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Prepositions_ Conjunctions and Interjections


									Conjunctions and Interjections
                    October 2010
Conjunction: Connects words or groups of
Example: We will win or lose the case.
       Coordinating Conjunctions
     but and nor for so or yet
Page 376 Exercise 1

1. And: analyze clues, solve crimes
2. But: they gather evidence, they take it
3. For: analysis must be precise, if it’s not
4. So: the detective must gather evidence
   carefully, every clue remains intact.
Correlative Conjunction: are pairs of
words that connect similar kinds of words
or groups of words.
Example: Either the small van or the bus
 will pick us up.

         Correlative Conjunctions
        both…and      neither…nor
         whether…or either…or
            not only…but also
Page 378 Exercise 2 and 3
    Exercise 2
1.   Not only… but
2.   Either… or
3.   Whether… or
4.   Both… and
5.   Not only…but

    Exercise 3
1.   And
2.   Neither
3.   Either
4.   Either
5.   But also
 Is an exclamation that
  expresses feeling or emotion.
    Example: Oh, we did not
     expect you today.
    Example: Ouch! He stubbed
     his toe!

     Some Common Interjections
    Wow               Whew
    Well      Hey      Aaaack
         Huh Oh     Ugh
      Say       Hmmmmm
Page 382 Exercise 11 # 1-5

    Answers will vary
1.   WOW!
2.   Uh,
3.   Hey,
4.   Well,
5.   Golly,

Page 384 exercise 14 # 1-10
Page 385 exercise 19 # 1-5
Interjection Cartoon

On poster strip please do the following:
You must develop a 4 scene cartoon using
 an interjection in each scene.
Once you have colored and finished slide,
do the following:
Page 380: Ex. 5 #1-5
Page 384: Ex. 13 #1-10

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