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					                                                IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY
                                              PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL MINUTES
                                                      FEBRUARY 1, 2012

  The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. Fr. Andrew opened the meeting with prayer.

                    Officers                                         Commissioners                                  At Large
Pastor              Fr. Andrew             Present    Education         Blanca Rematt         Present     Chris Maucher        Absent
Parochial Vicar     Fr. Dave Wells         Present    Spirituality      Vacant                            John Propst          Present
#Chairman           Gary Faller            Present    Social            Linda Hidalgo         Absent      Dennis               Present
Vice-Chairman       Bob Gates             Excused     Christian         Ray Dion              Present
Finance             Erin Corbin            Present    Maintenance       K. Cutchember         Absent

Secretary           Terry Patrick          Present    Hispanic/         Fr. Dave Wells        Present
                                                      Cultural          Ed Torres
#Asst. Secretary    Marian Winters         Absent

                                                      Also              Helen Hautzenroder, Judith Gwynn, Kevin Stevens,
                                                      Attending         Patty Bray, Bill Nork

  Minutes from the previous meeting were passed out for review and approval. Ray Dion moved to accept; Erin Corbin seconded. All
  were in favor. New members were welcomed. All members introduced themselves.


  Pastor – Cardinal’s Campaign: this weekend will introduce; next week a CD from the Archbishop will be played. Last year, IHM
  exceeded our goal and contributed 120-130% of our pledge. There will be a tabloid in the bulletin that reports the contributions of all
  local parishes.
  - The Boy Scout troop that uses IHM facilities offered to assist the Parish in exchange for using the Hall. The troop cleaned 20 bags of
  garbage along FDR road. The next BSA project in the spring will be to clean up headstones in the cemetery to clear away encroaching
  - Parish Directory: Olan Mills will come to the Parish and will create a parish directory at no cost. They would like to start booking
  portraits at the end of February. Contact information will be published only with parishioners’ permission. A committee will call every
  member of the parish to determine who may have left to update our records and prevent taxation on those who are no longer IHM
  members. (We pay a tax on our offertory to the Archdiocese and a tax on the number of registered Parishioners to support the Catholic
  - Chairs in the adoration chapel have been replaced, a benefactor provided an allowance toward them; the balance of the purchase
  price is outstanding.
  - Regarding the attack on religious liberty, we will likely see more information from the Bishop’s Conference. Governor O’Malley is
  sponsoring a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in MD. If this is legalized by the state legislature, it can be brought to popular vote by
  petition, per the state constitution.

  Parish Needs: Some items need to be replaced, e.g. the monstrance, presider’s chairs, thurible, missals, and hymnals for the pews. Fr.
  Andrew will create a list, prioritize items, show items to parishioners on a poster board, and request donations. He will consider
  options for acknowledging donations and for thanking benefactors, e.g. a board with memorial placards. It was noted that parishioners
  often meet the parish needs. It was suggested that the Capital Improvement Plan could be updated to address future purchases.
  Recent donations from parishioners such as the candle holders would not be replaced.

  Parish Security: Someone was sleeping in the pews and causing disruptions; Fr. Andrew had a ‘No Trespassing Order’ issued for the
individual and there have been no troubles since. Therefore, any discussions regarding locking the church have been tabled for now.

Lent: Ash Wednesday is February 22. IHM will have daily Mass M-F at 6:30 am. There will be a change in music to include Latin
chants. There will be no recessional music during Lent, in recognition of the solemnity of this time. Discussed the past tradition of
Tuesday evening masses at different local parishes: “Road to the Resurrection”. This has not been planned for 2012; Fr. Andrew will
work toward resuming this in the future.

WARM nights went well. IHM housed 61 men and 27 women (14 different men and 6 different women) over the 1 week period.
There was plenty of food, but could have used more Chaperones later in the week. Thank you to Tom Chayka for his organization and
hard work.

Father Andrew would like to organize a Welcoming Committee to introduce new parishioners to parish services and ministries.

Chairman –Ministry fair was well received; a few people signed on as volunteers. Several signed up to become Extraordinary
Ministers of the Eucharist and lectors. Four new participants joined SHARE; one joined youth ministry. Council positions for new
members were discussed as the last order of business. IHM Bylaws call for Officer positions to be nominated and voted on in
February. New members assume their positions in March. There are 6 vacancies on the Council and 5 volunteers. Three of the
vacancies are for 3-yr positions.

Vice-Chairman: N/A

Finance – Budget meeting scheduled for February 14 at noon. Fr. Andrew plans on contacting an individual to see if they are
interested in filling the vacant position on the committee. This is an appointed position.

Secretary – This was Terry Patrick’s final meeting. She is retiring this month and moving to Ft. Worth, TX.


Education – First Communion workshops are coming up.

Spirituality: No report. Chair position currently vacant.

Social – Although price of food has gone up, the cost for Lenten dinners will remain the same as last year. Ron Sableski plans on
advertising the dinner and using promotions such as coupons. Also will have drawings during the dinners.

Christian Action – SHARE food program will conduct its Registration/Distribution day on Sat. February 25 from 8-10 am in the
church vestibule. Over 275 service hours were contributed to SHARE last month. The next Mass with Charismatic worship will be on
February 12 at 5 pm. Father Zygmunt will be the celebrant. A potluck dinner will follow. Family Faith Formation continues to seek
volunteers who like to work with children. No experience is necessary and training will be provided. Interested persons should
contact Janet Harmon. First Communion will take place on April 28; Confirmation will take place on May 11. Our Cemetery of the
Innocents was vandalized January 26. Thirty crosses were pulled up; some were destroyed, some disappeared. One cross was pulled
out and inverted. Some of the Knights quickly restored the crosses.

Knights of Columbus – IHM Knights of Columbus will be conducting their monthly Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, February 12 from
8:00-11:00 am. Food selection includes fruit, biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs, as well as pancakes. The Knights recruited three
people during the Ministry Fair. Father Andrew White K of C will celebrate their 65th Anniversary with a Mardi Gras themed dinner
party Sat February 18 at St. Michaels. The next IHM K of C meeting will be held Mon. February 13 at 7 pm in the Hall. Please
continue to pray the rosary daily for Our Lady’s intervention to protect our religious freedom and to bring an end to abortion.

Maintenance –The cost for a roof repair job is covered under a warranty. We will need to consider a date for parish spring cleanup
for the parish grounds in April or May. Extra chairs that line the back walls are being pushed against the chair rail and scraping the
new paint.

Hispanic/Cultural – Spanish Community representative Ed Torres now fills the role on the Parish Council for Hispanic/Cultural
Committee. The Committee is working on ways to bridge the gap between the Anglo Saxon and Spanish community. The Spanish
bulletin does not have all upcoming IHM events listed, e.g. Lenten seafood dinners; therefore the Spanish community is not always
aware of these. Would like to offer up ways to integrate the two communities; such as offering discounts on the Lenten dinners for
Spanish volunteers. This option is expected to be well received.


Elected positions are: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary

Council Elections – Need 3 people to fill 3 year positions; 2 people for 1 year positions, and 1 person to fill a 2 year position.
John Propst accepted position of Chairman.
Dennis DeCarlo accepted position of Vice Chairman.
Patty Bray accepted 3-year Council membership and position of Secretary.
Kevin Stevens accepted 2-year Council membership and At Large position.
Helen Hautzenroder accepted 1-year Council membership and At Large position.
Bill Nork accepted a 3-year Council membership and At Large position.
Judith Gwynn accepted a 3-year Council membership and At Large position.
Robert Gates retains his 2-year Council membership as an At Large position.
A one-year position remains vacant.

Pastor’s Comments: Fr. Andrew: Thanked the Council members; noted the importance of Parish Council members and their
institutional knowledge, since Pastors will increasingly be moved to new Parishes during their careers.
Fr. Dave deferred on closing comments.

Gary moved to adjourn; several others seconded. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 p.m.
Fr. Dave closed in prayer.

The next Parish Council meeting will be March 7, 2012.

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Patty Bray


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