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					Name________________________________________          UF ID# ___________________

Date __________________________

***This information will only be used for recruitment and advising purposes. No
information on an individual will be given out to a third party***

1. Ethnic Origin
 ____White (not Hispanic origin) ____Asian or Pacific Islander
 ____Hispanic                    ____Native American
 ____Black (not Hispanic origin) ____Other (International)

2. Your sex?   ____Male   ____Female

3. What is your age? ______

4. What semester/year did you receive your degree?   (example: _2005_ Fall)
       ______Fall   _____Summer

5. What degree are you receiving?
      ____ Masters               ____PhD

6. From which CISE program (college) did you receive your degree?
       ___Engineering (CEN, DAS)
       ___Liberal Arts and Sciences (CSC)

7. What is your current status?
       ___Seeking admission to graduate school
       ___Admitted to graduate school
       ___Seeking employment

8. What type of employment are you seeking?
       ____Program Analyst
      ____System Analysis
      ____Systems design
      ____Database applications
      ____Project Management
      ____Graphics applications
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       ____Technical marketing and sales
       ____Research development
       ____Information Systems Manager
       ____Teacher (specify level)
       ____Academic Appointment
       ____Researcher in government
       ____Researcher in industry
       ____Not related to studies (specify)______________________

9. Specify the responsibilities/duties for the job in question 7 (if applicable):

10. What will be your starting salary (if applicable)?
      ___Below $20,000
      ___$20,000 to 24,000
      ___$24,001 to 30,000
      ___$30,001 to 35,000
      ___$35,001 to 40,000
      ___$40,001 to 50,000
      ___$50,001 to 60,000
      ___$60,001 to 70,000
      ___$70,001 to 80,000
      ___$80,001 to 90,000
      ___$90,001 to 100,000

11. Company or organization with which you are employed/seeking employment:
       ___General Electric      ___ Wachovia
       ___Barr Systems          ___ CITI Group/Capital One
       ___BellSouth/Sprint      ___ Microsoft
       ___Proctor & Gamble       ___ Federal Government
       ___Andersen Consulting ___ State Government
       ___Arthur Andersen           ___ IBM
       ___Intel                     ___ Oracle/Netscape/Google (circle one)
       ___ Lockheed Martin          ___ Motorola
       ___ Citrix                   ___ NASA
       ___ Boeing                   ___ Other (specify)_____________
       ___ Verizon                  ___ Sun Microsystems

12. And in what state (if in the US) or country will you be employed?


13. What services are you using to locate a position (if applicable)?
      ___U.F. Career Resource Center
      ___Employment agency
      ___Executive recruiter
      ___Want ads
      ___Journal ads
      ___Letters directly to potential employer
      ___Networking (contact through friends or colleagues)
      ___Other (specify)____________________________________

14. Please use the space below to indicate any comments not covered in the above
questions which you feel would be helpful to know in assessing the merits of the CISE
programs. Also, please feel free to give any complaints or praises you have with the CISE
Department during your studies here.
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