Annual Program Directors Meeting Association of Substance Abuse

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					   Annual Program Directors Meeting
Association of Substance Abuse Providers

               Mike Maples,
          Assistant Commissioner
               MHSA Initiatives

•   Treatment RFP

•   Medicaid Substance Abuse Benefit

•   DDRAC Recommendations Related to
    Border Violence

•   Clinical Management Behavioral Health
    System (CMBHS)
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                          Treatment RFP:
                        Completed Milestones

                    Milestone                   Completed Target
Post 1st RFI document                          January 9, 2009
Conduct stakeholder public meeting             January 27, 2009
Gather feedback from stakeholders              February 9, 2009

Review stakeholder questions, comments, and    February 24, 2009
Identify workgroups and Lead SMEs to address   March 26, 2009
topics and issues regarding scopes of work

Finalize Performance & Activity Measures and   May 26, 2009
Outcomes for review and approval
Post 2nd RFI/RFP document                      September 4, 2009

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                      Treatment RFP: DRAFT
                        Future Milestones

                    Milestone                         Target Date*

RFI/RFP Steering Committee review stakeholder     October 2, 2009
questions, comments, and feedback
Finalize RFP with stakeholder input for RFI/RFP   October 16, 2009
Steering Committee review/approval
CSCU receives and reviews DRAFT RFP then          October 30, 2009
facilitates OGC and HUB review and approval
(needs at least 10 days)
Submit CATRAD form and RFP to Contract Advisory November 6, 2009
Team (CAT) for review and approval (at least 45
days prior to RFP posting date)

*DSHS reserves the right to change the dates as needed
and at the sole direction of DSHS.
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                        Treatment RFP:
                    Future Milestones Con’t

                   Milestone                       Target Date

Post RFP on ESBD                               November 20, 2009
Post Pre-Proposal Conference Announcement on   November 20, 2009
Hold Pre-Proposal Conference                   December 4, 2009

RFP Due Dates/Closing date                     December 18, 2009

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                   Medicaid Substance
                     Abuse Benefit
• Benefit will be an overlay on the current Medicaid
  system: STAR and STAR Plus in those applicable
  service areas (most urban areas); fee for service in non
  managed acre areas (rural areas).

• Project Workgroup continues to work through clinical
  policies. Once policies are developed and reviewed
  internally, there will be an effort to share them with

• Concurrent work on Medicaid state plan amendment is

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                 Medicaid Substance
                   Abuse Benefit
• Workgroups need to be developed to review

• Rate setting needs to occur.

• Outreach and education plans are ongoing.

• Timeline for implementation is still tentatively

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                     DDRAC Border

• Request Emergency SAMSHA Funding
  • Security cameras for border providers
  • Employee Assistance Program for staff
  • Staff training for working with gang members
  • Shoring up treatment programs
  • Continuation and expansion of drug courts
  • Pilot program using Recovery Abuse Coaches as a
    cost effective alternative to treatment

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                    DDRAC Border

• Conduct an impact analysis on the effects of
  drug decriminalization in Mexico
• Invite ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowske to tour
  the border areas
• Request that unused Access to Recovery
  Funds be redirected to border areas
• Request that unused TANF funds be
  redirected to treatment for TANF recipients

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                   CMBHS: Update

• Migration of BHIPS data into CMBHS,
  through July 31, 2009, is complete.
• Incremental data load (data after July 31st)
  will be complete during the second week of
• Connection of Mental Retardation and
  Behavioral Health Outpatient Warehouse
  (MBOW) reports to CMBHS will delay IT
  delivery by several weeks.

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           Substance Abuse Deployment

• Approx. 200 staff from Regions 6 and 7 have
  been trained. Service providers and OSARS
  were included.
• Feedback from the trainees about CMBHS
  and CMBHS training has been very positive.
• The need for refresher training will be
  evaluated and Webinar refreshers will be
  scheduled if needed.

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               CMBHS: NorthSTAR

• Deployment for providers and ValueOptions
  is scheduled for 2010.
• Will include only SA service providers.
• Small user acceptance testing of NorthSTAR-
  related CMBHS functions will be conducted.
• Training will be provided for providers and

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                     Mental Health Services

• Phase 1 - Data from CARE and MBOW will be regularly
  imported into CMBHS, keeping the current data submission
  process for LMHAs unchanged.

• Phase 2 - LMHAs will submit data directly to CMBHS using
  data-sharing standards developed by Nationwide Health
  Information Network (NHIN), a federal HHS initiative to provide
  a secure, nationwide, interoperable information infrastructure to
  connect providers, consumers, and others involved in
  Panel of DSHS staff, providers, and vendors is being assembled
  to develop data-sharing standards for elements not covered by
  the national standards.

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