It is Never BE Too Late for you to Start and Getting WEALTHY by chanlayhar


									It is Never BE Too Late for you to Start and Getting
We can change and control our life with personal discipline and desired.
If you want to get better life for you old age, it wouldn’t be late for you to
start now.

ULE 1: - anyone can make money. Any it is not limited by your age or
any other time factor. All it requires is that you shift your focus to
becoming wealthy and already things will happen without you having to
do anything more. Obviously if you want more than the basic that the
universe is going to give you, you will have to do more. But by shifting
your focus you will set wheels in motion and prosperity will come to you.
And no, this isn’t mumbo jumbo. It’s a universal fact. The fact you do
something – shift your focus – is enough.

No matter how long you have been going along a particular path –
poverty lacks of success, whatever – it doesn’t need much of a shift to
alter course. And altering course can happen no matter how long you
have left it. There is no such thing as too late. It is a bit like being an
ocean-going liner. You may need a lot of space to stop but it doesn’t take
much to get you to change direction. A couple of degrees in the wheel
and you will be on a completely different course within a few miles. In
gaining prosperity, as in most things, there is a tipping point. Once you
have added in those couple of degrees to port or starboard the resulting
change in trajectory gets bigger and bigger in a sort of compound way.

It is also never too late to start investing – in stocks, in shares, in a
pension, in style, in quality, in yourself, in life. Be staying alert and alive
we resist that decline into inactivity and apathy which is such an ageing
attitude, My father (always such as an inspiration) started another
business when he was 65, and not just any old business either – it was in
a new technology which most 50-years olds were having trouble getting
their head round.

However, if you think is it too late, it probably is. The secret is never to
think of that. If you think that you can give up easily then you probably
will. Don’t think it. Look, we came into the book, title “The Rules of
Wealth – by Richard Templar” together to make money – some for you
and some for me. I am going to do my bit, my damnedest, to help you
increase your prosperity. If you think there are any barriers – age, sex,
ability, sex – then you are already batting on a losing wicket. Dump the
preconceptions and trust me. It is never too later to begin. Start now.

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