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									 Marlborough Berth & Mooring
 News May 2007
 The Newsletter of: ‘Marlborough Berth & Mooring Association’
 P.O. Box 692, Picton Email:

NEWSLETTER to all Waikawa & Picton Marina Berth/Compound & Boatshed
Tenants, Marina Berth & Mooring Owners, Havelock Marina Tenants, Waikawa
Marina businesses plus those on a marina waiting list.

BACKGROUND: Following the Marlborough District Councils directive to Port
Marlborough last year to increase its yearly dividend to council, Port Marlborough has
taken several courses of action that have proven very unpopular with boaties. For the
past 6 months Port Marlborough has waived its Marina Berth Waiting List & put up for
highest tender, (yearly rental), most berths that have become vacant since then. People
who have been waiting 3 or 4 years on the Waiting List, are missing out to people who
are prepared to pay more. This appears to be an abuse of the high demand/low supply
situation at present, (over 300 on the waiting list), plus the monopoly position Port
Marlborough holds in the market. Tenders have been accepted from those offering an
average of around $2000 p.a. above existing yearly rentals. Port Marlborough has
publicly stated, that tendering berths is here to stay and is their way of testing the
market & setting prices into the future. We believe this to be a patently unfair system
that is not used by any other Marina in New Zealand – a sharp rise in marina Berth
prices may result in the future if Port Marlborough has its way. This, despite the
Marinas already supplying one of the best returns on capital amongst their asset base,
after over 480% in price increases since the marina was built!! Boating is an important
local recreational and sporting activity and the District Council should be directing Port
Marlborough to keep costs at a reasonable level, so local boaties can continue to enjoy
our facilities and not be priced out of the market!!

We all agree that more marina berths are required and Port Marlborough is planning
extensions to the Marina at Waikawa. Unfortunately, to create the necessary space, they
are opposing the issuing of Resource Consents for all current swing moorings in the bay
– a very heavy handed and unpopular move. SWING MOORINGS are an important
part of the NZ wide berthage spectrum, especially for those that cannot afford a marina
berth – if it wasn’t for swing moorings, many families simply would not be able to go
boating. It is important therefore, that these moorings are not lost and it would be a
tragedy if people lost their investment in them. Many people save for years to acquire a
mooring and they should be reimbursed a fair price or have their mooring moved
further out into the bay to allow Marina extensions inside them.

These issues, plus the siting & viability of the new drystack building, siting of future
apartments in the Marinas, the threat of Council imposed levies on boaties and Marina/
Mooring Holders, to cover Sounds Maritime Safety and Port Marlborough’s desire to
achieve maximum profits from all revenue sources (including non-commercial
activities), without regard to existing tenants and business owners rights and concerns,
are issues affecting and concerning a lot of people. To date there has been no united
voice to tackle these issues.
OPEN MEETING: After fielding a large number of complaints about the above
matters, the Waikawa Boating Club instigated a meeting of all interested parties who
could be contacted at short notice. A huge response eventuated with over 120 people
filling the club rooms on the 17th April.

There was UNANIMOUS SUPPORT for a united association to be formed to look after
the interests of Marina & Mooring Owners & Tenants, plus those on the waiting lists,
and to take action with regards to the above concerns. It was resolved to set up an
association. Five people were selected to the Steering Committee with the option of co-
opting up to 3 more

Chairman: Graeme Kerr       5737172,   ;
           Neil Croad       5776670,   ;
           Phil Vining      5737457,   ;
           Tony Cooper       5736591,  
           Murray White     5738883,   
Since Co-opted.
          Mark Horgan (Picton Marina), 5780555,,
          Bob Culbert                 ,
          John Gander         021 971660
          Pat Copp (Havelock) 021 658308

We are already active, with several meetings behind us, discussions with solicitors and
a useful 2 hour meeting with Port Marlboroughs General Manager, Des Ashton and key
staff. We have legal opinion which advises that we should form an Incorporated Society
and this is being actioned at present.

There is an urgent need to employ a good solicitor from outside Marlborough to
investigate the legality of Port Marlboroughs actions plus fight the resource consent
process on behalf of mooring owners. A letter has already gone to the Commerce
Commission to question the legality of Port Marlborough’s marina berth pricing &
tendering structure under a monopoly situation. Representations to Council to achieve
amenity status for the marina so it is treated the same as other sporting grounds &
amenities in Marlborough is also required. There is lots more to do.

PROGRESS can only be made with the FULL SUPPORT & FINANCIAL INPUT of
everyone affected. It is important that we contact all affected parties & we are doing so
with this Newsletter. Port Marlborough have expressed a desire to see this association
formed so they will have a group to discuss & negotiate marina & mooring related
issues with.

We need both, to keep you informed of what is happening in Waikawa Bay, Picton &
Havelock plus encourage you to give us your views, advice & concerns.

FUNDING. Above all, we need to raise a considerable sum of money to carry out your
objectives. To this end we urge you to join the Association, complete the attached form
and return to us with the Yearly Subscription of $25 plus an initial donation of $50 to
go towards legal and other expenses. Should any of you feel strongly enough about
these matters and are financially able to, a larger donation would be gratefully received.
It is anticipated that the high initial costs to sort out the current issues will reduce as
time goes on.

MANY PEOPLE have asked for a Marina & Mooring Association over the years –

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