Pajama Day Dear ParentsGuardians by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                        Pajama Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

   Our class has been reading and doing many different activities around the season of winter.
Well, there is nothing better during the winter than to drink hot chocolate and lounge in your
pajamas. I would like to have pajama day in our class on Monday, January 24, 2011. The
students will be allowed to wear their pajamas to school for the day. We will do activities
during the morning all about pajamas, and then enjoy a movie and hot chocolate during the
afternoon. Here are a few guidelines for parents about appropriate attire:

      Please dress your child in pajamas that are really warm. If your child is wearing a night
       gown to school, please allow your child to wear tights underneath of their nightgown.

      Please do not dress your child in slippers; they should wear their regular shoes or
       sneakers and socks.

      Do not send in stuffed animals.

      Please pack some extra clothes inside of your child’s bookbag (sweatpants and a sweat

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support this school year. Please remember,
nothing is funnier than a five year old in too small pajamas, so please plan your child’s
wardrobe for the day accordingly (LOL). Have a great day!


                                                                           Miss Carin A. Cooper

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