LAKE ANNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

           “Linking Together for Success at LAES”                                    February 2012
         Brendan Menuey, Ed.D. - Principal                 Melissa Goddin, M. Ed. – Assistant Principal
                            Main Office: 703-326-3500 Attendance Line: 703-326-3535
   CALENDAR                        Principal Notes
                                       Hooray--we have made it to the half-way point in the 2011-2012 school
Feb. 7 Report cards go home        year. Next Tuesday, Feb. 7, your child will be bringing home his or her
Feb. 8 PTA meeting, 7:00 pm        Progress Report. As you look it over together, please discuss areas in which
Feb. 10 PTA movie night, 6:00      your child is doing well. Ask your child about favorite subjects, activities, and
         pm, (snow date Feb. 24)   times of the day. Then, if there is an area in which your child could do better,
Feb. 16 PTA Dining for Dollar$,
                                   you can develop a plan for improvement together. For example, if your child
        Mamma Lucia’s
Feb. 17 Deadline for Spanish       is struggling in math, maybe part of the problem is that he or she doesn’t have
        Immersion 1st grade        immediate recall of the multiplication facts. So, you might do multiplication
        lottery                    flash cards every night for just ten minutes. Then, as your child reads story
Feb. 17 SCA-mismatched clothing    problems in math aloud to you, talk about what the problem is asking, what
         Day                       are the numbers needed to solve the problem, and which mathematical
Feb. 20 George Washington          operation will be used. Encourage your child to show all of his or her work.
         Birthday Holiday          Then, once the problem is solved, praise your child for his or her hard work
Feb. 28 Interims go home           and remind your child to check it over again.
Mar. 6-8 5th grade writing SOL         We have had several highlights recently. First, we moved more classrooms
Mar. 14 Volunteer Orientation,     at the end of January, and all went well. Our new library is a dream come
          2:00 pm
                                   true—the students can’t stop talking about it! Come take a peek one day when
Mar. 28 SOL Night
                                   you are in school. Also, our own Sra. Bachelet was chosen to travel to
                                   Nicaragua as part of our school’s participation in the Smithsonian’s program
                                   “Bridging the Americas,” an appropriate program for a Spanish Immersion
                                   school. In addition, our Spanish Immersion teachers remain popular as
                                   models of language immersion. They have been visited by many other
                                   schools and districts this year, including those from West Virginia, Utah, and
                                   DC school systems.
                                       We hope that you will join us for “Coffee Talk” on Feb. 23 at 8:45 a.m.
                                   We will be discussing the Art, Music, and PE curricula, and our full-time Art
                                   teacher, Mr. Johnson, will present. Please also plan to come to our PTA
                                   meeting next Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. and to our annual Movie Night on
                                   Friday, Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. We look forward to these and the many other
                                   upcoming events the school and the PTA lead for our wonderful Lake Anne
                                   Dr. Menuey
Picking Up Your Child Early
Parents please remember that if you pick your child up early for any reason before dismissal, make sure to sign
your child out on the computer in the front office under the designated sign out code. It does help us at dismissal.

Volunteer Orientations
We have two final volunteer orientations scheduled for this year. If you would like to volunteer in the school
working with children, you must attend one of these programs. The orientations are scheduled for Feb. 2 at 2:00
pm and March 14 at 2:00 pm. If you have already attended an orientation, no need to attend another. You only
need to attend one for the year.
                  From the Clinic
                   Parents, don’t forget that if your child has had a fever, your child MUST be fever FREE
                   (without medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. This also pertains if your child has
                   been vomiting. Your child must not have had an episode for 24 hours before returning to

Also, children may NOT transport medicine to and from school. A parent must bring the medicine in and complete
an authorization form. If you have any questions, please contact Chris in the Clinic.

Kiss and Ride
Please make sure that your children are ready to get out of the car quickly when arriving at Kiss
and Ride in the morning. They should have their backpack packed and be wearing their coat
while in the car. It is not appropriate to park the car in the Kiss and Ride line; have your
child get dressed, pack up their belongings and then say goodbye. Thank you for helping to
make the Kiss and Ride line flow quickly!
SOL Testing Schedule
                         May 14              May 15             May 16              May 17              May 18
     Grade 3                                                                    Reading (part 1)    Reading (part 2)
     Grade 4            No testing                              Reading
     Grade 5                                Reading
     Grade 6                                                    Reading
                         May 21              May 22             May 23              May 24              May 25
     Grade 3                                                     Math
     Grade 4           Make-ups as            Math                                                   Make-ups as
     Grade 5             needed                                                 Math (5 and 6)         needed
     Grade 6                                                                    Math (6 and 7)
                         May 28            May 29               May 30            May 31                June 1
     Grade 3                             Social Studies                                             Science (online)
     Grade 4                                                                     Social Studies
                     School Holiday                                                (online)
     Grade 5                                                Science (online)
     Grade 6                                                 Social Studies
Team Spotlight
Grade 3
Ashley D’Amico has been teaching at Lake Anne for five years. She teaches 3rd
grade Language Arts and Social Studies. Ashley graduated from West Virginia
University with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, along with a
Bachelors degree in Special Education. Prior to becoming a full time teacher, she
worked in Oregon and Utah as a snowboarding coach for the Youth Olympic
Development Team. Outside of school, Ashley enjoys volunteering at local
animal shelters, playing soccer for Fairfax County's rec team, and loves to read.

Dawn Edwards was born and raised in Michigan. Dawn moved to Virginia and graduated from Marymount
University. She began teaching in Falls Church City and transferred four years ago to Fairfax County. Dawn has
taught first, second, and third graders and finds that each grade is fabulous and unique in it’s own way. Outside of
teaching, Dawn loves traveling to other countries and has been to Australia, Europe, and Asia. She has a love for
exercising and playing on volleyball, basketball, and softball teams.

Sara Erath is a third grade teacher at Lake Anne Elementary, in her first year of teaching. She recently graduated
from the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in
Elementary Education. Sarah grew up in Fairfax County as a student and is now happy to be back as a teacher.
During her free time, Sarah enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.

Gabe Garcia was born in Quito, Ecuador. Gabe started teaching in New York City in 1998 and moved to Virginia
in 2003. He has been part of Lake Anne’s staff since 2005. Gabe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from
New York Institute of Technology and a Masters in Education from Queens College. Before becoming interested
in teaching, Gabe worked as a lighting technician for The Museum of Natural History in New York City. He loves
soccer and in high school was part of the soccer team. Gabe enjoys movies, sweets, and spending time with his

Tony Alston is the Building Supervisor for the school. Tony was born on Feb. 22 in Washington DC where he
lived for 22 years. He has lived in Fairfax County for 27 years and has three children and one grandchild. Tony
enjoys traveling, playing sports, dancing, spending time with his family and the Redskins. Tony has been at LAES
for 7 years.

Rafael Alvarado is the Assistant Building Supervisor. Rafael is from El Salvador and has three children. One
daughter is in the US Army.

Issac Agyepong is from Ghana. Issac works at Dulles Airport after he finishes up working at school.

Carlos Comayagua is also from El Salvador. Carlos owns and operates a cleaning company when not working at

Dong No works part time. He owns and operates a handyman business. His daughter works at FCPS IT and
designed our new dolphin logo!
Innisbrook Fundraiser Limo Ride
Look who were high sellers at the PTA’s Fall gift wrap sale!

Leilani Bayley
Arthur (Quinn) Devens
Kaden Marshall
Marcus Miles
Zane Arseculeratne (not pictured)

            Recycling of Ink Cartridges
            Did you know that the Eco-Team recycles ink cartridges? If you have any, just bring them into the

Educational Websites
Are you looking for some websites that might interest your children? Check out the following websites: is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students
to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school
teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an
interactive way for children to learn. Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while
introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to
enhance understanding. - Students play at home and at school against other students around the world in live
games of mental arithmetic. Each game lasts for 60 seconds and students can play up to 100 games, earning points
for their personal tally. There are 5 levels of play, 20 games on each level. - Learn almost anything for free. With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything
from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 289 practice exercises, we're on a mission to help you learn
what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

                                                 School Hours:
                                           Monday 8:30 am to 12:50 pm
                                           Tuesday 8:30 am to 3:20 pm
PTA News
Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that it is already February! Time to start filling out those Valentines and stock up on pink
frosting for classroom parties! We had a great speaker last month who talked about the definition of Bullying and
how to deal with it. Clarence Jones presented some good lessons for all of us going forward from the playground to
the virtual world.

The PTA is gearing up for a busy month as we plan for the Spring Festival (details to be announced soon along
with a possible change in date). Thank you to Sandra de Leon for stepping up to Chair the event, it really came
down to the wire this year and we will be asking for help to make this event happen. The Board will have a PTA
Member Meeting this month on the 8th of February in the Cafeteria. We hope to see you there! This will be a
business meeting and we will have a chance to explore and discuss plans for the next several months. We hope that
you will take part in shaping the PTA agenda.

As for events, GET READY FOR MOVIE NIGHT!!! Friday, February 10th, will be the Annual Lake Anne
Movie Night, featuring Phineas & Ferb, The Movie, Across the Second Dimension. Please be sure to reserve
your space as we are limited this year due to renovations and make sure to order your pizza ahead of time so we
can plan appropriately. This is always a great family event and the PTA is pleased to provide this opportunity for
kids & families to come together for a stress-free night!

February 16th is Dining for Dollars Night at Mama Lucia’s located in the North Point Shopping Center. We
encourage you to take the night off from cooking and join us for some great food! Thank you to all of the families
who have supported the Dining for Dollars events this year!

Going forward, we will be sending out information on our Direct Fundraiser that will be taking the place of the
Silent Auction and we hope will make up the ground needed to continue providing all of the opportunities that we
can going into the end of the year for field trips, assemblies, equipment and learning opportunities for the students
of LAES. Please look for the information and do what you can to help support this effort. The PTA will also be
sponsoring the First Annual Dolphin Dash! This will be a terrific way to get the kids out and active after a winter
of being indoors. More news to come in the next newsletter.

Finally, I want to personally encourage every parent or family who is a part of the LAES community to become a
member of the PTA if you are not already. We will be sending out membership forms in the Tuesday folder and
hope to get a big response as our numbers are low compared to last year and with the goals we have set for this
year, every member counts! You can help shape the programs and opportunities that we have to offer to the
students and help support the teachers at Lake Anne Elementary. That being said, I also personally encourage the
teachers at Lake Anne Elementary to become members as their voices are critical to directing our efforts.
Thank you again for your ongoing support and please feel free to contact the board through our website at or by leaving a message at the school.

Best regards,
Jenny Stevens, President, LAES PTA
Phone: 703-435-9723
                        CHILDREN’S DENTAL HEALTH MONTH

The two major oral health diseases are tooth decay (dental caries) and gum
(periodontal) disease. Both diseases are influenced by nutrition and diet. Nutrition plays
an important role in the development of teeth and oral tissue. Dental caries result from
the interaction between the tooth, oral bacteria, and dietary carbohydrates (sugar and

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on our teeth and turns the sugars and
starches in our food into acids. These acids act on the tooth enamel and cause tooth
decay. If high-acid producing or sugar foods (raisins, cookies, cakes, potato chips) are
consumed, they should be eaten with meals, not as snacks. Cheeses, popcorn, raw
fruits and vegetables are low-acid producing food and make healthy snacks.

To prevent dental disease, remember to:
   1. Brush teeth after every meal with fluoridated toothpaste.
   2. Floss teeth daily.
   3. Visit the dentist and dental hygienist regularly.
   4. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet.
   5. Avoid foods that stay in the mouth a long time and stick to teeth (raisins, hard
      candies, and caramels).
                          MES DE SALUD DENTAL DE NIÑOS

Las dos enfermedades principales de salud oral son el decaimiento de diente (caries
dental) y la enfermedad (periodontal) de encia. Ambas enfermedades son influenciadas
por nutrición y dieta. La nutrición desempeña un papel importante en el desarrollo de
dientes y tejido oral. Las caries dentales son el resultado de la interacción entre el
diente, las bacterias orales, y los hidratos de carbono alimenticios (azúcar y almidón).

La placa es un residuo pegajoso de bacterias que se forma en nuestros dientes y
convierte los azúcares y almidones en nuestro alimento en ácidos. Estos ácidos actúan
en el esmalte del diente y causan decaimiento de diente. Si la producción de ácido es
alta o las comida de azúcar (pasas, galletas, pasteles, papitas fritas) son consumidas,
estos deberían ser comidos con comidas, no como meriendas. Los quesos, las
palomitas de maíz, las frutas crudas y los vegetales son alimentos que producen bajo
ácido y hacen meriendas sanas.

Para prevenir la enfermedad dental, recuerde:
   1. Cepille sus dientes después de cada comida con pasta de dientes con fluoruro.
   2. Use hilo de seda diariamente.
   3. Visite al dentista y el higienista con regularidad.
   4. Coma una dieta nutricionalmente balanceada.
   5. Evite las comidas que se quedan en la boca por mucho tiempo y se adhieren a
       los dientes (pasas, dulces difíciles, y caramelos).
LAES Shining Stars

On January 10th we held our classroom assemblies to recognize students’ outstanding work
and/or effort. Dr. Menuey and Mrs. Goddin came into each classroom to present certificates to
the following students, who had been nominated by their teachers. The subject focus for
November was Social Studies, and the focus for citizenship was “follows through on
assignments.” Congratulations to all!

                                  Social Studies Award
Kindergarten                       Claire Callaway                     Ava Kazerani
Henry Carter                       Deshannon Cotton                    Diego Maciel
Jordan Corry                       Liliana Hernandez                   Jeremy Nachison
Mia Cralle                         Lucas Loketek                       Matthew Smith
Ethan Freeman                      Colin McQuarrie                     Trey Thompson
Jade Hargrove                      Evan Melnick
Saxon Joyner                       Zachary Merkel                      Fifth Grade
Greta Larne                        Joseph Pushkin                      Miguel Badia
Jayden Loveranes                   Grant Romero                        Julian Bryant
Daniella Pepelko                   Tahmina Spanta                      Francisco Espinoza
Kaden Rivera                       Claire Wilson-Black                 Felipe Jogler-Viera
Soren Romano                       Paul Wright                         Jieli Kasprzak
Isabel Slack-Elwell                                                    Evan Luczko
                                   Third Grade                         Dillon Melnick
First Grade                        Zubaida Abdalla                     Sam Moyle
Trina Auda                         Nick Abuagla                        Javier Orellana-Fernandez
Adriana Barragan                   Tobias Ahearn-Wood                  Joshua Pushkin
Lilia Bhan                         Leilani Bayley                      Renato Roncal
Percival Blair                     Michael Constant                    IzaiahWilliams-Baffoe
Junayd Bokhari                     Georgia Cutrell
Gillian Bushee                     Laura Jamborsky                     Sixth Grade
Madelyn Castro                     Joshua May                          Dora Ahearn-Wood
Kaden Marshall                     Sourimitra Medepalli                Andrew Barrett
Rory Mayhew                        Adrian Merrill                      Hailee Cardenas
Sarah Penry                        Robert Pereira                      Nicholas Castillo
Olivia Pons                        Parker Stas                         Dejah Cotton
Cyrus Rivers                                                           Musaab Elsheikh
Caroline Susla                     Fourth Grade                        Devin Miles
Juan Yanez                         Juanita Agbenouwope                 Ryan Maxwell
Vania Zeledon                      Chiara Ballard                      Iliana Sanchez
                                   Sky Beaumont                        Alexander Stas
Second Grade                       Delina Berhane                      Sirena Ariel Wigfall
Dina Abdon                         Tyler Cariaga                       McKenzie Williams
Carlo Balmoria                     Alex Emmert
Daisya Brown                       Imani Irons
   LAES Shining Stars (cont.)

               Citizenship Award – Follows Through on Assignments

Kindergarten                 Marissa Ciaramella          Brady Nelson
Manuel Aguirre-Martinez      Samuel Diepstraten-Sligar   Liberty Nichols
Angelo Basilio               Catrina Grant               Alyssa Spar
Ahmed Beshir                 K’niya Irving               Matvey Starchenko
Marcos Hernandez             Mikayla Kirr                Steve Zegbe
Sean Lindell                 Ingrid Larne
Rafaella Loreto              Maria Luiza Alves           Fifth Grade
Brice Maxey                  Bianca Natal                Omer Abdullahi
Jacob McMeekin               Ayiana Reed                 Kathleen Boyce
Augustine Nagoya             Briana Reveron              Francisco Espinoza
Lianila Smurda               Omar Saliman                Allison Gonzalez
Kevin Velez                  Kieran Stevens              Dylan Hoyos
Logan Winthers                                           Ina Iceva
                             Third Grade                 Sara Leong
First Grade                  Hannah Carter               Renato Roncal
Nadeem Addish                Hannah Donis                Charlotte Smith
Antonio Alegre               Jackson Hill                Alex Stoffel
Maya Datoc                   Laura Jamborsky             Violet Walker
Angelica Franco Brito        Matthew Moyle               Zainab Yazdani
Ainsley Khatchadurian        Lin Myat
Bryanna Melgar               Krish Patel                 Sixth Grade
Mwaffag Mohamed              Kavin Ram                   Olivia Beckner
Gideon Morrow                Sophie Smith                Cassandra Heslin
Amelia Murn                  Parker Stas                 Samuel Kobayashi
Alejandro Romero Jennissen   Luca Twohie-Crowe           Nico Lagendyk
Ximena Roncal                Audrey Wheeler              Kianti Oengky
Aleksey Svetlichniy                                      Abdelrahman Osman
Renee Timbers                Fourth Grade                Nadia Pazekian
Maxine Yumul                 Christina Alegre            Jordyn Roberts
Leila Zavala                 Chiara Ballard              Jenna Shahid
                             Alberto Calderon            Catalina Smith
Second Grade                 Tyler Cariaga               Felicity Volkman
Zina Abdon                   Alex Emmert                 Youssef Wahba
Diego Badia                  Raquel Espinoza-Galeas
Brian Boyce                  Simon Kanazeh
       Deadline to reserve extended to Mon. 2/6!
   Phineas and Ferb The Movie across the 2                                                                             nd   Dimension

                         Friday, February 10, 6-9pm
                               (Snow date Friday, February 24)
                                             FREE Family-Fun Event in the LAES GYM!
                              Get on your PJs! Grab your blankets and pillows! Make a picnic or purchasefood!
                              Doors open at 6pm and movie begins at 7pm. Space is reserved on a first-come
                               first-serve basis, so RESERVE TICKETS by Monday February 6th! Space will
                                    be set aside for event volunteer families! (Deadline has been extended!)
                                       Volunteer Here:

                              (Volunteer and space will definitely be reserved for your family! – still send in
                              Find More Movie Night Info Here:
                              (See sight for form and where we are in terms of reservation space)

                       For more info: Contact Cindy Kennedy at
  Ticket Reservations – Please return to school ASAP! First Come First Reserved!
  Lake Anne families can request space for up to 2 adults plus the number of children within their family.
  The reservations will be made on a first-come first-serve basis between now and Monday, February
  6th, and you will be notified via email from On the day of the event, you just
  need to give your name at the check-in table and you will receive raffle tickets for each person upon
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cut Here and Return Form Below To School - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lake Anne Elementary 2012 Movie Night Space Reservation Request:
Please indicate for your family the # of adults vs. children for which you need to reserve space:

_______ Adults (up to 2) __________ Children (up to # of kids in family)

Lake Anne student(s)/Sibling Name(s):____________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name(s): _____________________________________________________________
Note: An adult must accompany all children. It is okay if the adult is another Lake Anne parent or guardian.
Email Address:______________________________________________________ (Required for confirmation)
Phone Number:______________________________________________________
Reserve Pizzas – Bring Cash the night of the event to pay for pizzas (Pies only no slices)
Please reserve me: ______Cheese pizza pie(s) at $11         ______Pepperoni pizza pie(s) at $12
Medium square pizzas from Ledo’s Pizza – One medium pizza services 2-4 people
Please Circle One Pizza Pick-up Time:        6:00-6:30 or Intermission (approx 7:45-8pm)
_____Yes, I want to Volunteer!! (Volunteer here - )
(Reserved space is guaranteed for Volunteers and their family! Don’t forget to sign up for a specific spot or we will contact you to
make sure you pick a specific volunteer spot. Up to 25 spots needed!)

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