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Talking Books
The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available
for loan from the RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.

Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan. When
you return a title, you will then receive another one.

If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the
Customer Services Team on 0303 123 9999 or email

If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to
read, then please contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37
53 33 or email

You can write to us at RNIB NLS, PO Box 173, Peterborough
Bagley, Desmond
Night of error. 1984. Read by Stanley McGeagh, 10 hours 4
minutes. TB 5300.
Oceanographer Mike Trevelyan's brother, Mark, dies on a remote
Pacific island, leaving behind the clue to an immense treasure on
the sea bed. Mike sets out to find it with a band of ex-commandos
as crew but finds he has more than wind and wave with which to
contend. TB 5300.

Bellow, Saul
Henderson the Rain King. 1958. Read by Marvin Kane, 13
hours. TB 1707.
Urged by an inner compulsion to look for some ultimate
satisfaction, Henderson goes to Africa, meets up with an unknown
tribe, and encounters in their primitive rites and loyalties the
experiences he is seeking. TB1707.

Birmingham, George
Spanish Gold. 1908. Read by Stephen Jack, 7 hours 38
minutes. TB 2534.
The story of a search for buried treasure on the Island of
Inishgowlan in Moy Bay. TB 2534.

Brink, Andre
An instant in the wind. 1976. Read by Steve Hodson, 13 hours
4 minutes. TB 5440.
In 1749 the Eric Larsson expedition into the South African interior
came to a halt along the Great Fish river. The guide had
committed suicide, the Hottentot bearers had deserted and all but
two of the oxen had been stolen by raiding bushmen. Elizabeth
Larsson's husband lay dead in a thicket some miles away. Her fate
was decided by the arrival of a runaway slave from the Cape,
Adam Mantoor, who for some weeks had been secretly and
compulsively tracking the wagons. TB 5440.

Birch, Carol
Jamrach's menagerie. 2011. Read by Steve Hodson, 13 hours
33 minutes. TB 19028.
1857. Jaffy Brown is running along a street in London's East End
when he comes face to face with an escaped circus animal.
Plucked from the jaws of death by Mr Jamrach - explorer,
entrepreneur and collector of the world's strangest creatures - the
two strike up a friendship. Before he knows it, Jaffy finds himself
on board a ship bound for the Dutch East Indies, on an unusual
commission for Mr Jamrach. His journey - if he survives it - will
push faith, love and friendship to their utmost limits. Contains
strong language. TB 19028.

Brookmyre, Christopher
One fine day in the middle of the night. 1999. Read by
Jonathan Hackett, 13 hours 42 minutes. TB 12337.
Gavin is creating a unique "holiday experience" - every facility any
tourist who hates "abroad" will ever want is to be available on a
converted North Sea oil rig. He hosts a school reunion to test the
resort, but a group of terrorists have invited themselves to the
party. Contains violence. TB 12337.

Broster, D K
The flight of the heron. 1925. Read by Stanley Pritchard, 13
hours 45 minutes. TB 857.
The flight of the heron trilogy; book 1. This novel is set in Scotland
in 1745 and covers Bonnie Prince Charlie's adventures in the
Highlands. TB 857.

Buchan, John
Salute to adventurers. 1915. Read by Robert Trotter, 8 hours
23 minutes. TB 9048.
Andrew Garvald is captured by dragoons, and as the son of a
Covenanter can expect no mercy, but is released through the
intervention of Elspeth Blair. Years later in Virginia he meets her
again and falls in love - hopelessly, for he is a despised merchant
and she the toast of high society. Secretly involved in organising
an army of pirates and rebels to defend Virginia's frontiers, he is
trapped by Indians and the fate of the colony and of the woman he

loves depends upon him. A warning must be delivered or the
invading horde turned aside: either seems impossible. TB 9048.

Buchan, John
The thirty-nine steps. 1915. Read by Andrew Timothy, 3 hours
56 minutes. TB 897.
The first of the famous Richard Hannay spy stories; a web of
international intrigue spun in London and Scotland. TB 897.

Buchan, John
Prester John. 1994. Read by Robbie MacNab, 8 hours 55
minutes. TB 10696.
Nineteen year old David Crawfurd sails from Scotland to South
Africa to work as a storekeeper, meeting again with John Laputa,
the celebrated Zulu minster, of whom he has strange memories. In
his remote store, David finds himself with the key to a massive
uprising led by the minister, who has taken the title of the mythical
priest king, Prester John. David's courage and understanding of
this man take him to the heart of the uprising, a secret cave in the
Rooirand. TB 10696.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Tarzan of the apes. 1999. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 22
minutes. TB 13488.
When Tarzan is orphaned as a baby, deep in the African jungle, he
is saved by a she-ape and raised as one of her own. By the time
he has grown into a young man, Tarzan has the strength and
courage of ten - but then his jungle domain is disturbed by the
arrival of "civilized" men. TB 13488.

Campbell, Fiona
Death of a salaryman. 2007. Read by John Chancer, 13 hours
8 minutes. TB 16602.
The story of a Japanese salaryman who loses his job at a TV
corporation, on his 40th birthday, and slips through to a different
layer of society, a shadowy world where curious characters show
him the way - a travelling salesman with a passion for Elvis, a
pachinko pro with dreams of returning to Hawaii, and a TV
producer who will stop at nothing to get his big break - and Kenji
sets off on a roller-coaster ride of misadventures. TB 16602.

Canning, Victor
The great affair. 1970. Read by David Broomfield, 11 hours 50
minutes. TB 1499.
Sangster takes R.L. Stevenson's advice that "the great affair is to
move", and in the few months after his release from prison he
covers nine countries, numerous love affairs and a range of
extraordinary adventures. TB 1499.

Carter, Angela
Nights at the circus. 1984. Read by David Banks, 13 hours 31
minutes. TB 5394.
Fevvers is the greatest aerialist of her time: a Cockney Venus who
is borne up by the spread of wings that can't be real - or are they?
Jack Walso is obsessed with her and bamboozled by the sorcery
of her dresser and confidante, Lizzy. He allows himself to be talked
into a journey from London to Siberia, entering a world of danger
and joy with Colonel Kearney's Circus. TB 5394.

Cendrars, Blaise
Gold: the marvellous history of General John Augustus
Sutter. 1982. Read by Andrew Jack, 3 hours 40 minutes. TB
This is the story of a bankrupt Swiss papermaker who leaves wife
and children to seek his fortune in America. Fate is to plunder the
earthly paradise he makes there and although based on a real life
story, this becomes a tale of adventure, almost a Western. TB

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de
The adventures of Don Quixote. 1950. Read by Eric Gillet, 21
hours 45 minutes. TB 2230.
In this classic among comic novels, Don Quixote sets out to roam
the world, imitating the knights-errant of whom he had read. Only
his practical and trusty servant Sancho Panza brings him down to
earth and saves him from the danger to which he exposes himself
on all occasions. TB 2230.

Clancy, Tom
The bear and the dragon. Read by Garrick Hagon, 43 hours 25
minutes. TB 12745.
Jack Ryan; book 11. Sequel to Rainbow Six, TB 13536. President
Jack Ryan faces a world crisis unlike any he has ever known.
Domestic pitfalls await him in America; while in Moscow,
assassination and China's infiltration have the potential to cause
havoc. Who is behind this mayhem? The new Russian elite and
Chinese dissidents are likely candidates. Contains strong
language. TB 12745.

Clavell, James
Whirlwind. 1986. Read by Jon Cartwright, 53 hours 50
minutes. TB 6980.
Asian saga; book 6. Sequel to Noble House, TB 4722. The story
covers three weeks of world headlines: the Shah has gone and
caught up in the consequent eruption of political and religious
fanaticism is the company S-G Helicopters, Aberdeen-based and
connected with Struan's of Hong Kong which services the oilfields.
Andrew Gavallan and Duncan McIver are in charge and as the
mullahs and mujhadin become locked in a bloody power struggle,
they try to keep their machines flying and their marriages to Iranian
wives intact. Contains strong language. TB 6980.

Cleary, Jon
High road to China: a novel. 1978. Read by Nigel Graham, 12
hours 1 minute. TB 9977.
In 1920, Eve Tozer's American tycoon father is captured by a
warlord in China. The ransom was a priceless statuette Eve had
with her, and the only way of getting it there in time was to fly.
Finding a pair of ex-FFC pilots, and equipping three aircraft, they
evaded trouble in France, ran into it in Germany and were helped
by a former member of von Richthofen's circus. Wild characters
are met in the Balkans and in India, and Bradley Tozer, in China, is
fascinated by and finds himself liking his captors, even while
waiting for the blade to fall on his neck. TB 9977.

Collins, Norman
The governor's lady. 1968. Read by Garard Green, 15 hours 14
minutes. TB 501.
A colonial governor in Africa meets a sudden end while on safari,
and his lady knows more than she is willing to tell. TB 501.

Cooper, James Fenimore
The last of the Mohicans. 1990. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 16
hours 53 minutes. TB 8856.
This is a fictional novel with a factual core, namely, the massacre
of the British by the Indians at Fort William Henry in 1757. This
fictional aspect involves romance, sexuality and heroism, but
within the placid character of the novel there lurks a dramatic and
violent inner part, which reflects the hatred felt between the two
warring factions. TB 8856.

Cooper, Scott
Glad waters. 1987. Read by Crawford Logan, 6 hours 19
minutes. TB 9237.
Lieutenant Dick Holgate fought his war in an elderly river gunboat.
After a passage to Colombo his crew retire to Kilindini in the Indian
Ocean, where his work in the cipher office is not appreciated. Our
hero settles down, falls in love with royalty and makes himself at
home in paradise. TB 9237.

Cordell, Alexander
Moll. 1991. Read by Rosemary Miller, 10 hours 32 minutes. TB
Moll Walbee leaves behind her reputation as a pickpocket in the
slums of Paris and becomes a highwayman. Eventually arrested
and transported, she continues her adventurous life on board ship
and on arrival in Australia. TB 8928.

Cordell, Alexander
The bright Cantonese. 1967. Read by Marvin Kane, 6 hours 45
minutes. TB 471.
Beautiful Mei Kayling travels across China, Hong Kong, and the
United States in search of a sailor who has deserted from the

American warship suspected of having launched an atomic bomb
in China. TB 471.

Cornwell, Bernard
Wildtrack. 1988. Read by Arthur Blake, 12 hours 45 minutes.
TB 7183.
Falklands veteran, Nick Sandman, VC, dreamed of restoring the
ocean yacht "Sycorax" to its former glory. But he wasn't prepared
for the devil's bargain he made with egomaniac TV star Tony
Bannister - or the peril he sailed into on his very first voyage.
Contains strong language. TB 7183.

Cornwell, Bernard
Sharpe's devil. 1993. Read by Alistair Maydon, 10 hours 19
minutes. TB 10069.
Richard Sharpe; book 21. Sequel to: Sharpe's Waterloo, TB
11396. Five years after Waterloo, Sharpe's retirement in
Normandy is shattered by a plea for help from Don Blas Vivar's
wife; he is missing in Chile, reported dead at rebel hands and
appeals to Sharpe to find out the truth. Reluctantly he and Patrick
Harper find themselves bound for Chile via St Helena where they
meet Napoleon. Convinced that they are going to collect a corpse,
neither can imagine the dangers awaiting them in Chile. TB 10069.

Cornwell, Bernard
Crackdown. 1990. Read by Terrence Hardiman, 11 hours 42
minutes. TB 12003.
Nick Breakspear may look like the perfect Hamlet, but he wanted
nothing to do with the theatrical world inhabited by his father,
Britain's greatest living actor. So he joined the Royal Marines and
is now sailing the blue waters of the Bahamas. But dreams of
paradise are shattered when he becomes swept into a small but
deadly corner of a war against the drug-runners that infest the
area. Caught up in a world that denies every truth he believes in,
the only defence is to draw on the despised skills of his father's
world and fight with reckless courage. TB 12003.

Cornwell, Bernard
Sea lord. 1989. Read by Stephen Thorne, 10 hours 43 minutes.
TB 7932.
John Rossendale is a sea-gypsy, wandering the oceans in the 38-
foot cutter, "Sunflower". He is also the 28th Earl of Stowey, but
titles don't mean much at sea. Four years ago he turned his back
on England, swearing never to go home again. Now, out of sense
of duty, he returns to British waters. At his mother's funeral, he
finds his family hostile, his boat under violent attack and his life in
danger. Contains strong language. TB 7932.

Crichton, Michael
Pirate latitudes. 2010. Read by John Bedford Lloyd, 9 hours
11 minutes. TB 17821.
Jamaica, in 1665 a lone outpost of British power amid Spanish
waters in the sunbaked Caribbean. Its capital, Port Royal, a
cutthroat town of taverns, grog shops and bawdy houses - the last
place imaginable from which to launch an unthinkable attack on a
nearby Spanish stronghold. Yet that is exactly what renowned
privateer Captain Charles Hunter plans to do, with the connivance
of Charles II's ruling governor, Sir James Almont. Hunter's crew of
buccaneers must battle not only the Spanish fleet but other deadly
perils - raging hurricanes, cannibal tribes, even sea monsters. But
if his ragtag crew succeeds, they will make not only history, but a
fortune in gold. TB 17821.

Crosbie, James
Ashanti gold. 2010. Read by Joe Dunlop, 10 hours 19 minutes.
TB 17647.
It's 1970s London and Glaswegian Colin Grant is finally free. After
four years at Her Majesty's Pleasure, he needs to make up for lost
time. But when his firm's next robbery goes badly wrong, he knows
it's time to move on fast. In Africa Colin finds a new way of life and
new friends. But, as he soon discovers, it's a land of unbelievable
and almost irresistible riches. And all he has to do is work out how
to fly a planeload of gold out of the country without anyone -
especially Major Judas Akaba - finding out. TB 17647.

Crowther, Bruce
Unholy alliance. 1981. Read by Christopher Saul, 5 hours 14
minutes. TB 3841.
Lucas, mercenary with a conscience, finds himself and his strange
assortment of companions heading for a Mediterranean island and
a deadly task. TB 3841.

Cussler, Clive
Trojan odyssey. 2004. Read by Jeff Harding, 15 hours 20
minutes. TB 14310.
Dirk Pitt; book 17. Sequel to: Valhalla rising, TB 12700. Dirk Pitt
was astonished to discover that he had two grown children he had
never known, 23-year-old twins born to a woman he thought had
died in an underwater earthquake. Both have inherited his love of
the sea, and now they are about to help their father in the
adventure of a lifetime. The two young people are working in a
NUMA underwater enclosure off the shore of Nicaragua, trying to
determine its origin. Then the worst storm in years boils up out of
the sky, heading not only straight for them but also for a luxurious
floating resort hotel. Desperately they, and the NUMA crew, rush
to the rescue of the hotel's inhabitants, but what they find in the
storm's wake makes the furies of nature pale in comparison. TB

Cussler, Clive
Lost city: a novel from the NUMA files. 2004. Read by Jeff
Harding, 13 hours 24 minutes. TB 14044.
NUMA files; book 5. Sequel to: White death, TB 13940. An
enzyme that will dramatically prolong life has been discovered two
thousand feet down in the North Atlantic, in an area known as
"Lost City". But why are people attempting to harvest it getting
killed? Why are the scientists in a remote Greek laboratory
disappearing one by one? What does this all have to do with a
body found frozen in the ice high up in the Alps? For Kurt Austin,
leader of NUMA's Special Assignments Team, and his colleague
Joe Zavala, it's clear they have their work cut out for them. TB

Davidson, Lionel
A long way to Shiloh. 1966. Read by Peter Reynolds, 10 hours
15 minutes. TB 76.
A young Englishman finds himself suddenly involved in the search
for a sacred Jewish relic in Israel. A mixture of ancient scriptures
and modern politics make this a most exciting adventure. TB 76.

Defoe, Daniel
Robinson Crusoe. 1994. Read by Stephen Thorne, 11 hours 13
minutes. TB 16120.
Robinson Crusoe, set ashore on an island after a terrible storm at
sea, is forced to make do with only a knife, some tobacco, and a
pipe. He learns how to build a canoe, make bread, and endure
endless solitude. That is, until, twenty-four years later, when he
confronts another human being. TB 16120.

Demille, Nelson
The lion's game. 2000. Read by Garrick Hagon, 26 hours 25
minutes. TB 12464.
John Corey; book 2. Sequel to Plum Island, TB 12529. From a
special observation post in JFK Airport members of the elite Anti-
Terrorist Task Force wait for a passenger arriving from Paris; an
alleged Libyan terrorist known as 'the lion'. Amongst those marking
time are agents John Corey and Kate Mayfield. At first everything
is going as planned, yet it soon becomes apparent that something
is horribly wrong. As a bloody trail of terror streaks across the
country, John and Kate soon learn that their quarry is more than a
man. Until this assignment, Corey has always been lucky, but to
survive in a new game with no rules, he must invent a strategy that
includes no luck at all... TB 12464.

Doyle, Arthur Conan
The exploits of Brigadier Gerard. 1896. Read by Peter Gray, 8
hours. TB 1943.
The life of a soldier in France in the time of Napoleon. TB 1943.

Drabble, Margaret
The gates of ivory. 1991. Read by Frances Jeater, 17 hours 16
minutes. TB 9383.
Liz Headland receives a mysterious parcel from South-East Asia
which causes her to embark on a pilgrimage to Cambodia in
search of her novelist friend, Stephen. Gradually the reader learns
of Stephen's difficult trip to Bangkok, Hanoi, Saigon and finally
Cambodia, while in England his friends Alix, Hester and Hattie
engage in their own lives. At last Liz decides to go in search of the
man who might have become her lover. TB 9383.

Dumas, Alexandre
The three musketeers. 1844. Read by Andrew Timothy, 26
hours 45 minutes. TB 3153.
King's musketeers; book 1. A historical romance, this novel tells of
the adventures of the hot-headed young Gascon, d'Artagnan and
his three companions Athos, Porthos and Aramis as they gallantly
defend the Queen of France, using their wit and their swords. Set
in the seventeenth century. TB 3153.

Dumas, Alexandre
Count of Monte Cristo. 1909. Read by Andrew Timothy, 51
hours 5 minutes. TB 2354.
Falsely condemned to life imprisonment, Dantes escapes to Monte
Cristo and sets out to avenge himself on all who have wronged
him. TB 2354.

Dunnett, Dorothy
Niccolo rising. 1986. Read by Peter Barker, 29 hours 4
minutes. TB 7112.
The house of Niccolo; book 1. It is 1459, the time of the early
Renaissance, of trade and war and banking, of the fall of
Constantinople and the Wars of the Roses. In Bruges are the
permanent trading colonies and the small community has become
an international centre for money, gossip and spies. It is a time
when a young man with a head on his shoulders can slip through
the fingers of those who would use and abuse him to win riches,
however humble his birth. Young Niccolo is prepared to do just
this. TB 7112.

Durrell, Lawrence
Monsieur, or, The Prince of Darkness. 1974. Read by David
Banks, 11 hours 56 minutes. TB 5895.
Avignon Quartet; 1. Egypt, France and Venice provide a colourful
background for the action, an original interpretation of the sin of
the Templars. The characters are caught up in the mysterious
doings of a Gnostic suicide club which has worldwide affiliations
and headquarters in Paris… TB 5895.

Follett, Ken
Lie down with lions. 1985. Read by Gene Foad, 13 hours 51
minutes. TB 6321.
To Afghanistan's Five Lions Valley comes Jean-Pierre, a French
doctor who yearns to emulate his father who fought so heroically
for the resistance against the Germans. With him is his wife Jane.
Their self-imposed task is to bring medical aid and care to the
rebel tribesmen fighting the Soviet invaders. Or is Jean-Pierre's
plan quite as clear-cut as that? TB 6321.

Forester, C S
The "African Queen". 1935. Read by Anthony Parker, 7 hours
41 minutes. TB 699.
Gripping tale of a prim woman missionary thrown together with a
Cockney mechanic during World War I. Marooned in German
Central Africa, they battle their way down the river in the African
Queen, a 30 foot long, squat, flat-bottomed boat. TB 699.

Forester, C S
Mr Midshipman Hornblower. 1950. Read by David Broomfield,
8 hours 55 minutes. TB 359.
Hornblower series; book 1. The first story about Hornblower, still
only a midshipman, but with promise of a great future. TB 359.

Forester, C S
Lieutenant Hornblower. 1952. Read by Robert Gladwell, 10
hours 15 minutes. TB 2362.
Hornblower series; book 2. An adventure episode in Horatio
Hornblower’s early life. TB 2362.

Forester, C S
Hornblower and the 'Hotspur'. 1962. Read by Richard Baker,
11 hours 15 minutes. TB 169.
Hornblower series; book 3. The adventures of Captain Hornblower
and his sailors in the Hotspur during the Napoleonic Wars. TB 169.

Forester, C S
Hornblower and the 'Atropos'. 1953. Read by John Dunn, 10
hours 47 minutes. TB 787.
Hornblower series; book 4. With a fortune of gold and silver
aboard, HMS Atropos is trapped between a 56-gun ship of the line,
a hostile army, and the cross-fire of Turkish batteries in the bay. In
this adventure, Captain Hornblower's wits need to be sharper than
ever. TB 787.

Fraser, George Macdonald
The pyrates. 1994. Read by Nigel Lambert, 15 hours 14
minutes. TB 10901.
"The Pyrates" is a swashbuckler of tall ships and desert islands,
gallant adventurers and glamorous heroines, buried treasure and
ghastly dungeons... all to the accompaniment of ringing steel,
thunderous broadsides and the sound of people falling in the water
and exchanging period dialogue. TB 10901.

Fraser, George Macdonald
Flashman, from the Flashman papers, 1839-1842. 1969. Read
by Peter Reynolds, 6 hours 45 minutes. TB 1854.
Flashman papers; book 1. Flashman, the bully of Tom Brown's
Schooldays, goes from bad to worse after being expelled from
Rugby for drunkenness. Honest only in his description of his own
adventures, he is a blackguard and coward of the worst sort, and
his adventures, supposedly taken from papers discovered in 1965,
make horrific reading. TB 1854.

Frayn, Michael
Headlong. 1999. Read by Daniel Philpott, 11 hours 25 minutes.
TB 12149.
A tale of historical investigation and comic invention. Invited to
assess some old paintings, an easily-distracted philosopher is

convinced that one of them is a lost work by Breughel. He risks
everything he has in the effort to establish its provenance and trick
it from its owner's possession. Contains violence. TB 12149.

Gale, Iain
Man of honour: Jack Steel and the Blenheim campaign, July
to August 1704. 2008. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 9 hours 33
minutes. TB 16288.
Jack Steel series; book 1. Upper Bavaria, 1704. The British Army,
illustrious and fresh from victory, stands proudly to attention, ready
to fight for honour and glory. Their enemy is Louis XIV of France,
the self-styled Sun King, who wants to possess all of Europe. TB

Gale, Iain
Rules of war: Jack Steel for Queen and country. 2009. Read
by John Telfer, 10 hours 23 minutes. TB 17262.
Jack Steel series; book 2. Ramilles 1706 was one of the great
victories of the British army. But for Captain Jack Steel, standing at
the head of his Grenadiers, and receiving contradictory orders, it
was hard to see Lord Marlborough’s grand stratagem. Far from the
battle lines he enjoys, Jack Steel is sent undercover to identify the
loyal locals who would help a few British advance troops into the
besieged city – a dangerous mission made deadly by his
identification by an old enemy of his and the brilliant malevolence
of the renegade French pirate who is in charge of Ostende.
Contains strong language. TB 17262.

Gallico, Paul
The Zoo Gang. 1971. Read by David Broomfield, 8 hours 45
minutes. TB 1676.
The members of the Zoo Gang, a formidable group which operated
in occupied France during the war, now live quietly except when
reunited for the occasional burst of activity in some exceptional
cause. TB 1676.

Garland, Alex
The beach. 1997. Read by Daniel Philpott, 12 hours 37
minutes. TB 11615.
When Richard flies to Thailand he learns of the mysterious beach
from a man who subsequently commits suicide. Teaming up with a
young French couple, they set off to find it. Contains strong
language. TB 11615.

Graham, Winston
Tremor. 1995. Read by Michael Lumsden, 7 hours 54 minutes.
TB 10613.
Agadir, Morocco. 29th February, 1960. The earthquake lasted just
long enough to destroy the Hotel Saada. Long enough to change
forever the lives of its guests. Matthew Morris is escaping from a
failed marriage and career. Nadine Deschamps, an actress, is
searching for solitude. Jack Frazier is a criminal running from the
law. Also staying are a distinguished American lawyer, and three
French prostitutes. This is a novel of emotion and suspense, love
and greed, wickedness and courage, and of one man's search for
himself. Contains strong language. TB 10613.

Graham, Winston
Stephanie. 1992. Read by Carol Marsh, 11 hours 38 minutes.
TB 9713.
Stephanie was a happy student, carefree until she discovered that
her lover, Errol Colton, had a double life. Unable to ignore her
knowledge, what should she do with it? The coroner did not want
to bring a verdict of suicide, but was he right? James, her father, is
a man of courage and will, who fights for justice at risk of his own
life, and there is Nari, the young Indian, blackmailed into becoming
a human carrier. The fate of these people is the subject of a tense
story of the highest quality. TB 9713.

Guterson, David
East of the mountains. 1999. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours
56 minutes. TB 12142.
When Dr Ben Givens left his Seattle home he never intended to
return. It was to be the journey past snow-covered mountains to a
place of canyons, sagelands and orchards, where, on the verges

of the Columbia River, Ben had entered the world and would now,
take his leave of it. TB 12142.

Haggard, Henry Rider
King Solomon's mines. 1886. Read by Stephen Jack, 8 hours
50 minutes. TB 1857.
Allan Quatermain; book 1. Allan Quatermaine sets out with Sir
Henry Curtis and Captain Good to find Sir Henry's brother who
was believed to have gone into unexplored and savage parts of
Africa in search of the lost diamond mines of the Solomon
Mountains. TB 1857.

Harding, Georgina
The solitude of Thomas Cave. 2007. Read by Gareth
Armstrong, 5 hours 41 minutes. TB 16601.
It is August 1616. The whaling ship Heartsease has ventured deep
into the Arctic, but the crew must return home before the ice closes
in. All, that is, save Thomas Cave. He makes a wager that he will
remain there alone until the next season, though no man has yet
been known to have survived a winter this far north. So he is left
with provisions, shelter, and a journal - should he not live to tell the
tale. TB 16601.

Hailey, Arthur
Airport. 1968. Read by Carol Marsh, 19 hours 1 minute. TB
An exciting account of seven eventful hours at a large deficient
airport during a midsummer snowstorm, of the men and women
who share them, and their varied backgrounds and reactions. TB

Hemingway, Ernest
To have and have not. 1994. Read by Eric Meyers, 6 hours. TB
"I don't know who made the laws, but I know there ain't no law that
you got to go hungry." Harry Morgan was hard, the classic
Hemingway hero. He had to be hard, rum-running, gun-running
and man-running from Cuba to the Florida Keys in the Depression.
He risked stray coastguard bullets and sudden double-crosses, but

it was the only way he could keep his boat, keep his independence
and keep his belly full. Contains violence. TB 10844.

Higgins, Jack
The last place God made. 1971. Read by Jon Cartwright, 6
hours 12 minutes. TB 8653.
Neil Mallory was a pioneer pilot of the 1930s who crashed in some
of the worst jungle in the world. TB 8653.

Higgins, Jack
In the hour before midnight. Read by Stephen Rea, 5 hours 20
minutes. TB 12028.
Sicily: a sun-soaked island of golden beaches, cheap wine and
dark-eyed beauties. But behind that facade of paradise there
lurked a darker place, sterile and barren, where the Mafia reigned
supreme and where survival was the name of the game. For
Stacey Wyatt the job seemed simple enough: free the beautiful
daughter of a local millionaire from the clutches of the most evil
bandit in Sicily. But not only did he come face to face with the girl
in question, but also with the fact that his life was at stake. TB

Hilton, James
Lost horizon. 1933. Read by Michael de Morgan, 8 hours 26
minutes. TB 845.
Following a plane crash, Conway, a British consul, his deputy, a
missionary and an American financier find themselves in the
enigmatic snow-capped mountains of uncharted Tibet. Here they
discover a seemingly perfect hidden community where they are
welcomed, the mysterious city of Shangri-La. TB 845.

Hope, Anthony
The prisoner of Zenda. 1894. Read by George Hagan, 6 hours
17 minutes. TB 13035.
The perilous and romantic adventures of Rudolph Rassendyl, an
English gentleman in Ruritania, who by impersonating the king,
defeats a plot to oust him from the throne. TB 13035.

Humphreys, C C
Jack Absolute. 2004. Read by C C Humphreys, 11 hours 6
minutes. TB 14318.
Jack Absolute; book 1. 1777. After years away, Jack returns to
London to find that he's famous. A playwright has stolen his name
and made "Jack Absolute" the star of his hit comedy The Rivals.
This notoriety makes the real Jack's job somewhat difficult - he's a
spy! But Jack’s retirement has to be put on hold when a duel over
an actress forces him to seek refuge with his old commander. John
Burgoyne has been appointed to lead an army down from Canada
and crush the American Revolution. Jack has experience of the
Iroquois of North America and can help rally these vital allies to the
King's cause. But there is a traitor at the heart of the British army,
willing to betray Jack's every move. Contains passages of a sexual
nature. TB 14318.

Innes, Hammond
The wreck of the "Mary Deare". 1956. Read by Ian Stuart, 8
hours 13 minutes. TB 10101.
The "Sea Witch", fighting its way through the March gales in the
Channel, encounters a steamer which appears to ignore its signals
and bears down on the little vessel. There is no one to be seen on
board. The crew board her and find one man. This is the start of a
series of events culminating in a desperate struggle for survival in
the cold seas off France. TB 10101.

Innes, Hammond
Campbell's kingdom. 1957. Read by Ian Stuart, 8 hours 51
minutes. TB 9669.
After Stuart Campbell passed away, he left behind him only a
derelict oil rig and his home, now a crumbling old shack. His sole
heir was his nephew, Bruce Campbell Wetheral. It was said that no
one in his right mind would live seven thousand feet up in the
Rocky Mountains trying to fulfil a dead man's dream, but Bruce
was not one to give in that easily; he only had six months to live,
so what did he have to lose? TB 9669.

Innes, Hammond
The angry mountain. 1982. Read by Michael McStay, 8 hours 6
minutes. TB 9480.
Dick Farrel is a man haunted by his wartime memories of torture
and fear, a time better forgotten, but past and present merge when
a trip to Eastern Europe embroils him in the twilight world of the
industrial spy. Farrell becomes a reluctant player in a lethal game
as the hunt shifts from Czechoslovakia to Southern Italy. Beneath
the blazing summit of Vesuvius in full eruption, he comes face to
face with the living ghosts of his past. TB 9480.

Innes, Hammond
Dead and alive. 1946. Read by Joe Dunlop, 5 hours 43
minutes. TB 9566.
"The letter said 'Find out what has happened to Monique'. Pinned
to it was a faded photograph of a girl. I stared at it, thinking of the
docks of Naples, the dirty streets below the Castello San Elmo, of
Terracina, Cassino, Formia and all the other towns where war had
left rubble. This might be the likeness of a beautiful girl - or the
memory of a skeleton buried beneath a shattered building ..." TB

Kaewert, Julie
The Avengers. 1998. Read by Tim Bruce, 6 hours 55 minutes.
TB 13152.
A novelisation of the film "The Avengers" - a 1990s remake of the
television series featuring John Steed and Emma Peel. TB 13152.

Keneally, Thomas
A victim of the aurora. 1977. Read by John Richmond, 8 hours
45 minutes. TB 3209.
During a polar expedition before the First World War, one of the
men is found strangled. Tension, already high under the stress of
the Antarctic conditions, is stretched almost beyond endurance. TB

Kent, Alexander
Richard Bolitho, midshipman: a midshipman Bolitho story.
1975. Read by Derek Chandler, 4 hours 39 minutes, TB 6553.
Richard Bolitho series; book 1. Although only 16, Midshipman
Richard Bolitho is already a veteran of 4 years on the King's Navy.
In October 1772 he joins his second ship, the 74-gun "Gorgon".
Her captain is ordered to take her to Africa's West Coast to destroy
the growing menace of piracy across the trade routes. Soon it
becomes evident that their enemy is as dangerous and skilful as
any encountered in the line of battle. TB 6553.

Kipling, Rudyard
Kim. 1901. Read by Anthony Parker, 15 hours 30 minutes. TB
Kim is an orphan sahib and bazaar-boy who lives by his wits. His
chameleon's talent for disguise draws him into the Great Game -
British Intelligence in India - and on a mission to thwart foreign
agents on the North-West Frontier. His travels coincide with the
quest of his friend the Tibetan Lama, who is seeking redemption
from the Wheel of Life. TB 955.

King, Stephen
The girl who loved Tom Gordon. 1999. Read by Laurence
Bouvard, 6 hours 24 minutes. TB 12036.
A girl gets lost in the Northeast woods and begins to lose hope of
ever getting out alive. She listens to Red Sox baseball games on
her walkman, creating an imaginary friendship with her hero Tom
Gordon. As she struggles to survive she realises that something in
the woods is watching her. Contains strong language. TB 12036.

Kingsley, Charles
Westward ho! 1855. Read by Stephen Jack, 25 hours 27
minutes. TB 1541.
A patriotic tale of adventure, Jesuit intrigue and naval enterprise in
the time of Queen Elizabeth. TB 1541.

Kyle, Duncan
A cage of ice. 1970. Read by Jon Cartwright, 7 hours 13
minutes, TB 8630.
The envelope was addressed to Professor Edwards. It contained a
published paper on hydro-electrics by a Russian academician. To
retrieve it, men were willing to kill and go on killing. Edwards fled
for his life until a well-framed murder charge stopped him. The
KGB had missed a trick and in Washington the CIA were
determined to avert a world catastrophe. TB 8630.

L'Amour, Louis
Sackett's land. 2004. Read by John Curless, 5 hours 13
minutes. TB 13765.
Son of a feared fighting man, Barnabas Sackett inherited his
father's fiery temper, sense of justice and warrior skills. Declared
an outlaw in his native England, Barnabas set his daring sights on
the opportunities of the New World. The ruthless piracy of the open
seas and the unknown dangers of the savage American
wilderness lay before him. And so did the thrill of discovery and the
chance to establish a bold new future if he survived. TB 13765.

Llewellyn, Richard
Up into the singing mountain. 1960. Read by Ray Jones, 12
hours 22 minutes. TB 4912.
Sequel to How green was my valley, TB 2756. Huw Morgan leaves
the passionate, prejudiced and inbred world of his young years to
seek adventure among the Welsh settlers in Patagonia. TB 4912.

Llewellyn, Sam
Maelstrom. 1994. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 15 hours 16
minutes. TB 10938.
Fred Hope was a nice guy at one time, running an eco-hotel in
Devon, a scrap yard on Humberside and a charter boat. Then his
whale-watching activities landed him in jail for manslaughter.
When he gets out he opts for a quiet life but he is just one of those
people who gathers trouble to them. His wife's brother Hugo needs
to be watched, for he has distasteful habits and friends to match.
This time he has disappeared to Norway in Fred's charter boat with
some very unpleasant Americans who want an old-fashioned
whale-hunt. TB 10938.

London, Jack
Wilderness tales. Read by John Shedden, 2 hours 34 minutes.
TB 8975.
Like water seeping from some mighty reservoir, the trappers and
prospectors trickle through the dark forests and mountain passes,
threading the river highways in bark canoes or breaking trail for the
wolf dogs through the Arctic landscape, and stone clashes with
steel as the natives of the Northland resist the invasion. The basic
struggle for survival between man and the environment and
between man and man can seldom have been more compellingly
drawn than in these stories set in the wilderness of the Yukon. TB

Ludlum, Robert
The apocalypse watch. 1995. Read by William Dufris, 23 hours
55 minutes. TB 10707.
Harry Latham is a multilingual officer who, after thirty months in
deep cover, traces and enters the Bruderschaft Valley in the
Hausruck Alps and finds, to his horror, a processing centre for
those dedicating themselves to the emergence of the Fourth
Reich. Harry is captured, betrayed by his own people and, without
his knowledge, undergoes surgery to invade his brain. He is then
permitted to escape, for the particular information he now carries
puts scores of innocent people under suspicion, which in turn puts
groups and organisations against one another. TB 10707.

McDermott, Andy
The hunt for Atlantis. 2008. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 16
hours 51 minutes. TB 16411.
Archaeologist Nina Wilde believes she has found the location of
the lost city of Atlantis and now she wants the opportunity to prove
her theory. Someone else though wants her dead! With the help of
ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase and beautiful heiress Kari Frost,
Nina faces a breakneck race against time around the world,
pursued at every step by agents of the mysterious and murderous
Brotherhood of Selasphoros. TB 16411.

MacLean, Alistair
Fear is the key. 1961. Read by David Sinclair, 9 hours 44
minutes. TB 6233.
The drowsy calm of Marble Springs is shattered when an unknown
Englishman ruthlessly shoots his way out of the county courtroom,
abducting the lovely Mary Ruthven at gun-point. Who is he? And
what is his concern with the girl, with the General's secluded
house, and with the great oil-rig 12 miles out to sea? TB 6233.

MacLean, Alistair
Ice Station Zebra. 1963. Read by Steve Hodson, 10 hours 36
minutes. TB 5247.
The US atomic submarine "Dolphin" leaves the Holy Loch in a
hurry one stormy night. The orders are to take a Dr Carpenter
under the North Polar ice-cap, surfacing near a burnt-out weather
station called Zebra. But who is he and what does his locked bag
contain? What has happened at the lonely station and what is
wrong with the "Dolphin"? TB 5247.

MacLean, Alistair
Breakheart Pass. 1974. Read by Marvin Kane, 5 hours 30
minutes. TB 2500.
Set in Nevada in 1873 where a crowded troop train is waylaid by
Paiute Indians with tragic but surprising results. TB 2500.

MacLean, Alistair
Dark crusader. Read by Jon Cartwright, 8 hours 58 minutes.
TB 9548.
The job is for a fuels expert in Australia; the salary astronomical.
Eight scientists have already gone - and vanished without trace.
The trail leads to a remote Polynesian island, where Bentall and
the girl posing as his wife find themselves in mortal danger. Behind
the community of archaeologists and their Chinese henchmen a
desperate crime is being prepared, and as the presence and
meaning of the Dark Crusader comes to light, the story moves to
an enthralling climax. TB 9548.

Manning, Jason
High country. 1993. Read by Jeff Harding, 10 hours 4 minutes.
TB 14851.
High country; book 1. In 1825 Zach Hannah was a raw youth when
he left the hill country of Tennessee to seek his fortune in the
West. The mad demand for beaver pelts spawned a booming fur
trade that sent men to battle against the fury of nature, hostile
Indian tribes, and sense each other in an adventure that only the
strongest could survive. Zach Hannah took the challenge to learn
the ways of the wild and those who lived in it to discover that white
treachery could be as deadly as Blackfoot terror and to find
passionate love with a beautiful Indian woman and a fight to the
death to protect. TB 14851.

Martel, Yann
Life of Pi. 2002. Read by Garrick Hagon, 12 hours 38 minutes.
TB 13950.
Pi and his family, who own a zoo, decide to emigrate from India.
On the way, tragedy strikes and the ship is sunk. Pi finds himself in
a life boat with a hyena, a zebra, a tiger and an orang-utan. He
manages to keep his wits as the food chain establishes itself. TB

Masefield, John
Bird of dawning. 1933. Read by Eric Gillett, 7 hours. TB 1293.
A sea story about the wreck of a China clipper and the rescue of
her crew. TB 1293.

Mason, A E W
The four feathers. 2001. Read by Nigel Graham, 13 hours 11
minutes. TB 14184.
Just before his regiment sails off to war in the Sudan, British officer
Harry Eversham quits the military. He is immediately given four
white feathers symbols of cowardice - one each by his three best
friends and one by his fiancée. To disprove this grave dishonour,
Harry dons an Arabian disguise and leaves for the Sudan, where
he anonymously comes to the aid of his three friends, saving each
of their lives. Having proved his bravery, Harry returns to England,
hoping to regain the love and respect of his fiancée. TB 14184.

Masters, John
The Himalayan concerto. 1976. Read by Garard Green, 13
hours. TB 3021.
While staying on a houseboat in Kashmir, a composer is asked to
help in investigating some mysterious happenings on the Tibetan
border. The task proves far more mysterious and deadly than he
imagined. TB 3021.

May, Peter
Snakehead. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 11 hours 15 minutes,
TB 12859
The discovery of a truck full of dead Chinese in southern Texas
brings American psychologist Margaret Campbell together with Li
Yan, the Beijing detective with whom she once shared a turbulent
relationship. They set out to identify the Snakehead behind the
100-million dollar trade in illegal immigrants. TB 12859.

Mayle, Peter
Hotel Pastis. 1993. Read by Michael McStay, 10 hours 4
minutes. TB 9917.
Simon Shaw, 42 and freshly divorced, dreams of getting away, and
like most advertising men finds reasons for doing nothing about it.
A short break in the seductive air of Provence turns into something
more. The enchanting Nicole makes him an offer he can't refuse;
he transforms an old gendarmerie into the Hotel Pastis, a haven
for the rich and famous. But what are Jo-Jo and his jail-bird friends
plotting over the local firewater every night in the cafe? Perhaps
Simon is only just beginning his mid life crisis. TB 9917.

Melville, Herman
Moby Dick. 1851. Read by Duncan Carse, 24 hours 34
minutes. TB 1700.
The story of Captain Ahab's relentless pursuit of a cunning and
ferocious whale. TB 1700.

Monsarrat, Nicholas
The master mariner. 1978. Read by Garard Green, 23 hours 55
minutes. TB 3398.
Master Mariner; book 1. Matthew Lawe's act of cowardice in the
midst of Drake's defeat of the Armada has brought upon him a wild
witch's curse that he stays on earth until his guilt is purged. For
four centuries he is to live the hazardous life of a British seaman.
The first instalment takes him to with Hudson in search of a north-
west passage; as a buccaneer to the Caribbean; and finally to
victory at Trafalgar. TB 3398.

Munro, Neil
The new road. 1994. Read by Nick Underwood, 14 hours 14
minutes. TB 14282.
It is 1733, and the great military roads of General Wade are
carving their way into the heart of the Highlands, destroying the
influence of the once all-powerful Clans. Into this changing
landscape come two adventurers who travel north from Inveraray
in the autumn of that year on a clandestine mission to investigate
rumours of a planned uprising. TB 14282.

O'Brian, Patrick
The unknown shore. 1997. Read by Robert Gladwell, 15 hours
52 minutes. TB 11079.
A novel about the sea, telling the tale of the Wager, an ill-fated
ship on Anson's expedition round the world. She is driven onto
rocks off the coast of Chile, and sinks. The survivors fall into
trouble of every kind, including mutiny and bloodshed, before
being led northwards to safety by a band of stony and depraved
Indians. TB 11079.

Oldfield, Pamela
Lily Golightly. 1987. Read by Carol Marsh, 18 hours 19
minutes. TB 6910.
Lily has barely adjusted to her married name when her husband,
Patrick, sets sail for New York to take up a position in his uncle's
firm. But instead of the long-awaited summons, news comes that
he has succumbed to gold fever and is planning to go west to
California without her. Lily makes up her mind to share his
adventure ... TB 6910.

Orczy, Emmuska
The scarlet pimpernel. 1905. Read by Peter Gray, 10 hours. TB
The Scarlet Pimpernel; book 1. As the French Revolution gives
way to the Reign of Terror, Sir Percy Blakeney an English
aristocrat known for little more than dandyism and sloth, risks his
life to enter France in disguise to save French aristocrats from
Madame Guillotine. TB 2053.

Orczy, Emmuska
I will repay. 1909. Read by Peter Gray, 7 hours 5 minutes. TB
The Scarlet Pimpernel; book 2. It has been ten years since Juliette
de Marny's father asked her to swear revenge upon Deroulede for
the death of her brother in a duel. At last she finds herself in
Deroulede's house with an easy opportunity to betray him to the
Citizens of France for conspiring against the people. Juliette
realizes, too late, that she is in love with Deroulede. Can the
Scarlet Pimpernel rescue Deroulede from certain death by
guillotine? Will Deroulede forgive Juliette for her betrayal of him?
TB 2054.

Orczy, Emmuska
Eldorado. 1913. Read by Peter Gray, 14 hours. TB 2055.
Scarlet Pimpernel; book 3. Determination to rescue the young
Dauphin leads the Scarlet Pimpernel and his beautiful wife
Marguerite into many dangers. TB 2055.

Parks, Tim
Rapids. 2006. Read by Christopher Oxford, 8 hours 57
minutes. TB 14757.
In the dramatic landscape of the Italian Alps a group of English
canoeists arrive for an introduction to white water. Camping, eating
and paddling together, six adults and nine adolescents seem to set
to enjoy what their leader insists on calling a community
experience. Contains strong language. TB 14757.

Patterson, James
The jester. 2003. Read by Neil Dickson, 12 hours 55 minutes.
TB 14030.
Arriving home disillusioned from the Crusades, Hugh DeLuc
discovers that his village has been ransacked and his wife
abducted. The dark riders came in the dead of night like devils.
Nothing is known of their identity, only that they search for a relic
worth more than any throne in Europe. No man has been able to
stand in their way until Hugh, taking on the role of a jester,
infiltrates the enemy’s castle. And when a man is fighting for
freedom, for his wife, and for everything he holds dear, he will
prove a formidable opponent. Contains violence. TB 14030.

Powers, Tim
The Anubis gates. 1993. Read by Ian Craig, 15 hours 39
minutes. TB 7081.
This is an adventure story that travels at almost breakneck speed
as it is convulsed by chases and explosions, swashbuckles
through Cairo and includes a skirmish on a burning ice-schooner.
There is a time-travel conundrum, embossed with classic knotty
paradoxes, a literary mystery and a horror story topped by a
catastrophe of necromancy. TB 7081.

Reade, Charles
The cloister and the hearth. 1861. Read by Andrew Timothy,
29 hours 19 minutes. TB 1847.
An adventurous novel of Renaissance times in Germany, Italy, and
the Low Countries. TB 1847.

Read, Piers Paul
A patriot in Berlin. 1995. Read by Robin Browne, 10 hours 41
minutes. TB 10624.
It is August 1991. In Berlin a Russian couple involved in art
exporting are brutally murdered, and a KGB agent disappears.
These apparently unconnected events are followed by American
art historian Francesca McDermott's arrival in Berlin to organise an
exhibition of Russian art. Working with Francesca is Serotkin, a
Russian expert. TB 10624.

Roberts, Gregory David
Shantaram. 2005. Read by Steve Hodson, 48 hours 8 minutes.
TB 16530.
In 1978, gifted student and writer Greg Roberts turned to heroin
when his marriage collapsed, feeding his addiction with a string of
robberies. Caught and convicted, he was given a nineteen-year
sentence. After two years, he escaped from a maximum-security
prison, spending the next ten years on the run as Australia's most
wanted man. Hiding in Bombay, he established a medical clinic for
slum-dwellers, worked in the Bollywood film industry and served
time in the notorious Arthur Road prison. He was recruited by one
of the most charismatic branches of the Bombay mafia for whom
he worked as a forger, counterfeiter, and smuggler, and fought
alongside a unit of mujaheddin guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. His
debut novel, Shantaram, is based on this ten-year period of his life
in Bombay. The result is an epic tale of slums and five-star hotels,
romantic love and prison torture, mafia gang wars and Bollywood
films. Contains strong language. TB 16530.

Sabatini, Rafael
The Sea-Hawk. 1915. Read by Andrew Timothy, 13 hours 15
minutes. TB 1464.
Sir Oliver, a typical English gentleman, is accused of murder,
kidnapped off the Cornish coast, and dragged into life as a Barbary
corsair. However Sir Oliver rises to the challenge and proves a
worthy hero. TB 1464.

Sabatini, Rafael
Scaramouche. 1921. Read by Stephen Jack, 14 hours 15
minutes. TB 1829.
When a young cleric is wrongfully killed, his friend, Andre Louis,
vows to avenge his death. Louis' mission takes him to the very
heart of the French Revolution where he finds the only way to
survive is to assume a new identity. And so is born Scaramouche -
a brave and remarkable hero of the finest order and a classic and
much-loved tale of the greatest swashbuckling tradition. TB 1829.

Sabatini, Rafael
Captain Blood. 1921. Read by Robert Gladwell, 13 hours 45
minutes. TB 2315.
The story of Captain Blood, a doctor captured by the Royalist
troops during the Civil War and deported to a slave plantation in
the West Indies. TB 2315.

Scott, Walter
Quentin Durward. 1992. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 21
hours 8 minutes. TB 9778.
The young Scottish adventurer, Quentin Durward, embarks on a
dangerous journey through the forest of the Ardennes, seeking a
name, a partner and a position in the world. Meanwhile, the
Machiavellian King Louis XI of France manoeuvres his realm out of
the hands of the feudal barons, and into the centralised control that
Scott believed to characterise the modern state. TB 9778.

Severin, Timothy
Corsair. 2008. Read by Rupert Farley, 13 hours 19 minutes. TB
Hector Lynch series; book 1. In 1677, on a late summer's evening
two ships lurk off the coast of southwest Ireland. They are Barbary
corsairs from North Africa, slave catchers. In the village,
seventeen-year-old Hector Lynch wakes to the sound of a pistol
shot. Moments later he and his sister Elizabeth are taken prisoner.
From then on Hector's life plunges into a turbulent and lawless
world that is full of surprises. TB 16397.

Severin, Timothy
Buccaneer : the adventures of Hector Lynch. 2010. Read by
John Cormack, 12 hours 2 minutes. TB 18528.
Hector Lynch series; book 2. Sailing across the Caribbean Hector
Lynch falls into the hands of the notorious buccaneer, Captain
John Coxon. Hector's friends, Dan and Jacques, are released
when Coxon mistakes Hector for the nephew of Sir Thomas Lynch,
the Governor of Jamaica. But when Coxon delivers Hector to Sir
Henry Morgan, the Governor's bitter enemy, he is publicly
humiliated when it is revealed that Hector is not Sir Thomas's
nephew. From then on, Coxon seeks to revenge himself - and the
young seafarer finds himself on the run again. TB 18528.

Seymour, Gerald
A song in the morning. 1986. Read by Jon Cartwright, 11
hours 16 minutes. TB 8234.
Realistically set in the turmoil of present day South Africa this
gripping thriller, from a master of the genre, tells of Jack Curwen's
perilous endeavours to release his father from a maximum security
prison in Pretoria where he is awaiting execution. Superbly crafted,
this enthralling novel holds the reader firmly in its grasp until its
stunning conclusion. TB 8234.

Seymour, Gerald
Condition black. 1991. Read by David Banks, 12 hours 44
minutes. TB 9042.
A lowly enemy of the Iraqi regime is murdered in a quiet suburb of
Athens. A straightforward killing, except a second man, a CIA
agent, is killed trying to protect the victim. Bill Erlich of the FBI
investigates. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 9042.

Sheldon, Sidney
The other side of midnight. 1974. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 16
hours 34 minutes. TB 8228.
It is 1947 and a sensational murder trial is about to begin in
Athens. The accused are a beautiful actress named Noelle Page
and her lover Larry Douglas. From various points of the globe,
people converge on Athens - a man-shy American innocent
abroad, an international film star, a handsome, vibrant war hero, a
vengeful Greek tycoon. All of them have just one interest in
common - Noelle Page. TB 8228.

Sheldon, Sidney
The sands of time. 1989. Read by Eva Haddon, 11 hours 7
minutes. TB 8358.
This is the tale of four nuns who are abruptly forced to flee the
secure environment of their Spanish convent and face a hostile
world they long ago abandoned. Suddenly these four women find
themselves pawns in a violent struggle between the outlawed
Basque underground movement, led by the charismatic Jaime
Moir, and the Spanish army. TB 8358.

Sheldon, Sidney
The best laid plans. 1997. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 8 hours
11 minutes. TB 13665.
This text tells the story of the beautiful and ambitious Leslie
Stewart, who learns that for some men power is the greatest
aphrodisiac; and of Oliver Russell, the handsome governor of a
small southern state, who finds out why hell has no fury like a
woman scorned. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 13665.

Shute, Nevil
Ruined city. 1992. Read by Jon Cartwright, 7 hours 26
minutes. TB 11647.
In a shipbuilding town in the North of England during the Great
Depression, the local people have given up hope. When
successful banker Henry Warren arrives in the city, only to be
taken ill and confined to hospital he learns of the plight of the
community and sees the locals dying for no apparent reason. He
determines to turn the city's fortunes around. But all is not well with
the schemes of Henry Warren. TB 11647.

Shute, Nevil
Trustee from the toolroom. 1960. Read by Stephen Jack, 10
hours. TB 534.
An inventive engineer suddenly torn from his normal London life is
plunged into an extraordinary quest for a lost fortune on behalf of
an orphaned niece. TB 534.

Shute, Nevil
No highway. 1979. Read by Bruce Montague, 12 hours 37
minutes. TB 7070.
Theodore Honey, a metallurgist working for the Royal Aircraft
Establishment, develops a theory on metal fatigue. His research
has convinced him that the tail of a new plane, the Reindeer, will
fail at about 1440 hour flying time - but he speaks with equal
conviction of the Second Coming of Christ to Glastonbury. He is
sent to Newfoundland to investigate the mysterious crash of a
Reindeer and find the lost tail section to prove his theory. On his
trip he finds out he is flying on a Reindeer. Can this brilliant
scientist convince others that this fatal flaw will decide the fate of
everyone on board? TB 7070.

Shute, Nevil
Marazan. 1991. Read by David Graham, 8 hours 24 minutes.
TB 9419.
Were it not for the escaped convict who saved his life, Philip
Stenning would never have flown a plane again. As it happened,
the pilot's life was to change for good and he was soon to be flying
as intently and expertly as he had in the days of World War I. As
Stenning attempts to support his rescuer, he is drawn ever deeper
into a tense and dramatic adventure of intrigue, drug-running and
murder. TB 9419.

Sillitoe, Alan
The lost flying boat. 1983. Read by Christopher Scott, 9 hours
49 minutes. TB 5152.
Two rival teams set out to retrieve German gold in true Boy's Own
Biggles style and on one level this is an exciting adventure story.
But this is not just a Saga trap - it was the most beautiful thing ever
built. TB 5152.

Sillitoe, Alan
Down from the hill. 1984. Read by Richard Earthy, 6 hours 40
minutes. TB 5450.
The moment of change for a country just recovering from war in
1945 and for a boy on the brink of manhood is caught in the 250-
mile odyssey of Paul Morton. He is seventeen and out to use his
week of summer holiday to put as many miles as possible between
himself and the factory in Nottingham where he works. His
adventures - romantic, sad and comic - summon up a time and
countryside long since vanished. Unsuitable for family reading. TB

Smith, Wilbur
Wild justice. 1992. Read by Andrew Cuthbert, 16 hours 59
minutes. TB 10143.
The hijacking of a jumbo jet off the Seychelles galvanises anti-
terrorist chief Peter Stride into the action for which he has spent a
lifetime training, but even in the hail of bullets which follows, he
knows that this is only the beginning of a nightmare. Stride is the
one man who might find the twisted genius who holds the world

hostage, if only his every move were not anticipated by the enemy.
Contains violence. TB 10143.

Smith, Wilbur
Assegai. 2009. Read by Jon Cartwright, 18 hours 4 minutes.
TB 16727.
Courtney: book13. Sequel to: The triumph of the sun, TB 14186. It
is 1913 and ex-soldier turned professional big game hunter, Leon
Courtney, is in British East Africa guiding rich and powerful men
from America and Europe on safaris in the Masai tribe territories.
One of his clients, German industrialist Count Otto Von Meerbach,
has a company which builds aircraft and vehicles for the Kaiser's
burgeoning army. But Leon had not bargained for falling
passionately in love with Eva, the Count's beautiful and enigmatic
mistress. Just prior to the outbreak of World War I, Leon is
recruited by his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne, Commander of the
British Forces in East Africa , to gather information from Von
Meerbach. He stumbles on a plot against the British involving the
disenchanted survivors of the Boer War, but it is only when Eva
and Von Meerbach return to Africa that Leon finds out who and
what is really behind the conspiracy. Contains passages of a
sexual nature. TB 16727.

Smollett, Tobias
Roderick Random. 1748. Read by Gabriel Woolf, 21 hours 15
minutes. TB 665.
Roderick Random, a selfish, unprincipled rogue, tells of his
extraordinary adventures in the navy and in civilian life. TB 665.

Smollett, Tobias
Peregrine Pickle. 1751. Read by John Richmond, 41 hours 45
minutes. TB 927.
The adventures of Peregrine Pickle, scoundrel and swashbuckler,
in 18th century England. TB 927.

Steel, Danielle
Wings. 1995. Read by Laurel Lefkow, 11 hours 54 minutes. TB
Cassie O'Malley's father had always wanted his son to be a pilot
and not his reckless, red haired daughter but it was Cassie who

had the gift and her father's junior partner, Nick Galvin, who gave
her flying lessons. This is the story of a young woman who fights
the odds and becomes a renowned aviator. TB 10468.

Stevenson, Robert Louis
Mutiny on the Bounty. 1996. Read by Various Narrators, 2
hours 44 minutes. TB 12411.
Starring Oliver Reed, Linus Roache, Roger Daltrey and Lionel
Jeffries. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, this epic classic serial
tells the tale of Fletcher Christian's dramatic mutiny against the
tyrannical Captain Bligh. TB 12411.

Stevenson, Robert Louis
Kidnapped. 1993. Read by Peter Kenny, 7 hours 48 minutes.
TB 14878.
Set in Scotland in 1751, Kidnapped remains one of the most
exciting adventure stories ever written. It tells of how young David
Balfour, orphaned, and betrayed by his uncle Ebenezer who
should have been his guardian, falls in with Alan Breck, the
unscrupulous but heroic champion of the Jacobite Cause. TB

Stewart, Mary
Airs above the ground. 1965. Read by Phyllis Boothroyd, 9
hours. TB 274.
Searching for her husband in Austria, a young woman finds
unexpected mystery and adventure, involving circus horses and
secret agents. TB 274.

Stewart, Mary
My brother Michael. 1990. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 10 hours
39 minutes. TB 9072.
Camilla Haven is holidaying in Greece when she is caught up in a
nightmare of danger and intrigue, which begins with an
unexpected journey through the olive-clad hills to Delphi. TB 9072.

Thackeray, W M
The memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq. 1844. Read by John
Cormack, 13 hours 17 minutes. TB 12693.
Set in the second half of the eighteenth century, Barry Lyndon is
the fictional autobiography of an adventurer and rogue. Born into
the petty Irish gentry, and outmanoeuvred in his first love-affair, a
ruined Barry volunteers for the British army. After seeing service in
Germany he deserts and, after a brief spell as a spy, pursues the
career of a gambler in the dissolute clubs and courts of Europe. In
a determined effort to enter fashionable society he marries a titled
heiress but is finally outwitted by her and ends his days in a
debtors' prison. TB 12693.

Theroux, Paul
The Mosquito Coast. 1981. Read by Christopher Saul, 14
hours 46 minutes. TB 4203.
For the members of the Fox family the pipe-dream of leaving
everything to live the simple life in a distant place becomes reality
when Allie Fox takes them to the Mosquito Coast in Central
America. But his fantastic plans become a tyranny which turns the
idyll into a story of survival. TB 4203.

Thompson, Harry
This thing of darkness. 2006. Read by Merv Smith, 27 hours 9
minutes. TB 16098.
This seafaring adventure set in the nineteenth century, charts the
life of Robert Fitzroy, the captain of 'The Beagle' and his
passenger Charles Darwin. Their deep friendship and twin
obsessions lead one to triumph and the other to disaster. TB

Traven, B
The death ship: the story of an American sailor. 1959. Read by
Jeff Harding, 13 hours 47 minutes. TB 11963.
The text tells the story of a man who, having been robbed of his
passport and seaman's card, is adrift in a world that doesn't want
him. Expelled from one country after another, he joins a ship, the
Yorikke, where no questions are asked. Its crew are like himself -
stateless, and its cargo is contraband. It is rightly called `a death
ship'. TB 11963.

Twain, Mark
The prince and the pauper. 1881. Read by Andrew Timothy, 7
hours. TB 3252.
The tale of a London Beggar boy and the young prince who was to
become Edward VI, Identical to look at, they decide to change
places, and then have difficulty establishing their true identities. TB

Van der Post, Laurens
A far-off place. 1974. Read by David Dunhill, 17 hours 23
minutes. TB 2682.
Accompanied by a Bushman and his wife and the young daughter
of a governor who has been murdered by terrorists, the boy
Francois sets out on a long and terrible journey to freedom. TB

Verne, Jules
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 1870. Read by
Malcolm Ruthven. 13 hours 29 minutes. TB 3791.
The central character of this book, which is remarkable for its
prediction of the invention of the submarine, are in the process of
exploring marine disturbances when they are captured by the
megalomaniacal Captain Nemo. TB 3791.

Verne, Jules
Around the world in eighty days. 1873. Read by Corbett
Woodall, 8 hours 16 minutes. TB 1356.
These are the extraordinary and wonderful adventures which befall
Phileas Fogg and his servant Passepartout when they set out to
win a bet by going round the world in eighty days. TB 1356.

West, Morris
The naked country. 1991. Read by Nigel Graham, 5 hours 48
minutes. TB 9292.
Mundaru had killed the white man's animal. He had thrown the first
spear into the side of the great bull, and now he was pursuing the
white man to kill and conceal him. If he killed the white man, there
was death for them all. The death that threatened them must be

sung into the body of Mundaru; he must be ritually slain. Dillon,
with the Aborigine's barb buried deep in his shoulder, knew that his
survival lay in his own hands. Yet if he lived through this ordeal,
could he survive the shock of financial ruin and the loss of his
wife? Under the blanket sky, the drama played out before them …
TB 9292.

West, Morris
The navigator. 1976. Read by Andrew Timothy, 14 hours 30
minutes. TB 3052.
Thorkild, and his carefully chosen crew, set out to discover a
Polynesian Island, whose existence he has proclaimed. In their
struggle to survive as a community they discover love and
comradeship in the face of primal terrors. TB 3052.

Williams, Emlyn
Headlong : a novel. 1980. Read by David Sinclair, 12 hours 50
minutes. TB 3805.
It was 1935 and the whole Royal Family was wiped out in one
minute. There followed for Jack Green a most bizarre adventure,
taking him for a brief space of time from excitement to comedy. TB

Wren, P C
Beau Geste. 1924. Read by Anthony Parker, 18 hours. TB
Three brothers leave their middle-class home in England to join
the French Foreign Legion and danger. TB 1234.

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