My Perfect Planet Hello_ my name by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                My Perfect Planet
    Hello, my name is Lexi. My class is going on
a field trip to a planet called Peanut. It is called
Peanut because it is shaped like a peanut.
I should tell you about some things that could
happen. There will be random cats, dogs,
potatoes, and rocks falling from the sky. You
should also know that it will take you
11,000,000,000 light years to get there. Did you
know the closer you get to Peanut you can
breathe again? By the way, Peanut has 460
moons. You will see a different one every night.
One of Peanut’s moons name is Alexi. Another
moon name is Victoria. I don’t know all the
names though.
It will be very hot when you get there so bring
flip-flops. You will also need lots, lots, lots and
lots of sunscreen. You will also need very warm
flannel pajamas. For the days you aren’t asleep,
you will need a skirt, shorts, tee-shirt, or a tank
top. On top of all that, you need a bathing suit!
There will be pools in the zoo so you can swim
with the penguins, polar bears, seals and orca
whales! Also bring a football helmet because of
the random rain showers. You also need to
bring an umbrella.
Here is how you get there. You get into your
flier-pier and go to Pluto and then take a left
and then take a right and then go on till you see
a peanut shaped planet and then your there.
The planet is like earth rocky and watery. The
only thing different is the hotness and the
random showers. The planet actually has
people living on it!
I have to go get on my flier-pier with the class.
Bye! Ps- please go to peanut!!! Thanks! Bye!
And this time I mean it.

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