Don’t Worry, Pinterest’ll Refer Ya

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					Don’t Worry, Pinterest’ll Refer Ya

In an article from Online Media Daily, Laurie Sullivan writes, “Marketers could find a gold mine
in Pinterest, but could have challenges with copyright laws. Last month the site sent more
referral traffic to publishers than Google and Twitter, according to a traffic report released this
week.” We all know that Pinterest is the next big thing since Beats by Dre headphones, but
what’s more intriguing is how users are actually using the site.

Marketing and Advertising are tricky arenas of business, because of all the mediums. We
recently discussed the various social networking sites here, and how marketers and advertisers
should cater to each social network’s niche. In the old days, you’d put up a poster in the busiest
part of town and that was all the advertising you’d need. Then things advanced and you had to
start shooting commercials, putting up billboards and running ads in newspapers and
magazines. With the internet, there are so many ways to go about reaching your audience that
we now have to be more savvy than ever in order to maximize our reach. Pinterest is such a case
study. In the above referenced article, Sullivan writes that “An eMarketer report reveals that
Pinterest users in the U.S. spent on average 88.3 minutes on the site in November 2011. Compare
that with Facebook at 394 minutes, Tumblr at 141.7, and Twitter at 24.4.” That’s important to
note, because with Pinterest outpacing Twitter for referral traffic, you’d like to know why.

In my opinion, Twitter is quick, to-the-point, and best suited for quick info. Pinterest, naturally
is going to engage users more because it’s visual first and foremost, and pin boards are made of a
whole range of items, which keep you looking and finding your own things you want to re-
pin. Pinterest is, to say the least, engaging. What’s even more critical is that users will see
something they like and want to know more about it. With Facebook and Tweetsville, you have
to like, or share items and it’s a more involved process. With Pinterest, its a little easier to get
from site to site.

Sullivan also points out that copyrights are an issue with Pinterest. With Facebook, you post
your own photos. With Pinterest, you’re re-pinning other people’s photos that may be theirs or
they may have just found it on the net. If there was a simple solution to have every photo on the
site available only after it had been labeled as to who the author was, you could solve that issue
pretty quickly.
For now, Pinterest is doing a very good job with the referral traffic and that should help alleviate
some of the questions from critics that ask how Pinterest is going to make money. As the site
gets more and more engaging, they will start to see more and more user involvement and the
numbers can only hope to continue their climb. Hey, they’ve piqued my pinterest.

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