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									US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis

 Bharatbook from its exhaustive collection has come out with a report " US
Nutraceuticals Market Analysis " which gives an overview, Demand, Supply Trends and
industry analysis reports.

 The US has been world top nutraceutical market from the inception. A large consumer
base with one of the world’s highest spending power, boosted nutraceutical market
revenue growth. The government is striving hard to reduce its healthcare expenditure
which was measured at US$ 2.6 Trillion in 2010 and expected to soar to US$ 3.4 Trillion
by 2015. Nutraceuticals, recognized as potential source of cost containment amid their
preventive medicine and self-treatment substance tag is being targeted by both public as
well as private sector entities which will help the industry to grow dynamically in the
coming years.

 According to our report, “US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis”, nutraceuticals markets
has evolved as one of the fastest growing industries in the US and remained almost
immune even in the tough post recessionary scenarios. Number of federal policies and
acts served as catalysts for the market growth and are expected to drive future market
developments as well. The adoption of the nutraceutical products and its holistic
application as preventive care supplements will open widespread market opportunities for
the sector which is poised to grow at around 8% CAGR during 2011-2015.

 Further, the segment level research has revealed that dietary supplements and vitamins
markets have been witnessing tremendous consumer response and experienced rapid
market expansion during the last few years. Consumers in the US are concerned about
improving their health, and are purchasing more nutritious foods. Two-thirds of
Americans consider themselves overweight, and the prevalence of cardiovascular and
chronic diseases is also one of the highest in the world which further generates enormous
business opportunities for market players. Market Research Reports

 Our report, “US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate future
market potentials of the US nutraceutical industry and its segments. Report provides
extensive research and analysis on the overall market and all prominent segments
including dietary supplements, functional foods, and vitamins. Apart from providing
information on current market developments and market trends, the report also provides
segment-wise forecasts based on correlation of past drivers, challenges, and opportunities
for expansion, thus enabling clients to access projected market trends and take informed

Table of Contents :
1. Analyst View
2. US in Global Context
3. Industry Performance and Outlook by 2015
3.1 Market Structure
3.2 Dietary Supplements Market
3.2.1 Segmentation Herbs & Botanicals Meal Replacements Specialty Minerals Sports Nutrition
3.2.2 Distribution
3.3 Functional Foods Market
3.3.1 Segmentation Soft Drinks Dairy Bakery & Cereals Confectionery
3.4 Vitamins Market
3.4.1 Segmentation Multivitamins

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