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                                           Short Paws
                                           The official newsletter of Furry Friends P.A.T.S.                  Volume 11 Issue 4 Winter 2005

                                                      Playful Day at the Annual Picnic
                                                                                by Loree McQuen

In This Issue                               Our annual Furry Friends P.A.T.S.
President’s Corner             2
                                            volunteer picnic was held on
                                            October 2nd, 2005 at Ed R. Levin
Membership Form                3            County Park in the eastern foothills
Event Calendar                 4
                                            above Milpitas. The park’s
                                            website describes the 1,544 acre
Features                                    site as “one of the Santa Clara
 Hurricane Katrina Update      4            County’s most unique regional
 Captain’s Meeting Update      7            park and recreational areas,” and it
                                            couldn’t be more true! They have a
Critter Q & A                  8            wonderful dog park where we held
Team Spotlight:                             our luncheon.
Valley Med. Center            10                                                              A beatuful day at the annual picnic.
Member News                   12            This year was a huge success, with
                                            roughly 80 volunteers and their furry friends                 Remember to Renew
Finance                       13            taking part in the festivities. We even had a                 Your Dues
Furry Friends Gear            14            precious kitty by the name of “Muppet” join                   Page 3
                                            us and meet all the other four-legged friends.
  Merchandise Order Form
                                            Thanks to Patty & David for bringing Muppet                   As the year comes to a close,
                                            along!                                                        we’re sending a reminder to all
Membership                                                                                                volunteers and pets who want
Renewals Due                                Armadillo Willy’s was our caterer and what a                  to remain active and continue
p. 3                                        great job they did. We had enough barbecue                    receiving uninterrupted
                                            chicken, beans, salad, cornbread to feed an                   membership benefits in 2006.
                                            army, so no one went home hungry (and a                       Renewals were due on Dec.
Furry Friends P.A.T.S.
(Pet Assisted Therapy Services)
                                                                           few even took                  1st. If you haven’t renewed,
P.O. Box 5099                                                              “doggie” bags).                please complete the enclosed
San Jose, CA                                                               Not to leave                   form and mail it so you can
95150-5099                                                                 out the furry                  remain on our site rosters and
                                                                           friends: we                    continue visiting your site(s).                                                       treated them to
(ask your captain for a password                                           their favorite…
to the volunteer area)
                                                                           Frosty Paws.
join our Yahoo! group:                                                                                    Newsletter Editor
                                                                                In the afternoon          “Retiring”
(visit and
type in “furryfriends-volunteers” in the                                        we had a raffle
text box under “Join a Group”)
                                                                                with lots of              It’s been a fun 2 1/2 years!
email:                                                                          baskets and               Interested in helping
                                                                                goodies for the           PATS publish the “Short
phone:                                                                                                    Paws” newsletter? Email
(877) 4FF-PATS (877-433-7287)                                                   (continued p. 5)

                                                                       1          Short Paws Winter - December 2005
                             President‛s Corner                                                      Furry Friends
                        by Sal Guardino, Furry Friends P.A.T.S. President                              P.A.T.S.
                                                                                                   Our mission is to facilitate
                          A few months ago, Furry Friends hosted another successful                the delivery of the love and
                          Team Captains’ meeting. At the meeting we discussed a topic              affection of our volunteers
                                                                                                   and their pets. We enhance
                          that we will be spending a lot of time with in 2006 – getting            the lives and reopen the
                          more Team Captains to step forward.                                      closed emotional doors of
                                                                                                   people with special needs.
                          Furry Friends’ biggest need right now is to get more volunteers
                          (like you) to step forward and say “Yes, I want to be a Team                 BOARD OF
                          Captain.” We have dozens of sites that have been waiting for                 DIRECTORS
      Sal and Casey.
                          years to have a team visit them – but we can’t get them up and
                          running without first finding a Team Captain.                                Executive Committee

   Additionally, many of our current teams are closed to new volunteers and more                            President
   become closed every year. If this trend continues, we will run out of space for new                  Sal Guardino
   volunteers, which could mean that we may have to turn them away! This cannot
                                                                                                         Vice President
   and should not happen.
                                                                                                         Elan Winkler
   Do you think being a Team Captain takes too much               Furry Friends‛                            Secretary
   time? Wrong. A Team Captain needs to either                                                             Anne Tiry
   attend every visit or find a replacement Captain         biggest need right
   during a visit they cannot attend. They have to          now is to get more                              Treasurer
   complete a roll sheet by checking the boxes next         volunteers to step                       Randee McQueen
   to volunteers that attend a visit and communicate
   to their members about vaccinations due (all on the         forward and say
   roll sheet we provide to you). And lastly, they need “Yes, I want to be a
   to either attend or find a representative to attend our       Team Captain.”                         Dianna Wallace
   annual Captains’ Dinner meeting in October. That                                                     Robert Young
   is all. Basically, being a Team Captain should add about 9 hours of volunteer time
   PER YEAR – that’s it!! A new Team Captain can choose their team site and day/                  Open Positions Include:
   time of the visit. We encourage (not require) our new Captains to set a time and day                  New Volunteers
   that is either a weeknight or weekend visit as those times make it easier to fill the                 Existing Volunteers
   team with volunteers.                                                                                   Merchandise

   Want to know more? Great! Please look at page 5 of this newsletter for information
   about a Captain’s Training class that we will be holding in January. I hope to see                      Newsletter
   you there!                                                                                     Layout and editing donated by
                                                                                                         Joanna Rustin
   I wish you happy and safe visits with your pet and a Happy Holidays. Remember,                    Rustin Communications
   this is the toughest time of year for the patients that we visit and it is also the toughest           866-297-6070
   time for us to make time to attend our visits. I hope you can make time for your visit
   as your visit this and next month will be especially important for those in need.
                                                                                                     Contact Furry Friends
   And, please remember that your annual membership contribution is due this month.
   Thank you for your continued support.                                                           Furry Friends P.A.T.S.
                                                                                                  (Pet Assisted Therapy Services)

   Thank you.                                                                                            P.O. Box 5099
   Sal Guardino, President                                                                         San Jose, CA 95150-5099                                                                           (877) 4FF-PATS (433-7287)
                                                                                                    a CA non-profit organization

Short Paws   Winter - December 2005        2

                              Renew Your Membership for 2006
                                         The Perfect Gift for You & Your Pet!

 Volunteering with Furry Friends is a wonderful way to share your pet’s love and affection with people in our
 community who have special needs. Help us continue to deliver these services by making sure your membership
 remains active. Renewals were due on December 1st. On Feb. 1st, we will begin removing any unpaid
 members from site rosters and they will not be permitted to continue their visits. Hardship waivers are available
 upon written request (see below).

 Here are just 10 of the great benefits you receive:
 10. Insurance: our policy protects you if your animal injures or is injured during a visit.
 9. Administrative Overhead: dues help support the administration of
 our site and volunteer information.
                                                                                                 Renew online today
 8. Training: in addition to supporting the delivery of our regular “Pet                    
 Behavior Etiquette” classes for new members, funding also allows us to                             $30 individual membership
 launch new training, such as our upcoming new captain training.                                $50 family / household membership

 7. Special Services: we offer the resources of a professional Animal
 Behavorist to consult with you regarding your animal’s behavior at no cost to our members.
 6. Communication: we raise awareness in the community and communicate with active and prospective volunteers
 via our website, newsletter, and other direct mail efforts.
 5. Events: we host events such as the Picnic, Walk-a-Thon and Team Captain’s meeting.
                                                                                                           Hardship waivers
                                                                                                           Furry Friends waives membership
 4. Marketing and Membership Development: we focus on growing the organization                             renewal fees in cases of hardship.
 and participating in community events, such as the Holiday Parade and Bark in the Park.                   To request a waiver, please send
                                                                                                           a written request (no explanation
 3. Patient Services: many of our teams bring special joy to patients and clients by                       necessary) before January 14th to:
 providing mementos from their visits with our inventory of Polaroid cameras and film.
                                                                                                           Furry Friends P.A.T.S. Board of
 2. Patient Gifts: our teams help patients and clients help celebrate special occasions (i.e.              Directors
 bringing flowers for Mother’s Day, etc.).                                                                  P.O. Box 5099
                                                                                                           San Jose, CA 95150-5099
 1. Furry Friends is just a dog-gone great cause: membership fees are tax
 deductible, too!

                                 2006 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - DUE NOW
How to Renew for You and Your Pet(s) by Mail
Enclose this completed form in an envelope with a check payable to “Furry Friends P.A.T.S.” and mail to:
Furry Friends P.A.T.S., P.O. Box 5099, San Jose, CA 95150-5099
[ ] $30 One Year Individual Membership     [ ] $50 One Year Household membership

MEMBER NAME(S) _______________________________________________________________________________


CITY, STATE ZIP_________________________________________________________________________________


THERAPY PET(S) NAME(S)________________________________________________________________________

YOUR VISIT SITE(S)______________________________________________________________________________

                                                                       3           Short Paws Winter - December 2005


                    A Helping Paw II: Furry Friends
                    P.A.T.S. Cares for Katrina Pets                                                    Add your pet event. Email
                                submitted by Randee McQueen, Treasurer

                                                                                                       December 2005
          At the annual volunteer picnic members                   The Furry Friends
          discussed helping with the animals affected by
          Hurricane Katrina. The Furry Friends P.A.T.S.             P.A.T.S. Board of                     through 12/18
                                                                                                    18th Annual Holiday Windows
          Board of Directors voted to donate $10 per               Directors voted to                   Macy‛s Union Square
          active member to local animal rescue groups                                                      San Francisco
                                                                donate $10 per active           
          that have helped animals brought to the Bay
          Area as a result of Katrina.                                member to local
                                                                 animal rescue groups
          The groups that received money are:
                                                                                                         January 2006
          • Town Cats
          • Tri-Valley Animal Rescue                                                                               1/14
          • Companion Animal Rescue Effort                                                           New Team Captain Training
          • Pet Awareness Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care & Services                                10:30 - 11:30 am
                                                                                                                 San Jose
                                                                                                  see p. 5 in this newsletter and call or
          These groups have cared for dogs and cats by providing medical care and finding          email office for details and to RSVP
          them foster homes. In most cases animals that might have owners will not be
          adopted until after December 31, 2005. A few have been returned to their owners                      1/29
          at the expense of the rescue organizations.                                               Pet Behavior Etiquette Class
                                                                                                       10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
          Statistics - Katrina and the role San Jose Animal Care and Services has played       
          with some of the evacuated pets:
          • As of October 5, 2005 the SJAC&S received 31 dogs and 17 cats.
          • At least 1 dog (a Chihuahua) and 3 cats have been returned to their owners.

          As soon as the shelter knew that animals would be coming to them, they sent                   February 2006
          a request out to the rescue organizations that work with them to accept these
          animals into foster homes. The rescues that were able to take on these animals               Spay & Neuter Month
          are: Southbay Purebreed; Safe Haven; Town Cats; Tri-Valley Animal Rescue;             
          Companion Animal Rescue Effort; and Toy Breed Rescue.
          According to reports, 65% of the dogs received were heartworm positive. Many              Pet Behavior Etiquette Class
                                                                                                       10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
          needed blood tests and xrays to work with the internal infections due to the                       Sunnyvale
          water and other circumstances. The cats also needed blood tests and ultrasounds      
          for various diseases that are treatable and caused from the environment they
          came from. All of these costs are being handled by each individual rescue.

          Here’s a story I found about the return of pets to families…
                                                                                                          March 2006
          Town Cats flew two cats back to New Orleans
          and their families. Cathy and Bob Brown                                                                3/2
                                                                                                          Bark & Whine Ball
          were fostering both cats when their “families”                                                   SFSPCA & CLAW.
          found them. They paid to send them back to                                                  Call CLAW at 415-522-3535
          be reunited with them.

          The first kitty is Thomas. He is 13 year old                                                          3/12
                                                                                                    Pet Behavior Etiquette Class
          short haired orange tabby. He came from                                                      10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
          New Orleans scared and dehydrated. After                                                           Sunnyvale
                                                                “Thomas.” Photo source unknown.
          (continued p. 6)

       Short Paws   Winter - December 2005      4

    Furry Friends Captains Needed
          Don‛t Miss Training Class on Jan. 14th

With several team captains retiring and many new facilities requesting visits,                 Annual Picnic (cont’d from page 1)
Furry Friends is very much in need of new team captains. Did you know that
being a captain takes only a few extra minutes a month, yet the rewards can
last a lifetime?                                                                               volunteers and
                                                                                               Furry Friends.
We’re pleased to introduce a class to educate members on this important role                   Each volunteer
in the organization. Thanks to Lynn Smith, we have a wonderful facility to                     was given a
host the training on Jan. 14th from 10:30–11:30am at 1600 Hamilton Place,                      ticket when they
SJ, 95125. At this training, we’ll cover the benefits of becoming a captain,                    signed in, and
as well as roles and responsibilities. We’re also instituting a mentor program                 almost everyone
to pair active team captains with members who have expressed an interest in                    walked away with
becoming a captain.
                                                                                               a prize.
All Furry Friends members can become a captain by themselves or by teaming
with a co-captain. As a captain, you’ll have the flexibility to work directly                   Special thanks to Randee McQueen,
with the facility to determine the visit dates/times which suit your schedule.                 Loree McQueen, Anne Tiry, Robert
You can either take over an existing team or help set up Furry Friends site                    Young, and Cathy Reed for all their
visits at a new facility. As a member of our leadership team, you’ll work hand-                help in making this another great
in-hand with other team captains to help set the direction of the organization.                picnic.

If you are interested in becoming a captain, please let us know. We invite you
to sign up for the team captain class by calling the office at 1-877-4FF-PATS
or send an email to

                                        Entertainment Book Fundraiser
                       A portion of the proceeds (10-20% based on volume sold) benefit Furry Friends P.A.T.S.

            These make a great gift for family, friends, petsitters, groomers, co-workers and clients!



                                                                                                           Save up to 50%!
                                                                                                           (participants vary by book)
     Qty.     Cost      County                                                                             Fine & casual dining
                                                                                                           Airline & car rental discounts
                                                                                             Total         Hotel discounts
     ____     $25       San Jose/Santa Clara                                        $_________             Golf
                                                                                                           Professional sporting events
                                                                                                           Art Museums & Galleries
     ____     $25       Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties                              $_________
                                                                                                           Performing Arts
                                                                                                           Amusement Parks
     ____     Add $5 Postage/handling                                               $_________             Historical Landmarks
                                                                Total Enclosed $_________                  ...and much more!

     Out of town books can also be ordered. For questions, contact

     Mail checks with this form to: Furry Friends P.A.T.S, P.O. Box 5099, San Jose, CA 95150

                      Order Forms & payments via check must be received via mail no later than the end of December 2005.

                                                                       5           Short Paws Winter - December 2005
    Katrina (continued from page 4)

    giving him fluids, a bath and of course a great deal of love he recovered quickly. His story is that the families’ vet
    went to their home and rescued their dog and cats. They were taken to a shelter before the hurricane hit. All the
    pets were separated and their collars removed! The family started looking after the hurricane and luckily have
    found all of their pets.

                                                             The second kitty was a young calico girl, Arabella was also
                                                             fostered by Bob and Cathy. Arabella came in with a very hoarse
                                                             meow from crying so much on her journey. When she first arrived
                                                             they thought she had more black than white on her, but after
                                                             bathing and grooming herself - she was spotless and all white
                                                             again! Now she has been also reunited with her family.

                                                             Both of these cats along with all others they have rescued have
                                                             been tested for leukemia/FIV and received a complete health
                                                             exam ($100). All have also been microchipped and both cats
                                                             received a new TC collar before sending them on their way.

                                                             What a great job Town Cats has done.
     “Arabella.” Photo source unknown.

                        A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
                                                  by Randee McQueen, Treasurer

    The Board hears many ideas from members of ways to benefit the
    people that we service. One of those suggestions was to buy Polaroid
    film for those teams that like to take pictures and leave them with the
    clients. Polaroid recently offered a purchase deal we felt would benefit
    all. We have purchased a Polaroid camera for every team, along with
    cases of film, picture holders and a bag to hold it all.

    At most facilities we are only allowed to take Polaroid pictures, which
    are to be left with clients. To make those pictures even more special,
                                                                                    Photo from E. Winkler.
    we have purchased cardholders for the pictures. We have put on the
    Furry Friends logo so that family members will know who took the

    Any captain who did not attend the Captain’s meeting (see p. 7) is welcome to contact our administrator or me at the
    office to obtain a Polaroid pack. Whenever a captain needs more film and or cards all you need to do is ask for more.

                             Shop Albertsons - Give Back to Furry Friends!

   Did you know that Furry Friends is one of the many community organizations that benefits from the support of
   Albertsons supermarkets? Any time cardholders show their card at the cash register, a portion of the sale is donated to
   Furry Friends. If you need to replace your card or if you joined Furry Friends before we instituted this program, just
   let us know and we’ll send one out. Email or call the office and we’ll be glad to help. -jr

Short Paws   Winter - December 2005         6
                      Report from the Captain‛s Meeting
                                           by Elan Winkler, Vice President

On Monday evening, October 17th, the Furry Friends captains got together for their annual meeting. We had a
record turnout, with almost every team represented.

                                                   At the meeting, we discussed the new vaccination policy
                                                   adopted last year. We stressed that annual physicals are
                                                   required for every animal active in Furry Friends visits
                                                   and that the veterinarian needs to specify on the form the
                                                   expiration date for each vaccine administered to our pets.
                                                   Any questions on this policy can be addressed to your team

                                                   We also discussed the organization’s need for new captains.
                                                   We have a number of sites who have approached us about
                                                   forming teams, but we don’t have enough captains to go
                                                   around. We brainstormed ideas on how to get more people
Julie answering questions. Photo submitted by      volunteering to be captains and decided upon a mentor
E. Winkler.                                        program. Existing captains will take people interested in
                                                   learning how to become a captain under their wings and help
with any issues that might occur. Lynn Smith has volunteered to help out with the mentor program. If you
are interested in becoming a team captain, please contact and sign up for the new captain
training class being held on January 14th (see article
located on p. 5 for details).

Joanna Snyder has volunteered to help Furry Friends to
set up new sites. She will be visiting the site, talking with
the facilitators and working with the new captain to ensure
that everything is working smoothly.

We’d like to thank both Joanna and Lynn for helping out
with these important programs.
                                                                  “Menlo” relaxing after dinner. Photo submitted by
The annual captains’ meeting was highlighted with Polaroid E. Winkler.
cameras for each team (see article on p. 6 of this newsletter
for more information about this generous donation). Now, every team has a new Polaroid camera that can be
used to take pictures of our animals with the patients. The pictures can be framed and left with the clients as a
                                        reminder of the love our animals graciously share.
...we want to thank the
captains for all they                   Furry Friends has been very active in the community during this past
                                        year. We’ve been represented at art gallery openings, art festivals,
do, month in and month
                                        company volunteer fairs, and open houses. Lynn Smith has volunteered
out, to help us fulfill our              to help us get even more exposure next year. If your company
mission and bring the love              hosts a volunteer day, please let us know. You can send a note to
of our animals to those in     or call the office at our new, toll-free phone
our community who need                  number: 1-877-4FF-PATS. Anyone is welcome to join our captains at
                                        next year’s dinner. Please let us know if you’re interested.
it the most.

                                                           7         Short Paws Winter - December 2005
                                                         Critter Q&A
                                                       by Julie Bond, Pet Behaviorist

    Julie Bond works with Furry Friends, P.A.T.S. as our Animal Behaviorist. This column features some of the questions she gets from members.
    Want to better understand your pet’s behavior? Contact Julie at Remember to identify yourself as a Furry Friends

     Dear Julie:

     Q: I attended a recent Etiquette Class and have a question about something you talked about there.
     Normally, I walk my dog using a pinch collar. If I don’t use a pinch collar, he pulls like crazy. Some-
     times, he even pulls with the pinch collar on! I know from class that we aren’t supposed to use pinch
     collars for our visits. What should I be using? I have a terrific dog, and I think he’ll make a great
     therapy dog, I just don’t know what to do about the pulling. - L. in Santa Cruz

     A: Dogs pull on leash for many different reasons and some dog breeds pull more than others naturally (think
     about those mushing Siberian Huskies!). It’s also important to determine if the method you are using to control
     the pulling is really working. If your dog still pulls despite the pinch collar, then this really isn’t working for you
     either. A dog wearing a pinch collar is supposed to understand that if he pulls, he will be punished. I see many
     dogs wearing pinch collars who not only are wearing them wrong (hanging loosely around their necks like heavy
     necklaces), but who are willing to take the pinch to their skin to get where they want to go. A pinch collar needs
     to be fitted properly so that very slight pressure on the leash delivers a warning to the dog. As you learned in
     class, we don’t allow pinch collars on our therapy visits because we feel that there is a risk to the people that we
     visit who might get their hands caught under a pinch collar.

     So, how to stop the pulling. First, you and your dog need to work on polite walking indoors before moving outside
     where there are a lot of distractions. Start inside with your dog on a regular flat collar and leash. If he’s jumping
     higher than your head and yanking you to the door, drop the leash and walk away. Let him drag the leash around
     for a while until its mere presence is no longer so stimulating. Once you can pick the leash up and have him not
     pull toward the door, begin walking, holding the leash loosely in your hand. Have some wonderful treats handy
     and reward him for looking at you and paying attention to you. If he starts to pull one direction, turn quickly and
     move the other way. Don’t yank on the leash; simply change your direction. Vary your pace; if he steps in front
     of you, walk right through him. The idea here is for the dog to be watching you and trying to match your pace in
     order to earn yummy treats. Once you are comfortably walking this way indoors, you can move outside. Start
     in an area with minimal distractions and work up to a busy, high foot traffic area. If your dog starts pulling you
     toward someone or something don’t yank him back, simply change directions.

     If you find that he can walk with you just fine inside, but outside is still a battle, you may want to consider using
     either a Gentle Leader Head Halter on him or the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness. Both devices are kinder to
     the dog than a pinch collar or choke chain and both discourage a dog from needless pulling. They are training
     tools, however, and as such need to be fitted properly by someone who knows what they are doing. Seek out a pet
     professional who can help you find the right size for your dog and show you how to properly fit the different har-
     nesses. Your dog may resist at first, but through repeated exposures to the harness, paired with treats and praise,
     he will come to understand that wearing the harness brings good things, including his daily walks! It is absolutely
     fine to attend your visits with your dog wearing either one of these harnesses. If you continue to have problems,
     please let us know. Don’t let a pulling dog keep you from attending and enjoying your visits!

     Q: Recently, we lost our older dog to cancer. We have a second dog and she’s the one who participates
     in Furry Friends. I keep thinking we should get a second dog to keep her company during the day

     (Critter Q&A continued p. 9)

Short Paws   Winter - December 2005            8
Critter Doctor (continued from page 8)

when we are at work. My husband doesn’t agree. He thinks she’s happy by herself. What is your
opinion on this? - M. in Mountain View
A: I’m sorry for the loss of your older dog. I’m sure that her death has been hard on you all. Even if your two
dogs did not play together or spend much time together, they still were members of the same household and the
presence of one effected the other. Having said that, it doesn’t sound like you’re having any trouble with your
second dog. She isn’t destructive, she isn’t barking and disturbing the neighbors, she isn’t trying to escape from
the yard, and she’s behaving normally (eating, drinking water, playing with her toys, going for walks, etc.). It
really doesn’t seem that your second dog is bored or lonely at this point in time. She may in fact be enjoying
her time as “the only dog.” She isn’t competing for attention and affection with an older, infirmed dog and may
actually be enjoying her new status.

If you truly feel that she is home alone too many hours during the day, why don’t you explore doggie daycare for
her or even a dog walker a couple times a week? Either of these options would afford her some social time and
reduce your anxiety about leaving her home alone, but would not bring along the added stress of a new pet.

The best reason for acquiring a new dog is that you and your husband really want another dog, not that you think
your current dog needs a companion. Many dogs do just fine as “only children” and really seem to thrive in that
environment. Unless you really have your heart set on being a multi-dog household (with all the pitfalls and glee
that entails), I’d keep things just the way they are.

                         Special Thanks
                                 By Star Sinclair

Furry Friends and I want to thank the following people and their furry friends
for volunteering at Bark in the Park on September 17, 2005:

Anne Tiry & Robert Young with Sophie, Buddy & Rusty
Joan Peterson and Heidi
Joanna Snyder and Cassie
Nancy Smith and Prancer                                                                      Furry Friends
Sandy Gaber and Woofer                                                                    extends heartfelt
Cassie Niswonger and Missy                                                                 sympathy to the
Barbara Horn and Mini-Me                                                                    owners of pets
Barbara Fox and Levi                                                                       who have earned
Judi Lipp, with Mr. Hollywood (Ares) & Devil Dog (Stitch)                                     their wings:
Chris Brown and Kero
Anne Giansiracusa and Mickey                                                                   “Heidi”
                                                                                             Joan Peterson
Without these wonderful volunteers, we could not have a booth. The day was
wonderful and we had a well-shaded spot. Oh what fun this event is!                           “Wayne”
                                                                                             Sandy Cohen
An extra thanks to Anne Tiry and Robert Young for being there to help me set
up and Chris Brown for taking everything down for me and helping me load                  Anne Tiry & Robert
everything up. Also, thanks to Judy Lipp for lending me a large water container                 Young
so the dogs wouldn’t be thirsty. Thanks also to Sal Guardino for bringing and
picking up the supplies from my home.
                                                       9         Short Paws Winter - December 2005
    Team Spotlight

                                                     Secret and I
                                                     by Lynn Smith, Team Captain
                                                          2nd Thursday Visit
                                      Valley Medical Center, Spinal Cord and Head Trauma Wards

   A few years ago, on my yearly outing to Bark in the Park, I saw a booth that
   piqued my interest. So began my involvement with Furry Friends.

   I have always been               It has been almost four years since “Secret,”
                                    my Aromas-born Rat Terrier and I began our
   a believer in giving             journey with this outstanding organization. I
   back to those less               have always been a believer in giving back
   fortunate                        to those less fortunate than ourselves. Secret,
                                    on the other hand, just couldn’t quite make it
   as an aspiring pet actor. So with his smarts, and my tenaciousness, I thought
   Furry Friends would be the perfect solution. What a fabulous journey this has

   We immediately signed up for the appropriate training. Secret did well. Mom
   not so well, but since we are a team we were able to learn from each other,
   and the reinforcement of my peers on the various teams we joined. Plus, the
   overwhelming response and appreciation from those we visited: Mission Oaks
   – Skilled Nursing Unit; Santa Clara County Children‘s Shelter; Green Hills
   Manor Convalescent Home; and Valley Medical Center.

   When the Team Captain of the Mission Oaks site transferred out of state, she
   asked me if I would consider leading the team. I did not think twice. I took on
   the challenge. She mentored me on-site, and a few individual one-on-ones, and
                                                                                          Furry Friend “Secret.” Photo courtesy of
   I felt comfortable with my new responsibility. My team was supportive, and
                                                                                          Lynn Smith.
   pleased with my decision.

                                             Earlier this year, Mission Oaks advised us that they were going to restructure
   ...animals have the true                  their building and programs. Although, my team was disappointed, we knew
   sense and ability to give                 we wanted to remain together, but where? Furry Friends is a commitment to
   back to those who need                    the community which we all felt strongly about. One night after a meeting, we
                                             brainstormed. I opted to search facilities that would meet our criteria, and told
   it the most.                              the Board and Administration of our dilemma.

   Valley Medical Center heard about our plight, and invited us to do a 2nd visit at the Spinal Cord and Head Trauma
   wards. After I discussed this with Syd Tierney, Team Captain of the 1st Thursday visit at VMC, the Board and
   Administrator, and my wonderful team, we began our new visits. The patients we visit radiate with their twice-
   a-month visits by the wide array of dog friends. I would say cats,
   animals, and birds, but alas we have none on our team. The antics and          Share your team‛s story in
   loving the dogs give to the patients, from going to a community room                      our next newsletter!
   or a special visit to a patient’s room , is a true a reminder that animals   Email the editor at
   have the true sense and ability to give back to those who need it the

   Learn more by contacting the Furry Friends office at

Short Paws   Winter - December 2005     10


  Support Furry Friends                                            When Furry Friends, PATS was in search of a new supplier for
                                                                   our Polo Shirts, we were referred to NBN Sports.

    While You Shop!                      Rick and Kathleen Nunes at NBN Sports are very supportive of Furry Friends. Whether we
                                         have a big or small order to place with them, they always take the time to help us.

              JOIN                       NBN continues to be a long-time supporter of our annual fundraising events, including
                                         Diamonds in the Ruff 2004. We’re grateful for their continued partnership. If you or some-
                                         one you know needs sports or custom corporate wear give Rick a call and tell him Furry
                                         Friends, PATS says, “HI!”

                                         NBN SPORTS                     (408) 275-9448               (800) 597-9897
            Register Online
                                                                                Here’s a fun,
           Register by Phone                                                    new way to give
           (800) 592-0942
  Use our group name & ID number when                                           something back...

          eScrip Group Name
                                                                                Host a special Creative
   Pet Assisted Therapy Services                                                Memories Workshop and 10%
           Group ID Number
                                                                                of all proceeds will be donated
             144028815                                                          to Furry Friends PATS!
                                           Photo-safe Scrapbook
   There is an annual fee of $10 to      Photo Albums, Classes and
  register.This fee is charged to your           Workshops                      For information call:
 credit card when you sign up for an                                            Jessica Shlager
account. If you have questions, please                                          Independent Sales Consultant
send email to                                            (408) 241-1472
        or call (408) 280-6171.

                                                         11             Short Paws Winter - December 2005

                                Happy Howl-o-Ween

                                      Special thanks to
                                      the Valley Medical
                                      team for sharing
                                      these spooktacular
                                      snapshots from
                                      their visit on
                                      October 6th!

                                                                           We know you‛re not camera
                                                                           shy! Send us your Holiday
                                                                           2005 photos! We’ll include
                                                                           them in a future issue of “Short

                                                                           Email us at

                                               CAN YOU HELP?

                                          Members are needed for these teams:                  Membe a
                                                                                            Consid      r?
                                                                                                   er jo
                                                                                              a 2nd s ining
                                        El Camino Hospital Adolescent Health Unit                     ite!

                                                             Manor Care

                                                      Pacific Coast Manor

                                                Saint Louise Regional Hospital

                                                             Vista Manor

                                                         Westgate Villa

                          To learn more about these sites and find out how you can help,
                            visit or contact

Short Paws   Winter - December 2005        12
                                                   Furry Friends Financial Update
                                                                                 Prepared by Randee McQueen, Treasurer

                                                                  Furry Friends, Pet Assisted Therapy Services
                                                                                 Profit and Loss
                                                                    December 2004 through November 2005

 Run Your Advertisement                                                                               Dec '04 - Nov '05

                                                          advertising                                             25.00
                                                          Entertainment Books                                    288.00
                                                          Ettiquiette Class                                      700.00
                                                          Foundations and Grants
    Advertising in Short Paws provides                       Valley Foundation- Data Base                    15,000.00
  local businesses with a cost-effective                  Total Foundations and Grants                       15,000.00
   opportunity to reach members and                          Albertsons                                         542.20
   supporters of Furry Friends P.A.T.S.                      E-Scrip                                            794.24
  who receive our newsletter in the mail                                                16.69
                                                             Partylite                                           62.50
       or on the web each quarter.                        Total Fundraising                                   1,415.63
                                                          Individual Donations                                  730.00
                                                          Interest Income                                       674.77
                 1/4 PAGE                                 Membership Dues                                     8,332.44

                 1/2 PAGE                                 Merchandise
                                                          Pet Tags
                FULL PAGE                                 Walk A Thon - Income
                                                             Entries- donation                                1,750.00
                                                             Entries- nondonation                               700.00
  Help support our non-profit efforts and grow                                                                 2,729.25
                                                             Raffle                                           1,225.00
  your business at the same time! Become an               Total Walk A Thon - Income                          6,404.25
           advertising partner today.                 Total Income                                           34,625.71
                                                          Accounting                                            425.00

                  Benefits:                                Bank Charges
                                                          Entertainment Books Exp
        Target local pet enthusiasts                      Insurance                                             360.00
                                                          Katrina Support                                     2,000.00
           Cost-effective packages                        Meeting Expense                                        50.00
                                                          Misc. Event
       Not a designer? We can help.                          Bark In the Park                                    156.00
                                                          Total Misc. Event                                      156.00
                                                              misc                                              101.73
                  Contact:                                   Copies                                           2,024.29
Joanna Rustin at                    Data Base Convrsion                             10,938.67
          or call 866-297-6070                               Postage                                          1,882.67
                                                             Supplies                                           380.10
                                                          Total Office                                       15,327.46
                                                          state tax                                              10.00
                                                          Subcontractor Services                              9,742.85

  Cute Furry Puppies!                                     Telephone
                                                          Volunteer Support

                                                              PETS                                            2,767.36
                                                             Captains Meeting                                 1,383.32
  We knew that would get YOUR attention. Are                 Patient Gifts                                      129.80
  you a Furry Friend Fan who likes to get your               Polaroid                                         1,888.20
  paws involved in writing and editing? Why                  T-shirts, sweatshirts, bandanas                  2,375.96
                                                             Volunteer Dinner                                 1,461.40
  not help publish this newsletter!?!                        Volunteer Gifts                                    253.59
                                                             Volunteer Lunch                                  1,349.09
  Give us a bark over at the Short Paws                   Total Volunteer Support
                                                          Walk A Thon

  office and we’ll tell you about this                        Activity Fees                                      251.00
  purrfectly fulfilling role in the organization.             General Expenses                                 1,063.22
  Heck...I liked it so much I stayed for                  Total Walk A Thon                                   1,314.22
                                                          Web Hosting Fee                                       105.00
  2 1/2 years! Email Joanna Rustin at                 Total Expense                                          42,310.80                          Net Income                                               -7,685.09

                                                   13          Short Paws Winter - December 2005
                     Furry Friends, P.A.T.S. Logo Merchandise
                     Order online at or use the order form on the back of this page.
                     Contact us before placing your order to check availability. Most sizes can be ordered if they aren’t in stock.

                                   Embroidered Products                                                                    Special Offer

                                   100% poly.
                                   Black, light
                                                                                    2-Toned unstructured.
                                           Sleeveless vest $35                    Adjustable Khaki w/ Navy,           Guardian Angel Tags
 Long-sleeved pullovers                           full zip front XS-XL             Maroon, Ivy or Charcoal                   $10
                                                                                                                     For dogs or cats. Inscribed on
                                                                                                                     back: “Guardian Angel, watch
                                                                                                                     over me guide me home safe-
                                                                                                                      ly and keep me from harm’s

                                                                                                                     Proceeds support Furry Friends
                                                                                                                     and the Dove Lewis Canine
                                                                                                                     Blood Donor Program. Help us
                                                                                                                     supply our patients and the
                                                                                   Sweatshirt $35                    Portland area veterinarians
             Polo Shirt $30                                                                                          with a safe supply of blood
        Pique Knit (men’s sizes)        Jeans Shirt $40                                90% Cotton
                                                                                                                     products to treat potential life-
  Colors: Lake or Cobblestone S-3XL; 100% Cotton S-4XL (unisex)                    S-2XL (Unisex, grey)              threatening situations.
          Heather Gray S only

                                                      Silk Screened Products

 2-Tone Canvas Tote $20                       Foldable Pet                               T-Shirt $12                         Bandanas $10
      Natural w/ Navy, Black,                 Blanket $20                         Silk Screened front & back.                S 12”, L 14”, XL 20”
            or Spruce                                                                S-2XL (unisex sizing)
      14”w x 14.5”h x 5.5”d

 Mail your order form on the next page or order                                 4 foot Leashes
 online at                                                 $5
                                                                                5/8”, 3/4”, 1”
                                                                                teal - all sizes
  For questions, contact:                                                       purple - 1” only
  Furry Friends, PATS
                                                                                                              Logo Pin $4 License Plate
  P.O. Box 5099                                                                                                             Frame $5
  San Jose, CA 95150-5099
  408-280-6171 or email:
                                                                                           Membership Dues/Renewal
                                                                                     $30 Individual $50 Family/Household

Short Paws    Winter - December 2005           14
                                           Furry Friends, P.A.T.S.
                                          Merchandise Order Form

View our catalogue in each issue of Short Paws , or visit the Furry Friends store at to shop and pay online. To order
by mail, circle your size or color choices, mark the quantity, add up your merchandise, and send in your order with your payment by
check. California sales tax is already reflected in the price of each item.

Category / Item                Price         Size (circle one)                    Color (circle one)              Quantity       Total

Cat Guardian angel tag        $10.00
Dog Guardian angel tag        $10.00


Polar Fleece Vest             $35.00          XS S M L XL                        Black     Light Gray
Polar Fleece Pullover         $40.00          XS S M L XL                        Black     Light Gray
                                           S M L XL 2XL 3XL                       Lake Cobblestone
Polo Shirt                    $30.00
                                                     S                                 Heather Gray
Sweatshirt                    $35.00         S M L XL 2XL                                 Grey
Jean Shirt                    $40.00     S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL                              Blue
Caps                          $18.50                                     Khaki w/ Navy Maroon Ivy Charcoal


Furry Friends T-Shirt         $12.00          S M L XL 2XL                         Caribbean Blue
2-Tone Canvas Tote            $20.00                                       Natural w/ Navy Black Spruce
Foldable Pet Blanket          $20.00                                                      Green
Bandanas                      $10.00       S/12" L/14" XL/20"                              Teal


Logo Pin                       $4.00
4 Foot Leashes                 $5.00           5/8" 3/4" 1"                     Teal    Purple (1" only)
License Plate Frame            $5.00
                              $30.00        Individual - 1 Year
Membership Dues
                              $50.00    Family/Household - 1 Year
                                                                                                                             Grand Total

   NAME:_________________________________ PHONE:_____________________________



   CITY, ST ZIP:_______________________________________________________________

   EMAIL ADDRESS :____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        Furry Friends, P.A.T.S.
   TOTAL OF CHECK ENCLOSED: $_________________
                                                                                                        P.O. Box 5099
   Please make checks payable to Furry Friends, PATS and send to:                                       San Jose, CA 95150-5099
                                                                                                        (408) 280-6171
   NOTE: Returned checks will incur a $10 fee.                                                

                                                                    15         Short Paws Winter - December 2005
    P.O. BOX 5099
    SAN JOSE, CA 95150-5099

    Vol. 11 / No. 4 Winter 2005

    • Picnic & Captain’s Meeting Recaps
    • Help for Hurricane Katrina Pets             Friendly Reminder to Pay Your 2006 Member Dues                 p. 3
    • Dues Renewal Form                           New toll-free #877-4FF-PATS (433-7287)
    • Furry Friends Gear

       When you shop at Expedition Outfitters your “Gear for the Working Dog” purchases help a number of
       organizations. We donate ISP services to non-profit organizations, including Web space, email discussion
       lists, and eCommerce services. We have two levels of Web space where groups can park their Web pages
       and even their domain names. We currently administer almost a dozen email discussion lists using a new
       server, backup system, firewall and Internet connection.

       For groups who partner with us we can also provide eCommerce Web pages for them to sell their
       club merchandise using all major credit cards and
       “PayByCheck” service. Currently, we provide these
       services free to organizations such as Furry Friends, Furry Friends thanks Expedition Outfitters
       PATS and several local dog rescue groups.                      for its continued support.

       We have a complete line of working dog gear,                 We encourage you to visit their
       including KEMA Dog Sleds. We have three different                    online store!
       types of dog boots, three types of harnesses,
       and all the other gear you might need for dog sledding,
       carting, skijoring, backpacking or just walking your

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