Don't Throw it Away... Give it Away by ProQuest


"I now have enough free clothes through Freecycle to last the girls until they're five! And good thing because they grow like weeds," says [Ann Cohen], of Rutherford, New Jersey. Shopping for children's clothing is a continuous and expensive cycle, often costing parents hundreds of dollars each year. Freecycle helps alleviate such a financial burden.Members often feel a stronger connection to their neighbors and the earth. [Trina] says, "I love using Freecycle. I have met some great people on there. I feel like Freecycle fosters community, and allows us to make a difference in regards to the environment. We live in a 'throw-away world' - when something doesn't look like new or has lived beyond its usefulness to us we tend to throw it away. Freecycle gives us the opportunity to keep using these items until they can no longer be used."Clutter isn't confined to our homes; our workplaces accumulate a lot of stuff too. A few years ago, Freecycle teamed up with Intuit Inc. to help businesses to keep some of their clutter from landfills and give it a reusable, second life. It's called Freecycle(TM)@Work, a free, online application that large and mid-size businesses can use to offer a gifting and reuse forum to their employees. Built on the QuickBase online database platform, Freecycle@Work makes it easy for businesses to find new users among their employees for unused work items, such as office furniture and computer monitors.

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