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September 8, 2008
September                    Vol. 9 Issue 25
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      Exempla Lutheran launches                                                                                         Rushing,
    new patient navigator program
     The American Cancer
 Society has launched its
                                                                                                                       Not Speeding
 Patient Navigator Program                                                                                                           by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal
 at Exempla Lutheran Medical

 Center in Wheat Ridge,
 thanks to support received
 from AstraZeneca.
     This is the second site to                                                                                             was driving to work one morning, taking the exact
 launch in Colorado as part                                                                                                 route that I had taken for thirteen and a half years.
 of a strategic nationwide                                                                                         I was not paying careful attention. Everything besides my
 effort to significantly extend                                                                                    body and car, all my attention, my thoughts, my emotions
 the reach of this innovative                                                                                      were someplace else entirely. I don’t remember where, but
 program        and      assist                                                                                    whatever I was daydreaming, my thoughts were interrupted
 individual cancer patients in                                                                                     by the "whoop-whoop" of a police siren. Oh, dear!
 negotiating the health care                                                                                           I used my turn signal and eased gently over to the side
 system.                                                                                                           of the street, trying to reconstruct the past few minutes and
     “A cancer diagnosis can                                                                                       figure out what I might have been doing wrong. Let’s see, I
 be a life-changing experience                                                                                     was sitting on the sound stage and I looked about thirty
 for patients, their families                                                                                      pounds slimmer and my make-
 and their caregivers,” said                                                                                       up was really good....
 Laura Erickson, American                                                                                              "Morning ma’am. Do you
 Cancer Society Executive                                                                                          know why I pulled you L a u g h i n g
 Director, Quality of Life.                                                                                        over?" The officer standing with
                                                                                                                   at the side of my car looked
     “Our patient navigator
                                                                                                                   very clean and very
 is able to provide support
 every step of the way, from                                                                                       handsome and very young.
 explaining what to expect                                                                                             This is one of the
 with chemotherapy, to             The new patient navigator program at Exempla Lutheran will employ               interesting things about
 making sure patients have                       ttermann
                                              Natter                              cancer, ev           who
                                   K a thr yn Na tter mann to suppor t those with cancer, e v en those w ho        being my age. Suddenly some
 transportation to and from                             at by Sid Goldwell
                                   are not patients PhotoExempla Lutheran.                                         of the most unlikely people
                                                                                         Navig tor, Pa
                                                                                     See Na vig a tor, P a g e 3             See Elizabeth , Page 2

                                                                                                                   age two.                           in 2007 and coverage with four
CDC releases new childhood                                                                                             The fourth dose of DTaP
                                                                                                                   vaccine is the only vaccine of
                                                                                                                                                      or more doses rose from 68.4
                                                                                                                                                      percent in 2006 to 75.3 percent
vaccine coverage estimates                                                                                         the recommended series that
                                                                                                                   has not reached 90 percent
                                                                                                                   coverage (84.5 percent).
                                                                                                                                                      in 2007.
                                                                                                                                                          Varicella vaccine and
                                                                                                                                                      pneumococcal conjugate
                                                                                                                       The NIS coverage data          vaccine coverage among
    The vast majority of the       of recommended vaccines, and          pediatricians about the safety            includes children born between     American Indian and Alaska
nation’s parents are having        there were no differences in          of vaccines or any other                  January 2004 and July 2006.        Native children increased
their       children         get   coverage among any racial or          concerns they may have about                  There were no statistically    significantly.
recommended vaccinations,          ethnic group for the complete         their child’s health.”                    significant decreases in               Varicella       coverage
according to 2007 vaccine          series.                                    The recommended vaccine              nationwide individual vaccine      increased from 85.4 percent in
coverage estimates released by          Importantly, less than 1         series measured by NIS consists           coverage from 2006 to 2007.        2006 to 94.9 percent in 2007,
the Centers for Disease Control    percent of children had               of four doses of diphtheria,                  In 2007, for the first time,   and coverage with the fourth
and Prevention (CDC).              received no vaccines by age           tetanus and pertussis vaccine             there was 90 percent coverage      dose of pneumococcal
    Childhood immunization         19 months to 35 months.               (DTaP); three doses of polio              for varicella vaccine and for      conjugate vaccine increased
rates remain at or near record          “The ongoing success of          vaccine, one or more doses of             the third dose of PCV.             from 62.7 percent to 80.4
levels, with at least 90 percent   our nation’s immunization             measles, mumps and rubella                    One dose of varicella          percent.
coverage for all but one of        program is largely dependent          vaccine (MMR); three doses of             vaccine increased in 2007 to           “Because our nation has
the individual vaccines in the     on the trust that parents put         Haemophilus influenzae type               90 percent, compared to 89.2       been so successful in reducing
recommended series for young       in the safety of vaccines and         b vaccine (Hib); three doses of           percent in 2006.                   and eliminating vaccine
children, said the CDC’s 2007      in those caregivers who               hepatitis B vaccine; and one                  There were also significant    preventable diseases, it is easy
National Immunization Survey       administer them,” said Dr. Julie      or more doses of varicella or             increases for pneumococcal         to take the benefits of
(NIS).                             Gerberding, CDC director.             chickenpox vaccine.                       conjugate vaccine.                 immunizations for granted,”
    More than 77 percent of             “I want to encourage                  This set of immunizations                Coverage of three or more      said Dr. Anne Schuchat,
children were fully vaccinated     parents to continue to be             begins shortly after a child is           doses increased from 86.9
with all vaccines in the series    informed and to ask their             born and continues through                percent in 2006 to 90.0 percent                 See Vaccine, Page 3
Page 2                                                                     September 8, 2008                                                            Denver’s Nursing Star

                                                                                                                                       window frames.
      CU donors break record                                                               Elizabeth                                       "What?" I asked and looked up at
                                                                                                                                       him. He was looking at the passenger
                                                                                           Continued from Page 1
                                                                                           Continued from Pa                           seat as if he saw a fresh body part
     The University of Colorado and the University of Colorado Foundation has
announced that donors have contributed more than $162.5 million for the fiscal year                                                    laying there or a gallon freezer bag
ending on June 30, 2008, the most in the university’s 132-year history.                                                                full of drugs. I turned my head to
     The CU Foundation brought in more than $123.5 million of the record-breaking                                                      look.
total. This marks the second straight year CU has set a record for funds contributed,                                                      "What," he asked, "is that?"
and eclipses the $133.5 million in donations contributed to the university last fiscal     – doctors, high school English teachers,        "That is a stethoscope. I am a nurse
year.                                                                                                                                  and I am on my way to work."
     “Without the generous support of our donors, we simply could not achieve our          policemen – seem to me to be heart-
                                                                                           rendingly young. And cute. I wouldn’t           "Man!" he said, the way he might
academic, research and other immediate and long-term goals,” said CU President
Bruce D. Benson.                                                                           have been the least bit surprised to        have said it if he found out that after
     “State support for higher education has dwindled dramatically in recent years,        come home to find this young man            painting the window frames he would
so private donations are making a huge difference in the lives of our students,            munching on a ham sandwich and              have to wash the windows too.
faculty and staff.                                                                         playing video games with my older               "What’s the matter?" I asked.
     “I am profoundly grateful for everything our donors do for the CU community.”         son; he looked that young and fresh             "I wanted to give you a ticket!"
     While 8.8 percent of CU’s $2.4 billion annual budget comes from state funding,        and sweet.                                      "Well, okay. You can give me a
philanthropic dollars raised account for the equivalent of 6.8 percent.                         Young though he might have been,       ticket."
     Private support for the university is comprised of gifts totaling $123.5 million      I was certain that he took himself              "No, we don’t give nurses tickets
made to the CU Foundation, a 16.4 percent increase over last fiscal year, as well as       and his responsibilities very seriously.    for minor things. As a courtesy."
$39 million made directly to the university.                                                                                               I wondered if he thought that he
     During the last two record-breaking years, donations to the CU Foundation             Instead of saying, as I was tempted,
                                                                                                "Look at you, all dressed up in        might find himself in the hospital
have more than doubled. This reflects a 26 percent increase in the total number of
gifts. This fiscal year, more than 52,000 donors made gifts to the foundation with         your uniform! I bet your mother and         one day with a surgeon standing over
alumni representing 30 percent of the total donors.                                        daddy are so proud of you!"                 him, scalpel poised to cut, and then I
     “The fundraising success is a reflection of the depth of support for the                   I looked up into his handsome          would run into the room and shout,
University of Colorado from thousands of donors from across the nation,” said CU           face and said seriously, "No, Officer, I    "STOP! Do not save this man’s life! He
Foundation Board of Directors Chairman Glenn Porzak. “It is a testament to the             don’t." "You were speeding," he said,       gave me a speeding ticket!"
faith these donors have in the current leadership and direction of the university.”        "and," he sounded as if he was saving           "Oh, now! You just go ahead and
     Donor confidence in the university is translating into unprecedented private          the best for last, "you turned right on     write me a ticket. I deserve it! I have
support for students, faculty, programs and the buildings that facilitate their            red, which is illegal at this               no idea how fast I was driving!"
success.                                                                                   intersection!" He did not say actually          "No ma’am. You can go now," he
     This continued commitment across the entire spectrum of capital projects,                                                         sounded so disappointed.
endowed scholarships, faculty chairs, research and innovative programs makes an            say, "Woo-hoo! Score!" but his
                                                                                           triumphant tone said it for him.                "Now don’t you worry! You go
enormous impact on the sustainability of excellence at CU. Notable gifts this fiscal
year include:                                                                                   "Surely I wasn’t speeding! I might     ahead and write me a ticket! I deserve
     ™The Anschutz Foundation’s $15 million grant to create a Health and Wellness          very well have been rushing a little,       a ticket the way I turned the corner
Center to foster a new culture of health promotion and disease prevention.                 but not speeding!" Speeding sounds          at that speed! Why, I might have killed
     ™ The ALSAM Foundation contributed $11 million to assist with construction            so irresponsible and dangerous.             someone. Please write me a ticket!"
of a new School of Pharmacy building on the University of Colorado Denver                  Rushing just sounds natural.                    "Have a nice day, ma’am."
Anschutz Medical Campus that will be named the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and                    "Were too," he said and I had to           I felt so sorry for him as I waved
Pharmaceutical Sciences.                                                                   bite the inside of my cheek to keep         and pulled back onto the street. I
     ™ On the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus, UCCS alumnus              myself smiling indulgently.                 hoped that there was a nice drug
Bahram Akradi and his company, Life Time Fitness, donated a full complement of                  "May I see your licence and            bust in his future or a bank robbery
fitness equipment for the new student recreation center in addition to cash support                                                    or something exciting.
for the facility.                                                                          registration, ma’am?"
                                                                                                "Certainly, you may," I said and           But really, I was just as glad not
     ™ Of critical importance are the 96 percent of gifts that are less than $2,500,
including the $1,000 Betty Jean Bruno Dance Scholarship, which will be awarded to          clicked on the dome light. I was proud      to have a ticket after all.
an incoming student at the University of Colorado at Boulder who is a declared             that I refrained from saying, as I often
dance major.                                                                               do at home, "It’s a pleasure to do
     Significant milestones:                                                               things when asked so politely." Always
     ™ With direct support from the Foundation, CU’s first Nobel Laureate, Dr.             reinforce good behavior!
Thomas Cech, will return to teaching and research at CU-Boulder in spring 2009.                 "Ah, man!" he cried, as the light
     ™ The Foundation has been able to aid the university in unique ways this year         filled the car.
with two vital real estate purchases for UC Denver and UCCS made on behalf of                   He said it with the exact inflection
CU.                                                                                        my son uses when he finds out that
     ™ The Foundation was instrumental in developing the partnership between                                                                Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal and Michael
CU, the Boettcher Foundation and the Webb-Waring Institute for Biomedical                  he is expected to spend a beautiful         Sowdal have been married 14 years and have
Research, which resulted in a $40 million grant program aimed at advancing                 Saturday morning doing something            six children together. She is a practicing RN
medical research.                                                                          really fun like stripping and painting      and freelance writer.
     ™ Despite a difficult market environment, the endowment investment performance
was up 1 percent for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, compared to a loss of more
than 13 percent in the Standard & Poor’s 500.                                                  AT 10:26 A.M. SANDY HARDWICK
     The University of Colorado is a three-campus system with four locations: the
University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs            BROUGHT HER 57-YEAR-OLD CARDIAC
and the University of Colorado Denver’s downtown Denver campus and Anschutz
Medical Campus in Aurora. More than 55,000 undergraduate and graduate students                     PATIENT BACK TO LIFE.
are pursuing academic opportunities on CU campuses.
     CU is a premier teaching and research university, and is ranked sixth among
public institutions in federal research expenditures by the National Science Foundation.                   WHAT DID YOU
Academic prestige is marked by the university’s four Nobel laureates, seven MacArthur
“genius” Fellows, 18 alumni astronauts, 19 Rhodes Scholars and CU-Boulder’s ranking                   ACCOMPLISH THIS MORNING?
of 11th best public university and 34th best overall university in the world by the          If you’re not satisfied with your answer, maybe you should be looking for a more
Institute for Higher Education.                                                                 satisfying career. Nursing is rewarding in more ways than you think. Starting
     Founded in 1967, the CU Foundation is the nonprofit partner of the University
of Colorado whose mission is to raise, manage and invest private support for the            salaries are high. There are more generous financial aid packages to help you pay
university’s benefit.                                                                         for school. And with over 600,000 openings in the next decade, you’re virtually
     The Foundation’s donors enable CU to reach its full potential to transform lives         guaranteed a job when you graduate. So if you are looking for a second career
through education, research, clinical care and community service. For more information            where you can make a living and make a difference, check out nursing.
about the University of Colorado system and the CU Foundation visit
and                                                                            IF CARING WERE ENOUGH, ANYONE COULD BE A NURSE.
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                            September 8, 2008                                                                           Page 3

                                                                                                resources that will improve their           hospitals and cancer centers, links those
                                                     Navigator                                  outcomes and quality of life.”
                                                                                                     As no cancer experience is the same,
                                                                                                                                            affected by cancer to patient
                                                                                                                                            navigators who serve as personal
                                                     Continued from Page 1
                                                     Continued from Pa                          American Cancer Society patient             guides for patients as they face the
                                                                                                navigators connect patients and             psychological, emotional and financial
              Published                                                                         caregivers with the most appropriate        aspects of their unique cancer
      by Metro Publishing, L.L.C.                                                               programs and services to help improve       experience.
                                                                                                each individual’s access to health care          Patient navigators receive
                  Publisher                                                                     and quality of life.                        national-level training through the
               Steven R. Eldridge                    appointments. Fighting cancer is a              Whether it is getting patients and     American Cancer Society, in                difficult, challenging journey; but with   caregivers the information they need        collaboration with the National Cancer
                                                     the help of trained American Cancer        to make treatment decisions and better      Institute Patient Navigation Research
                    Editor                                                                      understand their disease, helping them      Program navigators, as well as localized
                                                     Society navigators, patients don’t have
                Crystal Beshear                                                                 deal with the day-to-day challenges         training and opportunities for ongoing
                                                     to go through it alone.”                                                          of living with cancer, such as              education.
                                                          The American Cancer Society
               News Consultant                       Patient Navigator Program directly         transportation and insurance issues,             There are currently more than 80
 Dr. Linda Mundorff (Rener) MPH, MSN, ND, RN, NC     connects cancer patients to a cancer       or connecting them with community           American Cancer Society Patient
                                                     education and support specialist –         resources such as support groups,           Navigator Program sites across the U.S.,
                                                     known as a “navigator” – who, through      American Cancer Society patient             including five located in the Denver
                                                     one-on-one relationships, serves as a      navigators can provide help                 area.
                    W riter s
                Douglas Walter                       personal guide to patients and             throughout the disease continuum –               The American Cancer Society
                 Sid Goldwell                        caregivers as they face the                from the time of diagnosis, through         Patient Navigator Program is a
                James Coburn                         psychological, emotional and financial     treatment, into survivorship.               component of the American Cancer
                Elissa Crocker                       challenges that cancer can bring. The      Furthermore, navigators are able to         Society Cancer Resource Network, a
                   Mike Lee                          service is free and confidential, and      increase treatment compliance and           comprehensive offering of free resources
                   Lea Terry                         places an emphasis on assisting the        follow-up care.                             to help patients, survivors, and
                medically underserved.                          “AstraZeneca is thrilled to be the     caregivers manage the impact of
                                                          AstraZeneca’s support will enable     first company to give nationwide,           cancer on their lives by providing
                                                     the launch of a full-time American         large-scale support to the American         information, day-to-day help, and
              Boar d of Commentar y
              Board        Commentary                Cancer Society Patient Navigator           Cancer Society Patient Navigator            emotional support.
                   Eileen Doherty                    Program at Exempla Lutheran Medical        Program,” said Lisa Schoenberg, Vice             The American Cancer Society is
                 Mary Jo Fay, RN, MS                 Center. According to American Cancer       President of Specialty Care,                dedicated to eliminating cancer as a
                    Colleen Folsch                   Society estimates, 18,900 people in        AstraZeneca LP.                             major health problem by saving lives,
                   Virginia Gillispie
                                                     Colorado will be diagnosed with                 “This new program site at Exempla      diminishing suffering and preventing
                     Vicki Jenkins
                 Angela Lash, RN, CM                 cancer in 2008.                            Lutheran Medical Center is a testament      cancer through research, education,
   Dr. Linda Mundorff (Rener) RN, MPH, MSN, ND            The gift is part of a $10 million     to our commitment to provide cancer         advocacy and service.
                Carol Shenold, RN, CIC               pledge by AstraZeneca to the Society       patients with the access to the                  Founded in 1913 and with national
                 Sherry L. Ray, CPCC                 to accelerate development of at least      medicines and care they need to live        headquarters in Atlanta, the Society
             Deresa Claybrook, MS, RHIT              50 new Patient Navigator Program sites     longer, healthier lives.                    has 13 regional Divisions and local
           Vicki Mayfield, M.Ed., RN, LMFT           over a five-year period in communities          “We are proud to support the           offices in 3,400 communities, involving
                                                     throughout the United States.              American Cancer Society Patient             millions of volunteers across the United
                                                          “With funding from AstraZeneca,       Navigator Program in its mission to         States. For more information anytime,
            Classif ied Ad v er tising
            Classified Adv                           the American Cancer Society Patient        improve patient outcomes, not only          call toll free 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit
                  Annette Deckard                    Navigator Program at Exempla               in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, but in              Lutheran Medical Center will enable        communities throughout the country.”             Exempla Healthcare is a not-for-
                                                     us to assist patients with personalized         The American Cancer Society            profit, community-based health care
                                                     community resources and support,” said     Patient Navigator Program provides          system that manages three of Denver’s
            Ad Ser vices Mana g er                   Denise Black-Anderson, CRT, Director,      guidance for cancer patients, survivors     most respected hospitals:
                    Lisa Ngo                         Cancer Service Line and Specialty          and caregivers to help them navigate             Exempla Lutheran Medical Center,            Services at Exempla Lutheran Medical       the cancer experience, with a focus         Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital and
                                                     Center.                                    on eliminating barriers to cancer care      Exempla Good Samaritan Medical
                                                          “This program proactively reaches     for the medically underserved.              Center. Exempla Healthcare is
            Accounts Coordinator
                                                     those patients who are most in need             Formally launched in 2005, the         dedicated to fostering healing and
                Elizabeth Eldridge             of specialized services and support,       Patient Navigator Program, in               health to the people and communities
                                                     providing the critical link to local       collaboration with community-based          it serves.

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                                                     Vaccine                                    in Nevada.
                                                                                                     Coverage also ranged substantially
                                                                                                                                            estimated 14.3 million cases of vaccine-
                                                                                                                                            preventable diseases and 33,500
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                                                     Continued from Pa                          among 14 local areas surveyed.              premature deaths are prevented over
 publication in Colorado.
                                                                                                     The highest estimated coverage         the course of a lifetime.
Opinions expressed in columns and letters                                                       among the local areas for the complete          In addition, vaccination results in
to the editor are not necessarily the opinions                                                  series was 82.2 percent in Philadelphia,    a total savings of $43.3, billion,
of employees, ownership of this newspaper            director of CDC’s National Center for      and the lowest was 69.6 percent in          including $9.9 billion in direct medical
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Page 4                                                                      September 8, 2008                                                          Denver’s Nursing Star

Continued Education
                                                                       independent study modules.         venous access device; Blood          injury.     *     Demonstrate
                                    Program (NRP) Renewal              Read the course and complete       collection from a central            appropriate psychomotor skills
   September                        Course                             the written tests. You will also   venous access device.                related to the care of the
                                                                       need to arrange an RN              Registration fee $495.00 plus        trauma patient including airway
                                     The NRP Renewal Course, a         preceptor at your institution to   $45.00 application due to            management,                spinal
                                    program of the American            precept you in the clinical        BON upon successful                  immobilization,               and
09/12/08 Pediatric                  Academy of Pediatrics and the      skills. You will have 3 months     completion Once Independent          resuscitation of the trauma
Respiratory Symposium               American Heart Association, is     to complete this section.          study course is mailed, there        victim. 19 Continuing Education
                                    designed as a self-study for       Section Two – Laboratory           are no refunds. For more             Contract hours are awarded by
The pediatric respiratory           MDs, RNs, RTs, PAs and             Instruction/Practice Once you      information, visit                   the Emergency Nurses
                                    EMTs who wish to renew their       have completed the self-study           Association for course
symposium will equip
                                    training every two years as an     modules and quizzes, and                                                completion, regardless of
providers of respiratory care       NRP Provider and it is shorter     arranged a preceptor, you will                                          performance on the written
with knowledge and practical        than the standard-length           need to register for a lab                                              exam and skills stations. Full
skills related to the care of the   Provider Course. While this        instruction day. The               Trauma Nursing Core                  registration fee will be refunded
pediatric population. The           renewal course does not            laboratory days are held at        Course (TNCC)                        only if written cancellation is
program will focus on asthma,       guarantee proficiency during       the Clarion Hotel at                                                    received within 7 days prior to
bronchiolitis, chest radiograph     an actual resuscitation, it lays   Centennial Airport, 7770           The Trauma Nursing Core              the course. The textbook fee is
interpretation, and upper           the foundation that enables        Peoria Street, Englewood,          Curriculum (TNCC), a course          non-refundable. No refund will
airway obstruction.                 participants to continue           CO. They are scheduled once        designed by the Emergency            be given for non-attendance,
Continuing Respiratory Care         development of these skills.       a month on or around the           Nurses Association, teaches a        although you may send a
Education will be provided.         Upon successful completion of      15th. You need only attend         core level knowledge and             substitute. The Children’s
Hours are from 7 a.m. to 2          the renewal course an NRP          one. Complete the preceptor        psychomotor skills associated        Hospital reserves the right to
p.m. with various instructors       course completion card will be     form, have it signed, then mail    with the delivery of nursing care    cancel this course in the event
teaching. Cost is $50 to all        issued. YOU MUST TAKE              or fax the registration for the    to trauma and critically ill         of an unforeseen circumstance,
health care professionals.          AND PASS THE WRITTEN               laboratory practice, the quiz      patients. Students will be           or if the minimum acceptable
This class or event is open,        EVALUATION ONLINE                  answers and the preceptor          required to test out of 3            registration is not attained 2
with 100 spaces available.          PRIOR TO CLASS DAY.                form to us. We will email or       psychomotor skills stations and      weeks prior to the course, with
Pre-Registration is required        Contact: Susan Clarke at 720-      fax back your scores and a         complete a multiple choice           a full refund of the registration
for this class or event. For        777-6875 or email Susan at         confirmation of registration       written exam. Upon successful        fee. Contact:
more information, contact             for the                            completion of the course,            Starlight Wagner at 303-861-
Joyce Baker (Wagner) at                                                laboratory practice day. Once      certification is awarded by the      6336. You may also email at:
720-777-4955 or email                                                  the self-study modules,            Emergency Nurses Association                                               quizzes and laboratory             and is valid for four years. Upon    Cost: TCH Staff and ENA
You may also visit                                                     instruction/practicum is           completion of this course,           Members: $175.00 Non-TCH
                                                                       successfully completed you         participants should be able to:      Staff: $190.00 Audit Fee
                                    LPN IV – Independent               will need to validate your         * Demonstrate knowledge of           (Non-RN or Non-testing
                                    Study                              skills in the clinical setting.    pathophysiology as a focus for       participants): $100.00 2000
                                    This 60-hour full IV               Section Three – Clinical skills    the signs and symptoms of            TNCC textbook: $40.00.
                                    Certification course will          validation Complete skills
                                    prepare the LPN to perform         validation check off with your
                                                                       preceptor at your facility.
09/24/08 Making Pain
                                    intravenous therapy and
                                    venous blood collection,           Once all of the skills have        Write for Denver’s Nursing Star
Primary                             through peripheral and central     been successfully
                                                                       demonstrated and signed off,
                                                                                                               Denver’s Nursing Star is designed to share news and
                                    venous catheters, utilizing the                                        information between nursing and healthcare professionals.
A dinner conference to              knowledge, skill and               submit by mail the completed        Experiences and items of personal growth are very important
promote education and               competencies required to           validation skills check off with    features This publication seeks writing submissions from RNs and
awareness about pain                safely perform such therapy        a check or money order made         LPNs, as well as other professionals on informative and timely
management for primary care         in accordance with the             out to the Colorado BON in          topics. Personal experiences are preferred with an emphasis on
professionals. Hosted by            Colorado Nurse Practice Act.       the amount of $45.00 for the        useful information that will instruct readers or may be used in their
Colorado Pain Initiative. Dr.       It has been written for the        IV-2                                practices.
Bill McCarberg Founder,             practicing LPN to allow the        authority. You have 3 months            All material will be reviewed by the editor of Denver’s Nursing
Chronic Pain Management             participant to work at his or      from the date of the                Star and may be edited for clarity or length. Material should be
Program, Kaiser Permanente          her own pace and time. The         laboratory practice date to         submitted to the attention of the editor. Fax information to: 720-
and Wendy Anderson                  participant need only attend       complete this section. Skills to    283-2198. Emails may be sent to
                                    one day of laboratory              be validated with qualified RN          For answers to questions regarding submissions, please call
Program Director, the                                                  preceptor: Peripheral IV            720-283-2209.
Colorado State Board of             instruction and practice. The
                                    rest of the course is to be        starts on 3 adult clients;
Pharmacy. This program is                                              Initiation and monitoring of IV
designed for physicians,            completed on your own time
advanced practice nurses, &         and at your own facility. You      fluid administration on 3                    Want to reach more than
                                                                       clients through peripheral and
physician assistants. For           must be an LPN who holds an
                                    active license without current     central venous access                           80,000 readers?
More Information, Contact                                              devices; Flushes into venous
Colorado Pain Initiative            disciplinary action in Colorado
                                    to register for this course and    access devices designed to
Members Anne Zobec 719-
                                    receive the IV-2 authority.        maintain venous patency for 3          Send us all your continuing education
444-4844 OR CJ Cullinan                                                clients; Administration of pre-
                                    This course is approved by
                                                                       mixed antibiotics via venous             programs and we’ll publish them
                                    the Colorado Board of
                                                                       access device to 3 clients;
                                    Nursing Course Breakdown:
                                    Independent study - 44 Hours       Utilization of IV pumps;                      FREE OF CHARGE!
                                    - Laboratory instruction &         Peripheral venous blood
                                    practicum – 8 Hours - Clinical     sampling on 3 clients;
                                    with preceptor – 8 Hours -         Discontinuation of 1                   Email your continuing education
         Open                       Total = 60 Hours Section One
                                    – Independent Study Once
                                                                       peripheral short device;
                                                                       Documentation of nursing
                                                                                                                   information to us at:
                                                                       actions and observations;  or simply
                                    registration and payment is
Neonatal Resuscitation              received we will mail out the      Sterile dressing change on                fax it to 720-283-2198!
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                     September 8, 2008                                                                                  Page 5

                                            Oklahoma when he met Elle. Early in           win Elle back saying he would keep                 Love is an action word. When said
Love and Lies                               their exchange of information Elle asked
                                            Ryan if he was married or had ever
                                                                                          her better informed and never leave
                                                                                          without communication.
                                                                                                                                        over and over with nothing to back it
                                                                                                                                        up it becomes meaningless. No one is
                                            been married and he replied, “No.” He              Once again he planned to visit;          allowed to intentionally hurt another.
Matters of Life...                          also denied having children. He               sending Elle a confirmation with his          Lies and love are not synonymous; they
Commentary by Vicki L. Mayfield, M.Ed.,     explained to Elle that life in the military   flight information. He later called to        were never designed to bond and no
RN, LMFT                                    did not lend itself to long term              surprise her with a trip to Las Vegas         one, at least no one who is committed
                                            relationships due to his frequent and         for New Years, again sending                  to honesty should accept them as the
                                            often lengthy absences. But he shared         confirmation. Elle was feeling good           new age duo. Lies cause pain by
                                            with her that he was lonely and longed        about the relationship. She and Ryan          themselves but couple them with love
                        The words “I        for someone to share his day to day           talked daily, often for 2 to 3 hours.         and profound pain results.
                        Love You” are       experiences.                                  One evening as she was making plans                Elle’s story is not unique. Countless
                        not as simple            Ryan was stationed in North              and looking forward to his visit, her         couples have sat on the therapy sofa
                        and meaningful      Carolina and returned several days after      phone rang. The caller identified herself     saying, “I Love You” in the midst of
                        as they sound. I    meeting Elle. They talked by web cam,         as, “Jessica, Ryan’s wife.”                   lies and disrespect. I Love You does
                        believe they        telephone, email and text messaging                Elle learned that Ryan and Jessica       not stand alone; it is more than saying
                        were intended       for the next seven months. Ryan had           had been married four years and his           the words, so much more.
                        to       convey     planned a trip to Oklahoma to visit           “emergency deployment” had actually                In his book, The Four Agreements,
                        respect, warmth,    Elle for her 25th birthday but “failed to     been a vacation to Myrtle Beach with          Don Miguel Ruiz, a nagual or guide
Vicki L. Mayfield, h o n e s t y a n d      show;” nor did he call for 15 days.           his wife. Elle also learned Ryan had a        shares his wisdom on love. “If someone
M.Ed., RN, LMFT         sincerity; words         Elle was disappointed and sad. They      4 year old daughter from a previous           is not treating you with love and respect,
                        for      special    had planned several activities and she        relationship. Jessica seemed shocked at       it is a gift if they walk away from
people in our lives. Not words that are     had purchased tickets at his request.         times by Elle’s sharing of her many           you.” In the end, this turned out to be
loosely thrown around without much          Friends and family encouraged her to          web cam and email conversations as            the only gift Ryan ever gave Elle.....and
thought. How disheartening to realize       forget him and move on with her life.         well as Ryan’s profession of intense          while it isn’t what she had wanted, it
these words are also used with                      is this a word??                      love and desire to be with her.               definately is what she needed.
narcissistic, selfish and dishonorable           Ryan phoned Elle on day 16 to say             Ryan telephoned Elle after learning
intentions.                                 he had received an emergency                  of his wife’s discovery, telling her he
    Elle, a 25 year old college educated    deployment to Kuwait and had no               had planned to tell her he was married
professional, employed with a large         access to any type of telephonic              and planning a divorce when he came
fashion firm thought she had met Mr.        equipment. To her friends this sounded        to visit. It really did not matter anymore.
Right when introduced by friends. Ryan,     shady. Early on in their talks Elle shared    The facts were the facts. Elle had asked
a 26 year old Army Special Forces Soldier   with Ryan that due to her past                very specific questions to which Ryan         Vicki L. Mayfield, M.Ed., RN, LMFT is a
, with four years left to serve was         relationship issues as well as                lied. He told her he loved her on many        Marriage and Family Therapist and
delighted to meet Elle. He described        abandonment and lies from her father;         occasions. This is where “I Love You”         Registered Nurse. She has a part time
himself as adventurous, well traveled       honesty was paramount if he was to be         gets confusing; maybe not to the person       private practice and works part time in a
and eager to have someone special in        in her life.                                  who says it but certainly to the person       Behavioral Medicine Department.
his life. Ryan was visiting friends in           Ryan was tenacious in trying to          who receives it.

                                                                                               After many years I realized the          know to be true, what you can control?
Drama vs. Clarity                                                                         toll that took on me emotionally, not
                                                                                          to mention all the times I ran to the
                                                                                                                                        Get clear starting today.

                                            our core values.                              bathroom before I buckled into the
Balance for Life...                              Let’s look at a different perspective.   car.
Commentary by Sherry L. Ray, CPCC           You need to be just as in love with                It was a waste of energy, being a
                                            the people and the job as they are            drama queen kept me from getting
                                            with you. This should be a mutual             focused and clear on the race and             Sherry L. Ray, CPCC is a national speaker,
                                            discussion to gather information.             what I wanted my outcome to be. I             international business/life coach, and a Reiki
                                                 When you can pause and remember          eventually learned to sit in the car on       Master/Teacher.
                                            this it begins to calm you down. This         the grid and visualize a smooth race,
                            T h i n g s     isn’t just about whether they like you        using all the skills I had acquired,
                        happen to us all    it’s also about you liking them.              knowing I knew how to handle it if                   Denver’s Nursing Star
                        day long that            If they want to grill you rather         something did go wrong.
                        can send us into    than have a discussion, then is this a
                                            place you want to really to work?
                                                                                               Here is a very important racing          Board of Commentary
                        panic and drama                                                   phrase to apply towards your life; as
                        mode. In the             Get clear with yourself on the           you lose control and begin to spinout,                Vicki L. Mayfield, M.Ed., RN, LMFT
                        end what does       environment you want to work in               “Where you look is where you land”.                               Martha Collar
Sher r y L. R a y, CPCC spending all the    and don’t settle for anything less;           So if you are in your street car and                              Eileen Doherty
                                                                                                                                                        Mary Jo Fay, RN, MS
                        energy in panic     otherwise you will be miserable.              are thinking I hope I don’t hit that                             Colleen Folsch
and drama really do for you? Do you         Without the drama you are staying in          wall, you will drive right into it.                        Virginia Gillispie, RN, ND
really feel any better? I for one am        your power.                                   DRAMA!! In your everyday life if you                              Vickie Jenkins
usually totally drained, exhausted and           Here is a completely different kind      are hoping the deal won’t fall through,                        Sherry L. Ray, CPCC
                                            of story. I raced cars for 12 years not                                                        Linda Mundorff(Rener), RN, MPH, MSN, NDc
fried for the sake of what?                                                               you won’t trip or that person won’t                         Carol Shenold, RN, CIC
     Several of my clients are in the       in a straight line, but wheel to wheel        quit…it will usually happen. DRAMA!!                         Elizabeth Sowdal, RN
job interviewing process right now.         road racing.                                       Get clear, drive toward the day                     Deresa Claybrook, MS, RHIT
It’s not uncommon for me to receive a            Now there is a place with lots of        you want to have. Avoid all the                                Licia McCurdy, LPN
phone call as they are on their way to      room for drama and fear! Each time            drama you bring on yourself. Have                            Angela Lash, RN, CM
the interview telling me they have          the green flag goes down there is a           an intention, a plan, create the vision,
butterflies and are a bit shook up.         moment (with 30 cars headed into turn         think through the possibilities and be         Opinions expressed in columns and letters
What is that really about?                  1) where you can go to that place of;         ready to handle anything.                      to the editor are not necessarily the
     One typical reason is creating         what if my wheels fall off, what if I              How different would your life be          opinions of employees, ownership of this
drama about being judged in the             crash, what if I look like an idiot,          if you just took the time to get focused       newspaper or the publishing company.
interview. That really hits us and          just to name a few.                           and clear on what is real, what you
Page 6                                                                     September 8, 2008                                                         Denver’s Nursing Star

International Council of                                                                  New study addresses
Nurses announces new CEO                                                                  children, prescription drugs
    The International Council of             remarked, “This is an exciting and
Nurses (ICN) is pleased to announce          challenging time for nurses                      Poison centers reported thousands       our knowledge note extreme danger,
the appointment of David Benton as           everywhere, as governments, health           of very young children accidentally         such as warning that one pill can kill
the new Chief Executive Officer.             systems and international agencies           ingesting opiates prescribed for adults     a young child.”
    David takes over from Judith A           address the human resource crisis and        in their household; most of the                 Researchers studied participating
Oulton who is stepping down after            global health priorities.                    poisonings involved hydrocodone or          RADARS System poison center records
12 years at the helm of ICN.                      “The nursing role is pivotal.           oxycodone, sometimes prescribed as          between January 2003 and June 2006,
    He will take up the post as of           Worldwide nurses are responding with         Lortab, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin        and found 9,179 children were exposed
October 1, 2008.                             innovative solutions which need to be        and many others.                            to a prescription opiate, all of them
    “We look forward to working with         shared, recognized and replicated.               The study is published online in        under the age of six.
David in his new role as CEO, as he               “I look forward to working with         the Annals of Emergency Medicine                These exposures resulted in eight
continues and advances the tremendous        all our partners to generate synergies       (“The Underrecognized Toll of               deaths, 43 life-threatening or disabling
work of Judith Oulton, leading nurses        of innovation and effort that will           Prescription Opioid Abuse on Young          events and 214 prolonged but not life-
and the populations they serve to            improve health outcomes for all and          Children”).                                 threatening effects.
quality health care for all”, stated ICN’s   strengthen our profession.”                      “Young children are naturally               All the deaths occurred in children
President Hiroko Minami.                          Benton has held the post of             curious and most of our reports             under the age of three after exposure
    “His      broad      management          Consultant in Nursing and Health             indicated that the accidental               to methadone, oxycodone and
experience, special expertise in             Policy at ICN since 2005, specialising       overdosing occurred when children           hydrocodone.        Hydrocodone was
professional regulation and education        in regulation, licensing and education.      found lost or discarded tablets, an         responsible for 6,003 poisonings and
are key assets for ICN as we continue             Prior to coming to ICN he filled        open container or partially filled cups     oxycodone was responsible for 2,036
to strive towards our vision of leading      senior management roles across a range       of medication,” said lead study author      poisonings.
societies to better health.”                 of organisations over the past twenty        J. Elise Bailey of the RADARS ®                 “Since one tablet of an opioid may
    CEO designate David Benton               years.                                       (Researched Abuse, Diversion and            be lethal to a young child, we clearly
                                                                                          Addiction-Related Surveillance)             need much better interventions to
                                                                                          System, an operation of the Rocky           prevent further damage and deaths
     Brunko named CMO at                                                                  Mountain Poison and Drug Center –
                                                                                          Denver Health and Hospital Authority
                                                                                                                                      from these powerful drugs.”
                                                                                                                                          Dr. Linda Lawrence, president of
     Flight For Life Colorado                                                             in Denver, CO.
                                                                                              “The effectiveness of child-proof
                                                                                                                                      the American College of Emergency
                                                                                                                                      Physicians, stresses vigilance at home,
    Michael Brunko, MD, attending physician in the St. Anthony Central                    closures is lost when an adult has left     including with visitors.
Hospital Emergency Department, has been named chief medical officer of Flight             even a small amount of the medication           “The best intervention to prevent
For Life Colorado. Flight For Life Colorado has helicopter bases in Denver,               where kids can get it. While                these accidental poisonings is to keep
Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Summit County, Aurora and a fixed-wing aircraft                 medications are often labeled ‘keep         opiates and all drugs far out of reach
based at Centennial Airport.                                                              away from children,’ no products to         of little children,” said Lawrence.
    Brunko has been actively involved in critical care transport on a national
level. He currently is president of the Air Medical Physicians’ Association and
serves on the Board of Directors for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical
Transport Systems (CAMTS).
    Having been at St. Anthony Central Hospital since 1991, he has been medical
                                                                                                    ANA releases
director for the Flight For Life program based at St. Anthony Central, and is only
the fourth physician to serve in that capacity in the program’s 36-year history.
                                                                                               Code of Ethical Conduct
    As chief medical officer, Brunko is responsible for the quality and direction              The American Nurses Association (ANA) along with representatives of unions,
of clinical care, research efforts, evaluation of patient care technologies, and he       health care organizations, educational and licensure bodies, and recruiters joined
will interface with the medical communities served by Flight For Life.                    forces by publicly releasing the Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of
    Established in 1972, Flight For Life is the first civilian airborne emergency         Foreign Educated Nurses. The Code provides voluntary guidelines that aim to
medical service in the nation and has been in continuous service since its                ensure the growing practice of recruiting foreign-educated nurses to the United
inception.                                                                                States is done in a responsible and transparent manner.
                                                                                               “Recruitment of foreign-educated nurses (FENSs) to the United States is growing

           Question of the Week
                                                                                          in response to the U.S. nurse shortage. While there is disagreement over the causes
                                                                                          of the nursing shortage and whether international nurse recruitment is part of the
                                                                                          solution, there is widespread agreement that if it is occurring it should be conducted
                                                                                          in an ethical manner that balances diverse stakeholder interests. Adoption of this
       Will nurses make the biggest                                                       Code will safeguard the rights of FENs and enhance high-quality patient care, both
                                                                                          domestically and abroad,” remarked ANA President Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN,
 difference during presidential election?                                                 CNOR.
                                                                                               ANA has long advocated for the ethical recruitment of foreign-educated nurses.
     A recent study by a Vanderbilt University professor polled RNs on the state          In April 2008, the association filed an amicus brief in New York supporting a motion
 of health care and the importance of the issue in the upcoming election.                 to drop criminal charges against the group of Filipino registered nurses charged
 According to the study, the country’s three million registered nurses could make         with patient endangerment after resigning their positions. These nurses have come
 a difference in the election.                                                            to be known as the “Sentosa nurses.” The nurses had been recruited by the Sentosa
     The study showed nurses are five times as likely to express concerns about           Recruitment Agency to work at specific nursing home facilities on Long Island.
 health care issues than the general public with the majority of those surveyed           When they arrived in the U.S., they discovered they actually were working for a
 seeing health-related issues as the most important problems facing the nation.           staffing agency, Prompt Nurses Employment Agency. Over a period of months, the
 About one-third claimed access to health care and the uninsured as the most              nurses said, the agency refused to pay them according to the terms of their
 pressing health care issue while approximately 28 percent said cost and affordability    contracts. They also said they were not properly trained for their new jobs and were
 of health care is the most critical problem. More than half believe that if all nurses   required to care for more patients than they believed were safe. The Code is designed
 could join together to address one health problem, it would be the number of             to increase transparency and accountability throughout the process of recruitment
 uninsured Americans.                                                                     and provides guidance to health care organizations and recruiters on ways to ensure
     Do you agree with the study’s findings? What do you think is the most                recruitment is not harmful to source countries. In addition to the ANA, the Code
 prominent issue? Do you believe the nation’s nursing workforce could make the            has also been endorsed by numerous groups, the American Association of International
 biggest difference in the 2008 presidential election?                                    Healthcare Recruitment, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the
     Denver’s Nursing Star would like to know your thoughts. Please email your            National Association for Home Care and Hospice, several large recruiters, and
 response, along with your name, nursing credentials, city, and contact information       multiple associations of foreign educated nurses. A copy of the Code is available on
 to or fax it to 720-283-2198.                                ANA’s web site at in the Announcements section.
Page 7                      September 8, 2008                                                                                                          Denver’s Nursing Star

                                     1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING 1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING

                                     LPNs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hire on             NURSING
                                     bonus, excellent wages & benefits.         Libery Mutual Telephonic Case
                                     We are seeking compassionate and           Manager, RN This Telephonic
                                     caring LPN's to join our team. Stop        Medical Case Manager opening is
                                     by to complete an application and see
                                                                                located in our Englewood, CO
                                     what we are about. It's an easy
                                                                                office. Degree from an accredited
                                     commute from north Denver. Life
                                                                                nursing school required (prefer
                                     Care Center of Longmont 2451               Bachelor of Science in Nursing).            Searching for that special nursing or healthcare position
                                     Pratt Street Longmont, CO 80501            Minimum of 3 to 5 years of clinical
                                     E-mail:        lapalma_dobler@             nursing experience, prefer
                                                                                                                            is serious business, avoid the hassles with the classifieds
                            303-776-5000 303-776-
                                                                                previous orthopedic, emergency
                                     7661 (fax) EOE
                                                                                room, critical care, home care or
                                                                                rehab care experience. Must also
                                                                                have a current Colorado registered
                                     Community Hospital in Grand
                                     Junction is currently recruiting for
                                     compassionate and visionary
                                                                                nurse (RN) license. CCM,
                                                                                COHN,m CRRN and bilingual are
                                                                                                                                                         Denver’s Nursing Star
                                                                                a plus. We offer a competitive
                                     individuals for the following
                                     positions: Registered Nurse                compensation and benefit
                                                                                package, including day-one
                                                                                                                                                          Phone (720) 283-2209
                                     Requires CO license and previous
                                     experience in varying areas such
                                     as Surgery, Critical Care (ICU &
                                                                                medical and dental coverage and
                                                                                401(k) with company matching.                                              Fax (720) 283-2198
                                                                                Interested candidates, please
                                     ER), and Med/Surg. Primarily night                                                                           
                                                                                apply      online:    www.liber ty
                                     shift PRN & FT positions. Rad Tech
                                     Must be ARRT registered to       , click on
                                     perform routine diagnostic                 "Search Jobs", and enter 21305BR
                                                                                into the keyworld field. Liberty
                                     procedures and administrative
                                                                                Mutual is an equal opportunity
                                     work. FT, evening positions.
                                                                                employer committed to workforce
                                     Physical Therapist Requires CO
                                     license and previous experience in
                                                                                diversity.                              1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING 1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING
                                     either Home Health or Therapy
                                     Works. Multiple positions available: Nursing positions in a rather busy
                                     FT, PRN. Community Hospital pediatric practice located                             Case Managers Needed!! We have NURSES Reimbursement Nurse
                                     offers medical, dental, and vision alongside Fish Creek in Steamboat               several openings for Intake CM's,
                                                                                                                                                       Assessment Coordinator We are
                                                                           Springs, Colorado. Full time and             both FT & PT. Provides a variety of
                                                                                                                                                       seeking an experienced RN who
                                                                           part time positions available for            mental health and social service case
                                                                                                                                                       is able to oversee every aspect of
                                     MRI Tech, PT/PRN, reg- istered, GE nursing staff with over two years               management services to Medicaidcare and documentation related to
                                     1.5T Signa. Flexible schedule,incl.1/ experience in a pediatric office.            recipients. Services include   the MDS/RAI instruments, and is
                                     2 day Sat. Fax resume to 303-706- Send resumes to Fax:(970)879-                    counseling, assessing client   also able to instruct others in
                                     1199.                                 1972                                         capabilities and developing care plans
                                                                                                                                                       related documentation. The
                                                                                                                        for HCBS and other long term care
                                                                                                                                                       successful candidate will be highly
                                     Physician Health Partners (PHP) was                                                programs. Requires a BA in human
                                                                                                                                                       organized, detail oriented, an
                                                                                C.N.A. Eve.Nt North Star                services related field and at least
                                     founded on the belief that physicians      Community, West Denver LTC, is                                         effective communicator, and able
                                     have the responsibility and the power                                              1 yr exp in mental health or case
                                                                                                                                                       to ensure the accurate and timely
                                                                                increasing our bed capacity so we       management, preferably in single-
                                     to drive quality and more cost-efficient   will need more caregivers! Apply                                       completion of the MDS/RAI
                                     health care for their patients. PHP                                                entry point. Please fax a resume/
                                                                                                                                                       records. Consider this fulltime
                                                                                to Bernice Walking in staffing at       CL to 303-996-1615. EOE
                                     provides the management,                   3185 W Arkansas Ave, Denver                                            position if you want to provide
                                     leadership and services necessary          CO. 303 922 1169. Health, Dental                                       strong leadership in the nursing
                                     to make this mission a reality. We         and 401 K. EOE                                                         arena, and be part of an IGH PAY
                                     partner with physicians who provide                                                NURSES HIGH PAY RN/LPN/PT/ RN/LPN/PT/SLP/RT Veterans
                                     a broad spectrum of care and are                                                   SLP/RT Veterans Encouraged to Encouraged to Apply!!! 303-300-
                                     thereby in the best position to know                                               Apply!!! 303-300-1100 888-303- 1100 888-303-1616
                                                                                LPNs F/T Evening up to $21/hour         1616
                                     each patient as a complete human           BOE Apply in person: Sandalwood
                                     being. We rely upon collaborative          Manor 3835 Harlan St Wheat
                                     relationships with a network of                                                                                               Julia Temple Centeris seeking...
                                                                                Ridge Ph: 303-422-1533 Ask for Caregiver $150 Day Flex. Hrs. No                    a key nurse manager to join our
                                     trusted specialists and ancillary          Patty EEO M/F/V/D
                                     service providers that share our                                           Med exp Nec need several, will                    team. Position is respon- sible for
                                     values and commitment to                                                   train See Sun ad Gen Category                     MDS/Care Plan coordination and
                                     excellent health care.                                                     Sm Fee303.922.2727                                  Medi- care/PPS case manage-
                                                                                                                                                                 ment. We care for the very special
                                                                                                                                                                  Alzheimer's population. Qualified
                                     ACTIVITY ASSISTANT PT activity                                                     RN/LPN: Looking for a full-time RN/        ap- plicant must possess current
                                     assistant for assisted living.                                                                                               Colorado RN li- cense. Prefer 2+
                                                                                                                        LPN for a busy DTC Allergy/
                                     Creative, energetic, self motivated                                                Immunology clinic. Benefits and              years LTC experience and fa-
                                     individual to work with seniors &                                                  401k. Please fax your resume to             miliarity of MDS and Medicare
                                     adults. Must work weekends &                                                       303.770.0912.                             regulations. We will train the right
                                     eves.     Email     resume       to                                                                                              ap- plicant. Apply to 3401 S.
                            or fax                                                                                              Lafayette St. 303-761-0075 fax 303-
                                     303-433-4838, apply at Marycrest                                                                                                       761-2967 e-mail
                                     Assisted Living, 2850 Columbine                                                 Care Specialist for small beautiful
                                     Rd. Denver CO 80221 (53rd &                    You Can Make a                   residential assisted living in
                                                                                                                                                                      RESIDENT ASSESSMENT
                                     Federal) EOE.                                                                   Littleton.       Compassionate,
                                                                                    Difference in the                dependable persons to care for

                                     NURSE LPN Part Time Join the                    Fight Against                   people with memory loss and
                                                                                                                     confusion. Medically qualified
                                     leader in Retirement Housing. The
                                     Meridian is Denver's largest and
                                                                                        Cancer...                    preferred. Call Toby, 303-797- NURSES LPN Full Time Eves
                                                                                                                     3151.                               Caring,      compassion       and
                                     most recognized Retirement                                                                                          competency are very important to
                                     Community Company, providing a
                                     full continuum of care with                    1-800-ACS-2345                                                       our re- sidents. EOE. To join our
                                                                                                                                                         staff please contact Gretchen
                                                                                                                     Q.S. Nurses Corporation Nursing
                                     exclusively private paying nursing
                                     care. Qualified individuals will be
                                                                                             Excellence. Every Shift. CAREER Rehm, D.O.N. ELMS HAVEN
                                                                                                                     FAIR FEBRUARY 8th, 2006 SEE CARE CENTER ph 303-920-5649
                                     those interested in direct
                                                                                                                     YOU THERE! RN's, LPN's Nurse fax 303-450-2800 12080 Bellaire
                                     involvement in the personalized                                                 Recruiters QS Nurses Corporation Way Thornton, CO 80241 One
                                     delivery of resident centered care-
                                                                                                                     and Q Shift Travel Nurses invites block east of Colo. Blvd. on 120th
                                     as part of a luxury residential
                                     Retirement Community. To learn             WANT to make a difference, you to stop by and see them at
                                                                                       be appreciated?               booth #30. We are hiring RNs and
                                     more about the Meridian's unique
                                     opportunities, apply in person or          Looking for caring and personable LPNs Competitive pay, health, NURSES Fulltime RNs or LPN's for
                                     call Alice Johnson at: Englewood           people to work long or short shifts. dental, vision, 401K. FT or PT. All Staff Development/ Med. Records,
                                     Meridian 3455 S Corona                     One-on-one Companion Care for shifts available for Colorado and and for Restorative/MDS positions,
                                                                                 seniors in their homes. Orient &    Nationwide. Nurse Recruiters also at small Alzheimer's facility. Call,
                                     Englewood, CO 80113 303-761-
                                                                                 train with R.N. Care Managers.      needed to place nurses Nationally. visit, or fax, attention: Stephanie
                                                                                  Non Smoker with Valid driver's     Compare our compensation and Silvia, DON Evergreen Terrace
                                                                                 license and auto insurance. Call    benefits package with anyone!! Care Center 1625 Simms Street
                                     RN LPN MA F/T Multispecialty office        303-571-9135; leave name, phone BOOTH #30 @ THE HYATT Lakewood, Colorado (303) 238-
                                     in DTC area. Competitive salary &              number, your location, days      REGENCY TECH CENTER                 8161 fax: (303) 238-2714
                                     benefits. Fax Resume & refs: 303-                   available to work.
                                     796-0304.                                         Care Management &
                                                                                   Resources, Inc. 303-571-9135
                                     Jefferson County Health Dept has the
                                     following open positions: CHN
                                     Supervisor/26-42 Work involves                   RESPITE CASE
                                     supervising nursing and clerical
                                     staff in Maternal Child Health                     MANAGER
                                     Community-Based Programs.                  Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
                                     CHN/26-26 Performs prof nursing            is seeking a CM for clients in its
                                     work providing in-home, office and         Respite Program. Must have good
                                     clinic health care in area of              MVR and reliable transportation in
                                     maternal/child care. A separate            addition to degree in human Services
                                     appl for each position applying for,       field. Position is 32 hrs wk/benefits
                                     apply to Jefferson County HR, 800          eligible @ date of hire. Respond to
                                     Jeffco Pkwy, Suite 140, Golden,  
                                     CO 80401, e-mail: or           or fax to 303.293.3977. EOE M/F/
                                     visit     our      website        at       D/V
                            for more
                                     information. EOE
                                                                                LPN full time eve. shift 2:30pm-11pm.
                                                                                LPN part time night shift 10:30pm-
                                     MEDICAL ASSISTANT Busy internal            7:00am. Great Bens. & Teamwork
                                     medical practice looking for energetic     environment. Please Call Karen
                                     MA certified only & exp. pref'd. Fax       Steinhauser, 303-794-6484.
                                     resume to 303-788-4097.                    HALLMARK NURSING CENTER

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities    FAX (720)283-2198 or Call (720)283-2209 or
                       email ads to adver tising@denv er nur
                                    adv tising@denvernursingstar

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