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									           Youtube + Ringtones = Huge Profits
                The step by step guide.

Warning, the contents of this ebook will make you money.
However, for whatever reason, some people think this is a
blackhat technique. I however do not think this. So please
use at your own discretion..
I am going to go straight into what this technique is. I am also going to explain how to tag
your videos properly so you will get maximum views to your video after the step by step

That is a VITAL step in this process. Getting exposure to these videos, on to it then…

Introduction to the method

What we are doing is combining the most popular videos on youtube, with ringtone cpa
offers. We are essentially just placing a link in a youtube video that redirects to a “Cost
per action(CPA).”

What this means is simple. For you to get a commission, all that has to happen is the
visitor has to get a FREE ringtone sent to their mobile phone. They will definitely be
susceptible to this if they are a fan of the artist they are visiting. I have a CPA offer that is
$9 a download. So, you can see the potential of this method.

Why are we using music videos?

Well because they are by far the most popular videos on the internet. Most videos have
millions of views, which is a MASSIVE number. What if you got one million views of
ONE video?

Do you think you can get some of them to sign up for a FREE ringtone?

You bet your *bleep* you can. Also, that is just from one video, can you imagine if you
uploaded MANY videos?

The potential is staggering…

I hope you are excited, now let’s get on with the rest. I will now be giving you a step by
step process, as well as tools to use for FREE that will get you started, TODAY. Without
these tools making a consistent income from this method would be near zero.
STEP 1: Signing up for the correct CPA offers.

   -   The best CPA ringtone offers to sign up for are at and Go to both of these sites and apply for entry into their affiliate
       network. After you have been accepted into the network, you will then be able to
       get the ringtone offers.

Now, when signing up, they will ask you what your website is, and the details of your
traffic, and how you promote.

So when answering these questions, you can either put in your real details of a site you
have, or you could put something like “I am search engine marketer and pay per click
marketer.” The affiliate managers will most likely let you in the network. If they for some
reason do not let you in, just make sure you call the affiliate network and explain to them
that you market via pay-per-click and other methods.

I use to promote these ringtones. Here is the exact offer I use, which you
should too:

“Title: Jamster - Ringtones - Limited Time Offer! Offer Description

Jamster is offering ringtones, and a very high conversion by partnering
with the largest amount of mobile carriers.
Also keep in mind Jamster only charges $5.99 a month, while everyone
else in the space charges $9.99+.

A lead is tracked when the user fills out their cell # and confirms the

Please do not use "free" or "Jamster"

Jamster supports the following carriers:

Virgin Mobile, AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile,
CellularOne/Dobson, Cincinnati Bell, Alltel (w/BREW application)

This offer pays you $9 per sign up, so it is very lucrative. It doesn’t take many signups to
make a solid monthly income. To get to this offer in azoogle, all you do is search through
offers and type in “ringtones.”
This step should take a few days if you are not already accepted into one of these CPA
programs. While they are reviewing you, you can move on and set up your campaign in
the next steps.

Step 2: Creating Youtube accounts.

To absolutely get the maximum out of this method you will want to create some youtube
accounts. I would create twenty youtube accounts to start, so that means you have to
create twenty email addresses for these youtube accounts.

I know. I know. It is a bit tedious, but it’s really not that bad.

The reason we are doing this?

Well, for one, we need to keep all of our video genres together. This isn’t a must, but it is
what I do. I like to keep rap with rap, rock with rock, pop with pop, etc..

Another reason is to get as many videos out in youtube land as possible. So in case one of
your accounts gets deleted, you can have other accounts with other videos gaining views
and making you money.

I want to plug a software here. It is called “Tube Automator”, and it is a youtube account
creator and ratings bot. Now, this is not necessary at all, but if you had the money this is a
great tool to have. Remember this is not necessary..

You can create hundreds of accounts quickly, and then go to your music video accounts
and rate them. This gives the new videos exposure..

More on this later.
Anyways, I would suggest creating twenty accounts and uploading as many videos as
possible to these accounts.

For example:

Youtube account 1 – You have all your rock videos here
Youtube account 2 – rap here
Youtube account 3 – country here
Youtube account 4 – pop here
Youtube account 5 – miscellaneous here

And so on..

Of course you do not have to group them this way. You can just put any random videos
in the accounts if you want. The reason why it is good to group them is because more like
minded people will subscribe to your channel at this point, and that is always better for

Ok, remember make TWENTY youtube accounts.

On to step 3..

Step 3 Picking the music videos you will be posting, and
alternative methods to picking videos, that may have a
copyright problem.

*Ok warning time. I must warn you that you could have possible copyright troubles
if you post music videos. By copyright troubles, I mean your youtube account will
get deleted at worst. What will probably happen is your video will just get taken
FACT: there are literally millions of music videos on youtube. The worst that has
happened is the videos were taken down.

If you are really worried about it, I have a good tactic to get you past any copyright

On with it!

Ok you made your accounts, so now it is time to pick videos that will get massive views.

What you do is this:

Technique A.) Go through all of your favorite bands and see if there are corresponding
videos on youtube. If there are, I bet you there will be tens of millions of views on all of
the videos. Even if the band is obscure.

   -   Now, I want you to pick out a band. Preferrably one that has tons of views on its

   -   Next, I want you to write down five music videos the band has. It doesn’t have to
       be music videos. It can be live performances, covers, etc**(More on this in a sec.)

   -   Now, I want you to pick four more bands, for a total of five bands, and repeat the
       five video process. You should now, have 25 total videos selected for download
       and promotion..

   -   When we upload, we will upload the 25 different videos to different youtube
       accounts. So we will be using five youtube accounts to start off.

   -   This technique is for more niched bands, like alternative rock, and more obscure

** A good way to avoid any copyright troubles is to go after bands live
performances. They are usually taped by random fans. All you have to do is ask for
permission if you really want to be safe.
*** Another good tactic is to go after videos of regular people covering the bands
music. The regular person will more than likely give you permission to use their
video because they want their cover to be seen!

A cover is just a regular person playing a famous song by the band you chose. These
covers get just as many views as the regular band videos!.


Band   Incubus, Our Lady Peace..

There are tons of live performances and tons of people covering their songs. This is a
great example of band to use technique A for.

Technique B.) Here is another take. You can go to and look at the top
albums, singles, and bands.

What you can now do is either:
        a.) Pick five bands, singers, artists from the billboard site and do exactly what
            “Technique A” above states.
        b.) You can pick five different singles from the billboard top 100 and go after
            covers, the official music videos, or live performances…

** Again if you do not want to infringe any copyrights, please just post live performances
and covers only..

Now, this technique will probably convert better because these songs are more into pop
culture and the ringtone biz. However, these videos will not last as long as the technique
A videos.

You will get TONS of downloads however. So I would suggest that you start off with this
technique to gain confidence.
Technique A & B Summed up.
   - So basically what you will do first is just get 25 videos you will spread out
      between five accounts. You could use either technique to gain the 25 videos.

   -   Once you have the first 25 videos all downloaded, then re-uploaded to youtube,
       you will repeat the process with 25 more videos from the opposite technique that
       used for the first 25 videos.

   -   It will take some time to download 50 videos, convert the videos, and re-upload
       them to one of your accounts. So, just take it one video at a time! By the time you
       have completed all 50 videos you will have made a HUGE chunk of money!

Now, on to how to download all of the videos!

Step 4 Downloading all of the videos you will be using for
ringtone promotion.
This step is a little bit hard because I guarantee you will get caught up in watching all of
the music videos you will be downloading, don’t procrastinate!

We can download videos in a few different ways, but I only use two of the ways, I will
throw in a third way if you happen to like that way better..

Downloading videos:

Method #1 My preferred method.

Ok, you must download a browser called Opera, it is free and is just like firefox and way
better than internet explorer. I’m not saying you have to switch to using Opera
permanently, you just have to use it to download your videos.

Go to, to download the browser.

   -   Ok, once you have the browser downloaded, open it up and go to the widgets tab,
       next to the bookmarks tab. Next, go to “add widgets, in the drop down menu.

   -   Once you are there you should see the highest rated widgets menu. Scroll down
       until you see the “VideoDownloader” widget. Now hit the “launch” button..

   -   Now, this widget will enable you to download videos from pretty much every
       major video sharing site, not just youtube, so it is extremely powerful and easy to

   -   Now all you do is go to the video you want to download, get the url, and paste the
       url in to the box, and click go! Bam! Video downloaded that quick!

Method #2 –

   -   This way is exactly the same as the method above. Just paste the url into the box
       and download! It is that simple!...
Method #3 – I do not use, but you can. – P2P downloads from files haring programs.

   -   Go to any of your file sharing programs, and type in the artist or video you want
       and download. That is it...I’m sure you all know how to use file sharing programs
       by now.

   -   The only upside of downloading videos this way is that the videos are already
       converted to mpeg or .avi. you do not need to convert these videos..(more on
       converting later.)

   -   Some file sharing programs are:

Step 5 Uploading and Converting your videos to, and all of the other video sites.

Ok, so now you have all of your videos downloaded. You must convert them to mpeg or

   -   The files you downloaded off of youtube or other video sites will be in .flv
       format, so you have to convert.

We do that by using this free tool:

or this free tool:

    -   You are going to want to convert all of your videos to mpeg or .avi…

Moving on..

Uploading and tagging properly.

    -   now that you have your videos converted and ready to upload to youtube and
        other video sites, you will need to tag properly so you can get maximum

This is a crucial step, and this is exactly what to do…


This is a crucial step so always make a title like this, I will use Incubus as an example:

If you are using a music video from Incubus, or some band use this:

Title Incubus        I wish you were here. Official vid (High Def)

-always use something enticing like “high def” or “Official video”

If you are using a live performance use this title:
Title:   Incubus - I wish you were here live in Scotland   Amazing!

-Now, you will know where the live performance is when you download the video in the
first place, so just put that.

If you are using a cover, please use this title:

Title: Incubus- I wish you were here acoustic cover..

- Always use acoustic cover. Especially for pop and rap songs. People will be intrigued to
hear what the song sounds like on a guitar.

Tagging your video:

When you are tagging the video, please use as many tags as possible to describe the
video. For example.

Incubus – I wish you were here would have tags like:

Incubus, I wish you were here, Brandon Boyd, alternative rock, rock , music, acoustic,
high definition.

As many as possible, related to the band or genre as much as possible. Just tag it up!
Remember make it as related as possible, but it doesn’t have to be “super-related.” Just
somewhat related – like the tag “music.”

You can also put related bands as tags as well. This works like a charm.

Description of your video:

Ok this is where you place your CPA affiliate link. Make sure you set up a redirect from
a domain you own, or a free redirection service.
   -   Ok, so, place your link in the very first line. The url like,
       then hit enter and place something like Get this FREE ringtone now..
       underneath your url..

   -   After the link is in, hit enter a few times and write your description. The
       description can be as long as you like. Just make sure you write something like:

         Incubus official video for I wish you were here. Copyright Sony Music..

** Tip After you have uploaded your videos in the next step, make sure you try to
do some video responses to other related videos in your genre. So say you have an
Incubus video, you can make a video responses to ANY alternative rock videos.
That means any covers, any music videos, or any live performances!

Truly invaluable tip.

Ok, so that is it. You are now ready to upload your video to youtube and all of the other
video sites.



This is easy. Just log into your youtube account, and click upload video, and type in all of
your details we just went over..

Other video sites:

Here is a list of other video sites you can use this method on:
Google video

There are many other video sites out there other than youtube that will quadruple your
views at least.

Here is a great tool that costs some money. You definitely do not need this tool, but if y
ou have cash to burn, I would easily buy it.

It is called “Video Post Robot” and it is located at (non aff

It automatically posts all of your videos to all major video sites including A
truly wonderful tool…..

Finally, another recommendation

There is a wonderful tool called Tube Automator that I mentioned before. What it
does is it automatically creates youtube accounts so you can post ratings a views to
your videos. In turn, it will place your videos on the most watched list and give them
honors, and MAX exposure.

It is a purely blackhat tool, that really works wonders for youtube videos.

If you want to take this method to the next step, purchase tube automator.:

Once again not an affiliate link.
That is all, and get started immediately. It doesn t get much easier than this! If you
have any questions feel free to email me..


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