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									               Meet and Greet Parent Information 2009 - 2010
Contact/Communication Information:
   The Academy at Black Mountain Middle School
      9353 Oviedo Street San Diego, CA 92129
      858-484-1300 FAX: 858-538-9440
   Principal David Hall: 858-484-1300 ext. 3923 or
   PUSD Website:
   BMMS Website:
   Academy Website:
   “LearningPoint:” Teacher websites with grades, assignments and classroom
   Academy Teachers: see attached list
   After school program: Kathy Moore:

The School Year:
    The Academy School year begins Tuesday, June 16th. Three weeks later, the
      school year pauses on Wednesday July 8th. We do not have school on Friday,
      July 3rd. The school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 p.m. Students will
      complete course work in social studies, math, language arts and science. Students
      will pick up their summer schedule on the first day of school (Tuesday, June 16th)
      from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. at the front office. All Academy students are
      “Probationary” status during the three week summer session. If students do not
      meet Academy pillars and commitments, they will be moved to the regular BMMS
      program when school resumes in August.

      The Academy School year will resume in August. School begins at 7:35 a.m.
       Tuesday – Friday and starts at 8:54 a.m. on Mondays (Teacher Training Day –
       “ACT”). Monday – Thursday, Academy students will finish their school day at
       3:30 p.m. On Friday, their school day ends at 2:27 p.m. (no PE on Fridays). The
       Academy school year will end in June. Following the summer session, students
       will add an elective class, Raider Time class, and PE class to their schedule.
       Students will have a nine period day including a lunch period. PE is always at the
       end of the day (period 9) from 2:30-3:30 p.m., (Mon-Thurs.). Students will get
       their new schedules when they register at BMMS in August. Registration packet
       pickup will be August 11th for 8th graders, August 12th for 7th graders, and August
       13th for 6th graders. Make up day will be August 17th. School year “calendars”
       are posted on the PUSD website:

      Absences: Summer session attendance is mandatory. Academy students have an
       increased school year. This benefit is neutralized by excessive absences.

      Lunch: Students will have a 30 minute lunch during the summer session and a 37
       minute lunch during the rest of the year. During the summer session, there is an
       “Academy Snack Bar” open to all students. The cafeteria is open during the
       regular school year. Academy students have lunch with the entire BMMS student
   Electives: 6th grade Academy students choose one music elective. Educational
    research shows a strong correlation between music and math/science academic
    performance. 6th grade Academy students can take band, orchestra, or chorus. 7th
    and 8th grade Academy students can take music, Productions, Spanish (for 8th
    graders only) or AVID. Academy students do not take their elective course
    during the summer.

   Raider Reminders: Students will be issued a BMMS Raider Reminder (calendar
    and school rules booklet) to help them to stay organized to meet the Academy’s
    No Excuses policy. They will use this calendar in all their classes to record
    assignments and other daily commitments. They must bring it to class and use it
    every day.

   Learning Supplies: All Academy teachers require a 2-3” Raider Binder. All
    Academy teachers will give students a specific supply list at the start of the
    summer session. If you would like to get an early start, go to the Academy
    website to see teacher supply lists. If you purchase your supplies at Office Depot,
    Academy students get a 5% discount by using this number: Black Mountain
    Academy ID# 70204787. Our Academy program also receives supply
    donations from Office Depot when you shop there.

 Extra programs offered by the Academy: Science Olympiad, Math Field Day,
    Math Counts, college field trips, PE choices, COIN/Solutions (college readiness),
    AVID methodology, Raider Time, and Career Day (parents share their careers
    with students).

   Academy “Academic and Behavior Policy”; see attached.

   Donations: See the form in your packet. Donations will be collected at the
    donation table.

   20 hour volunteer commitment: See information and forms in your packet and at
    the volunteer table.

   After School Program: Academy students can stay at our after school program; it
    is similar to elementary school ESS. This program is free of charge and requires
    students to attend two (2) hours per day and nine (9) hours per week. Academy
    students are given priority status for the first 100 to sign up. Get the forms at the
    After School Program table (one form per child). You will need to fill out one
    form for the summer. Another form will be given to you at the end of summer if
    you wish to continue in the fall.
     Transportation: Academy families have several options for getting students to
      and from school. We set up carpools based on the middle school you live closest
      to. You can sign up for a group at the carpool table. We will send a carpool
      group email to you when the groups are established. The PUSD does not offer
      bus transportation during the summer. You can sign up and pay for bus
      transportation during the regular school year. Go to: for bus pass information.
      PUSD transportation only services the BMMS area: If
      you live outside the BMMS area, you can drive your child to a BMMS bus stop.
      PUSD does provide “Activity Bus” transportation at 3:30 when the Academy
      school day ends.

     Registration: If your packet has a red “R” on it, you will need to fill out
      paperwork at the registration table.

Academy Team Commitment to You and Your Child:
     We will do whatever it takes to ensure student success and learning.
     We communicate using phone, email, LearningPoint websites, Academy website,
      homework surveys, mailings and newsletters (see attached list of phone numbers
      and email addresses).
         o We will return messages within 24 hours. Messages may be left for us at
          o We will post grades and assignments to the teacher LearningPoint website.
     We meet formally once per week as a “collaborative team”. We discuss all
      students as a team working together to improve student learning and behavior.
     We will always protect the safety, interests and rights of all students.

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