Norwegian Field Army, 1905-1910, Norway                   R174G: White Russian Armed Forces of South Russia (AFSR),
N26G: Norwegian Field Army, 1911-1914, Norway                         Jan-Sept 1919
N27G: Norwegian Mixed Brigade, 1916-1919, Norway               R175G: White Russian Armed Forces of South Russia (AFSR),
                                                                      Oct 1919-1920
POLAND                                                         R176G: Wrangel’s White Russian Army, Crimea, 1920
P30G: Polish Cavalry Division 1918-1921, E. Europe             R177G: White Russian Don Army, South Russia, April-Dec
PORTUGAL                                                       R178G: White Russian Ural Army, East Russia, April 1918-1919
S26G: Portuguese Infantry Division, 1914-1915, all             R179G: White Russian Siberian Army, East Russia, June 1918-
        theatres                                                      Dec 1919
S27G: Portuguese Army, 1914-June 1916, Mozambique              R180G: White Russian Orenburg Army, East Russia, Oct 1918-
S28G: Portuguese Army, July 1916-1918, East Africa                    April 1920
S29G: Portuguese Infantry Division, 1916-Jan 1917,             R181G: White Russian Army of the West, East Russia, 1919
        Europe                                                 R182G: White Russian Czech Legion, East Europe, Russia,
S30G: Portuguese Infantry Division, Feb-April 1917,                    1914-1920
        France                                                 R183G: White Russian Latvian Rifle Brigade, Latvia, Aug 1915-
S31G: Portuguese Infantry Division, May-Oct 1917,                      1918
        France                                                 R184G: Russian Polish Legion, Russia, 1914-1918

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R185G: Russian Rifle Brigades, all theatres, 1904-1906
R186G: Russian Cossack Infantry Brigade, 1904-1905
R187G: Russian Reserve Infantry Forces, peacetime, all
        theatres, 1904-1905
R188G: Russian Reserve Infantry Forces, wartime, all theatres,

SA21G: South African Army, South Africa, 1914-1915
SA22G: South African Expeditionary Force, East Africa, Jan-
        March 1916
SA23G: South African Infantry Division, East Africa, April 1916-
       May 1917

SW13G: Swedish Army c1905, Sweden
SW18G: Swedish Army, 1914-1916
SW19G: Swedish Army, 1916-1918

T6GA: Turkish Nizam Infantry Corps, Balkans, 1913
T7GA: Turkish Infantry Corps, all theatres, 1914-1916
T15G: Turkish Redif Infantry Division, Balkans, 1912-1913
T16G: Turkish Muretebb Infantry Division, West Dardenelles,
T17G: Turkish Noury Bey Infantry Brigade, West Dardenelles,
T18G: Turkish Mendres Independent Division, East
      Dardenelles, 1913
T19G: Turkish Cavalry Brigade, all theatres, 1914-1916
T20G: Turkish Infantry Corps, Balkans, 1912

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                              INTERWAR 1924-1938
                    Includes Gran Chaco War, Spanish Civil War

AIR FORCES                                                   NORWAY
AIR47: Danish Air Forces 1911-1950s, Denmark                 N8: Norwegian Field Division, 1926-1933, Norway
AIR48: Danish Naval Air Forces 1911-1941, Denmark            N9X: Norwegian planned Field Brigade, 1933-1939, Norway
AIR51: Norwegian Air Force, 1912-1940, Norway                        (includes Mechanised Cavalry)
AIR53: Swedish Air Force, 1911-1938, Sweden
AMERICA                                                      R15A: Russian Armoured Car Bde, Far East, 1936-1943
A62G: American Infantry Division 1919-1927                   R94: Russian Infantry Division 1930-1935
A63G: American Cavalry Brigade 1919-1927                     R95: Russian Infantry Division 1936-1939
A94: American Cavalry Division, N. America, 1928-1930s       R115: Russian Fortified Region 1928-March 1942, all borders
A95: American Cavalry Division, N. America, 1921-1928
AUSTRIA                                                      Y10GA: Montenegrin Infantry Division, Balkans, 1912-1914
AU1: Austrian Fast Division 1936-1938, Austria               Y11GB: Serbian 1st Line Infantry Division, Balkans, 1911-1913
                                                             Y12GB: Serbian 2nd Line Infantry Division, Balkans, 1911-1913
BRITAIN                                                      Y13GA: Serbian Cavalry Division, Balkans, 1911-1913
B83: British Cavalry Brigade 1928-1932, all theatres         Y17G: Montenegrin Army, Balkans, 1914-January 1916
B84: British Cavalry Brigade 1932-1937, all theatres         Y18G: Serbian 1st Line Infantry Division, Balkans, 1914-1916
                                                             Y19G: Serbian Cavalry Division, Balkans, 1914-1916
CHINA                                                        Y20G: Serbian Infantry Division, Corfu, Salonika Front, 1916-
CH5: Chinese 7th Republican Army 1921-1933                         1917
                                                             Y21G: Serbian 2nd Line Infantry Division, Balkans, 1914-1916
GERMANY                                                      Y22G: Serbian Order of Battle, Balkans, July 1914
G57: German Light Division, 1938
G85: German Panzer Division 1936-38, Germany                 BALTIC STATES
                                                             RR38: Armoured forces of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
ITALY                                                                         1920-1938
 IT6: Italian Infantry Division 1936-1943 all theatres
 IT14: Italian Mechanised Brigade 1937, Italy                SPANISH CIVIL WAR
 IT43: Italian Tank Regiment, 1927-1936, Italy               S1: Spanish Nationalist Tank Force 1938-1939
 IT44X: Italian proposed Tank Brigade, 1938-1939, Italy      S7: Spanish Infantry Division 1934-1936
                                                             S8: Spanish Cavalry Division 1934-1936
LATIN AMERICA                                                S9: Spanish Mountain Brigade 1934-1936
LA1: Bolivian Infantry Division 1932-35 Gran Chaco Wars      S10: Spanish Army of Africa 1934-1937
LA2/3: Paraguayan Infantry Div. 1932-35 Gran Chaco Wars      S11: Spanish Militias July-December 1936
                                                             S12: Spanish Republican Infantry Division 1937-1939
                                                             S13: Spanish Nationalist Infantry Division mid' 37-1939

                                                             SW14G: Swedish Infantry Division, 1919-1924, Sweden
                                                             SW15G: Swedish Cavalry Division, 1919-1924, Sweden
                                                             SW16: Swedish Infantry Division, 1929-1938, Sweden
                                                             SW17: Swedish Life Guard Regiment, 1929-1938,

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