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									The Future of the Internet
In the 20 years that websites have been available to the public, the Internet has boomed
beyond anyone’s expectations, and no one is really sure where it is going. While there are
plenty of predictions, it’s hard to say if they will come to fruition, or if the Internet will
continue its trend of blowing through expectations. If the experts are right, then here are
some of the things you can come to expect in the coming years.

Mobile Device Prevalence

Mobile devices have gone from simple to nearly as complex as a full computer in the last
few years, and many experts believe that this is going to continue. According to these
experts, the mobile device market is going to take over the laptop and desktop market,
making mobile devices the most common computers available.This prediction has a lot of
weight going for it, considering how in the last few years mobile phones went from toys
of the privileged to necessary devices for business, entertainment and all other walks of

Streaming Media

Some people believe that streaming media will take the place of regular TV packages
offered by DirectTv and other similar companies. In reality, this doesn’t seem so far off,
as streaming media is already gaining a lot of steam. People like being able to see TV and
shows wherever they are, and streaming media lets them do just that.While there are
many restrictions on legal streaming media, it is expected that as this becomes further
adopted, that the problems will be stamped out.

Personal and Work Time Will Be Erased

Go back about 20 or 30 years, and the lines between work and personal time were very
strict and visible. However, as the Internet has become more prevalent, the wall between
the two has thinned.People can now easily work from home, especially with cloud
architecture allowing anyone to log into and use the company’s tools. Experts believe that
soon, people will be working more or they will be unable to escape from work due to
how often the Internet is used.
Unlike the other two future visions of the Internet, this one is not as glamorous, but it
seems just as true. If anyone looks at the last few years, he or she should easily be able to
see this already occurring.

Voice and Touch Improvements

Touch screen and voice-recognition are somewhat common depending on the platform
and computer. However, as the next few years come to pass, voice commands and touch
screens are expected to be integrated into most major computers.While touch screens are
already widely used in mobile phones and tablets, it is a little difficult to say if touch
technology will infiltrate the desktop and laptop market. It seems a little clumsy to use
them on these platforms, but that could easily change in the coming years.

Sophisticated Intellectual Property Theft

While Intellectual property is constantly stolen and placed online, most attempts at doing
this are rather sloppy and easily traceable. As the government continues to crack down on
this, experts believe that the thieves responsible for uploading movies and media will
resort to more sophisticated measures to make it harder to track and remove the theft.This
seems to be a counter-balance that occurs between the two forces, because as one pushes,
the other pushes back harder.The Internet is expected to change in many ways in the
coming years. Some of the changes are good, while others are bad, and it is hard to say if
these changes will be real or just imagined. However, one thing is certain: the Internet is
going to continue impacting everyone’s life for a long time to come.

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