Make Money Blogging in 2012

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					Make Money Blogging in 2012
There are no guarantees in this world, and the internet is no exception. In fact, its a brilliant argument for
this very point. To be successful if you want to make the internet your living, you need to keep your finger
on the pulse.

I adore blogging, as do many of you reading this. It’s fun, it stretches the ol’ brain muscle and best of all it
can make you money. (Better than sitting around playing video games in my slacks…not that I’d be doing
that without my blogs, honestly). Regardless of what people say, we can make a living on the internet, in
fact the internet is the biggest shop window in the world, to think you couldn’t get your slice of the action
would require an extreme skepticism. In fact my passion for the subject of whether you can really make
money blogging has inspired me to…well, blog…

The main thing to take into account is the constant changes in SEO and the way Google view your
website. So what are they looking for in 2012?

Well, nobody knows the facts unfortunately, but we are intelligent enough to notice trends and even to
second guess google. We know that your social impact is due to become more and more a part of your
SEO. How far you can reach people on Twitter and Facebook for example. Social Networks have been the
biggest growth area in the last few years of the internet, have faith that Google are taking notice. We also
need to take into account the mobile revolution. Google are starting to notice whether your site is
optimised for mobile devices, iPads and iPhones for example. If it isn’t, your ranking is bound to suffer.

Of course the bedrock of your website, and the key principals to a successful blog, will hopefully always
be relevant. Content is undoubtedly the key to your blogs success, along with design and ease of use. The
internet is a clever beast, it will know if you have built your site thoroughly and researched its structure
and design, or if you’ve thrown it together in the hope of a good ranking.

Something else to be aware of in 2012 is what’s on trend. The olympics are this year for example, it was a
leap year, it’s Euro 2012. Latch on to sporting events and big social events. Make sure you make it
relevant to your particular niche, your traffic will reap the rewards.

Finally, you need to be clever when it comes to your monetization. Research this thoroughly and
remember that people don’t have money to burn with the economy the way it is. Try and advertise
products that will save people money.

Persistance is key. Keep going, keep trying to drive more and more traffic, keep engaging with people and
promoting your writing in any way you can. You’ll reap the rewards and you can worry about thanking
me later.

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