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Dear Reader,… (p. 2-3)
Some information for you… (p. 4-5)
Beds are not just for sleeping in (p. 6-9)
Timmy carecots (p. 10-25)
Carsten carecots (p. 26-33)
Emma carecots (p. 34-43)
Olaf carecots (p. 44-55)
Hannah carecots (p. 56-67)
Special carecots (p. 68-75)
Safety (p. 76-79)
Therapy Table / Changing Table (p. 80-81)
Sleeping Platforms (p. 82-83)
Mattresses / Padding (p. 84-85)
Accessories (p. 86-87)
Dear Reader,

For children who live with a disablilty, their     In our experience, the most important features    You will not only find a suitable bed for your
bed is not just a place to sleep. Many of these    of carecots are the height adjustable sleeping    child but will also receive excellent service
children spend much of their time in bed           platform driven by a motor and an adjustable      from us after you have purchased the bed.
during the day as well. For this reason such       lying surface. Both features simplify the daily
a carecot must be designed differently from        care and considerably ease the strain on the      We look forward to your call – come and visit
a normal child’s bed.                              carer’s back.                                     our showrooms!

For more than 25 years, we have been               Especially high safety rails are necessary if
producing innovative carecots to simplify the      the child is a danger to itself. We produce
daily care at home or in hospital. We can          cots with a door height of up to 170 cm and
assure you that KayserBetten are manufactured      custom-made to any size required.
to meet the strict criteria of the standards for
auxiliary aids.                                    Access near floor level helps children to
                                                   develop and improve their mobility skills.        Peter Kayser            Torsten Kappenberg
We have the claim to be able to produce a          This enables them to climb in and out
special bed suitable to meet every indication:     independently without endangering
regardless of whether a built-in bed to fit a      themselves.
sloping ceiling, special padding or matching
furniture made of the same beech wood are          We place great value on experienced and
required. Special beds are also often subject      well-trained staff. They can give you competent
to heavy usage and need to be extremely            advice and help with the individual planning
robust – and we know from our experience           starting with applying for grants to meet the
how to build really sturdy specialist beds.        cost.

Some information for you…

What exactly is a cot especially for                     In order that we can supply you with the optimum
handicapped children?                                    cot, please state which cot and accessories the
                                                         child needs with consideration to a longer-term
It is a special bed designed with different equipment    use of the cot (bed size).
options which the user needs to partly compensate
his handicap.                                            It would be best to do this in the presence of your
                                                         child. With careful planning, there should be no
This can be very high cot sides or a low entrance.       room for mistakes. Therefore, please also consider
An electrically adjustable sleeping platform, a          the possible options with each KayserBed, e.g.
padded interior or an external door locking safety       whether perspex on the lattice bars may be
system are often necessary to compensate the child’s     necessary for safety, or whether the Timmy carecot
physical function deficits and to prevent physical       should have removable corner posts for therapy,
harm. They are also suitable to help carers.             whether a special sleeping platform is necessary,
                                                         or the style should be modified for other therapeutic
A child’s carecot made especially for the                reasons.
handicapped is not a standard everyday product.
It provides special devices which considerably           Of course, you can discuss these details with us
differ from those of a “normal” bed. Because of          directly, because supplying you with the perfect
these special devices, it is not a bed used by healthy   KayserBed always remains our most important task.

Children’s carecots are manufactured according to
the standard EN716. This norm places much more
importance on safety aspects in comparison to
standard carecots. Clearly defined dimensions for
the lattice spacing, parapet height and gaps are

Beds are not just for sleeping in
The importance of a bed from the perspective of a child

Playground, resting place and castle                      Such materials create not only a comfortable              What functions such a bed has to fulfil…
                                                          atmosphere but also serve the haptic awareness
Beds have a special significance especially for           previously mentioned.                                     It is clear that a carecot must fulfil entirely different
children. They spend a great deal of time in them                                                                   requirements compared to that of a standard child’s
throughout childhood. And not only to sleep.                                                                        bed. It not only serves the child as a place to sleep
                                                          Sometimes a goodnight story is not enough…
Children love to play, eat, listen to music or stories,                                                             but as a support for the parents administering care.
read or even do gymnastics in their bed.                                                                            If a child suffers from sleeplessness and cannot go
                                                          This applies to a disabled child just like any other
However, the bed is also a “castle” to which the                                                                    to sleep alone, the bed sometimes has to also
                                                          child. The main difference is that many disabled
child can withdraw if it is feeling sad or when it                                                                  provide room for a parent to sleep. The carecot is
                                                          children have a problem going to sleep or sleeping
is sulking. It is the favourite place for dreaming and                                                              often used in other contexts – many therapists use
                                                          through the night. It is not unusual for them to take
cuddling. For adults and children alike one’s own                                                                   it as a therapy table. The carecot must be designed
                                                          an extremely long time to fall asleep. Often the
bed represents a very personal space.                                                                               to allow the child exactly as much freedom of
                                                          parents have to take the time to lie down with the
                                                                                                                    movement as it is able to make use of.
                                                          child until it falls asleep. Waking up regularly during
Entirely different features are important for children
                                                          the night is also not unusual for these children. To
where their bed is concerned. For them the
                                                          the parent’s distress they often do not go back to
appearance is very significant. The look of the bed
                                                          sleep on their own, so that the parents have to
must appeal to the child’s eyes. They prefer beds
                                                          attend to their children once again. Some children
with a coloured design which look interesting and
                                                          need additional care during the night, either to
whose form and colour are inviting. Not only
                                                          have nappies changed or for the child to be
the appearance but also the feel of the surface has
                                                          repositioned. This means that every night the parents
to be right. Children explore their surroundings
                                                          and their children spend a lot of time together in
not only with their eyes but also very much with
                                                          and around the bed. A sensible size is an important
their hands. They prefer beds that appeal to the
                                                          aspect to also allow room for therapy and generally
visual and haptic perception. It is just more fun
                                                          spending time in bed. In individual cases oversize
and stimulates the child’s imagination.
                                                          beds are necessary. The child’s bed is of far greater
                                                          importance here than for a child without a disability.
Experiencing a good feeling

Another important aspect for children is that they
can feel comfortable in their beds. Being comfortable
is not just a question of soft bed linen and cuddly
toys, but also about the use of likable assembly
materials. The use of smooth, well-formed wood is
as important here as a comfortable, soft mattress.

Beds are not just for sleeping in
How a carecot becomes really appropriate for a child

Learning through movement                                reliability of a bed that is used daily for many years,
                                                         one has to be able to rely on the manufacturer.
The deep sensibility, proprioception, is stimulated      Economising when calculating the timber
when children can move around sufficiently in            dimensions is definitely the wrong approach. In
their bed. This is essential for the development of      order that our kids do not also have to cope with
the brain and the facilitation of the nerve endings.     allergies, natural materials should always be given
However, this can also lead to problems in the case      preference over synthetic materials in production.
of a disabled child. A healthy child of toddler age      Solid beech wood treated with sweat and saliva
onwards can usually judge its own physical               resistant paints feels velvet-soft and corresponds to
capabilities quite well so that normally accidents       the physiological sensation of the children. Smooth
do not happen when jumping around in bed – it            rods can help the child’s efforts to grip and to walk.
does not fall out and it does not become entangled
in the bars.                                             Small excursion into the world of children shows
                                                         quite clearly that one cannot simply classify a bed
A carecot is always something exceptional. Children      as a place to sleep. It is much more a place for
with disabilities not only have impaired physical        fantasies and a safe haven. A carecot is in contrast
mobility but also sometimes suffer from spasticity       something quite personal. Its design must ensure
and attacks of cramp that can prevent target-            that it functions reliably so that the child’s disability
orientated movement. This increases the danger of        is compensated for and the daily hard work of the
injuries. Therefore it is necessary that a carecot can   carer is eased considerably. Motorised height-
meet these specific requirements. Side lattices need     adjustable sleeping platforms with different functions
to be available in varying heights and types (rods       and the corresponding mattress are therefore
or plexiglass panels) to meet the individual needs       obligatory in every carecot.
and capabilities of the child. The question of safety
plays a significant role in the case of a carecot. The
German Act on Medical Devices ensures that the
design conforms to the necessary standards. When
it is a question of the stability and operational


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