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					Top 5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

1: Domain Name Flipping
Based on luck, strategy and business savvy, domain name flipping can be one of the more lucrative ways
to earn a living online. The term comes from the real estate trick that involves buying old, undervalued
houses, fixing them up to make them more attractive and modern-looking and selling them for a much
higher price.

In this case, the old and outdated place is not a house, but rather a domain name -- the main address for
a Web page. With a little bit of searching, dedicated domain flippers locate unused, poorly maintained
Web sites that have generic and recognizable identifiers and buy them. They usually pay a few hundred
or even a few thousand dollars, but after extensive updates that make the site more business- and user-
friendly, the domain name can fetch several times more than it was originally worth. The domain bird-, for instance, was bought for a mere $1,800 in 2005 -- after a redesign two years later, the site
was sold for $173,000 to a bird cage vendor

2: Freelancing
Freelancing is similar in some ways to blogging. For one thing, you get to work from your own home or
office most of the time. But there are a few important distinctions. First, if you're thinking about
freelance writing, chances are you need to have more experience than the average blogger. Many
freelance writing positions cover specialized topics for online publications and may require expert
knowledge on a subject. However, if you're passionate about things like travel or food and know how to
write, a freelancing job can provide you with good income.

Writing's not the only way to make money freelancing, of course -- anyone with graphic design or
programming experience can find contract jobs that pay well and provide challenging work, too.

3. Designing and Selling T-shirts
As you walk around most high school and college campuses, you're likely to come into contact with lots
of words. But it won't be material from textbooks or term papers -- those are probably in backpacks or
sitting unfinished at home. Instead, they're the simple phrases or logos -- most of which are ironic or
amusing -- printed on the T-shirts on the backs of the students.

Usually, the more unique and offbeat the design is, the more desirable the T-shirt is. The growth of the
Internet has made it possible for vendors to sell T-shirts all over the world. In fact, sites like and allow you to set up your own store, create your own designs and
sell them yourself. If you create your own shirt design with a clever catchphrase or come up with your
own unique statement and people like it, you can start making money.
4: Blogging
If you have a particular passion for something, whether it's a hobby or an obsession, and you have
something to say about it, blogging could be a profitable way to pour out your endless stream of
thought. The key here, as with many other services on the Internet, is in selling advertising.

After starting up a personal blog, many writers sign up for ad services like Google AdSense, which post
those familiar sponsored links you often see at the top and on the sides of Web sites. The more times
your blog readers click on those ads, the more money you'll make through the ad service. This works
fine if you're a casual blogger, and you may make some extra spending money. But if the blog is
consistently interesting, well-written and really takes off, you may be approached by companies who
want to reach your fan base with graphical advertising around your blog. Some of the more successful
blogs, like I Can Has Cheezburger? and Boing Boing, have become pop-culture phenomena, and their
creators have been able to quit their day jobs and blog full time because of the money they make from

5: Selling Stuff on eBay
It's a fairly straightforward concept that most people are familiar with by now -- if you have a bunch of
stuff that you don't necessarily need but others want and are willing to pay extremely inflated prices for,
you can auction off the items on eBay or other online auction sites. Simply gather your goods, create a
seller's profile and start selling.

It sounds simple, but takes some practice to sell successfully. Creating persuasive and legitimate product
pages for the goods you're selling will help get buyers interested. It's also important to set reasonable
minimum bids to ensure that people will buy. And remember to deliver the kind of customer service
that will garner positive feedback ratings and to communicate with buyers to let them know you're
reliable. The more positive feedback you receive, the more people will be willing to do business with
you. And that, of course, means more money.

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