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Angular Limb Deformity

                         Preoperative views of a 7 mo
                         old yellow lab with an angular
                         deformity of the left front limb.
                         The foot and carpus are rotated
                         outwardly by 90º in relation to the elbow. The limb is shorter (limb
                         length disparity is present). Associated dorsal bowing of the radius is visible and extreme stress on the carpal joint
                         is present. This type of angular deformity occurs following premature closure of the distal ulnar growth plate with
                         continued growth of the distal radius. As the radius continues to grow, under the constraint of the slowed or ar-
                         rested ulnar growth, the bone bows dorsally and the carpus and foot are deviated laterally.

                                                                                                 Postoperative Radiographs

                                                                              Preoperative radiographs (on the left) showing a 90 degree
                                                                              rotational deformity of the left antebrachium. The carpus is
                                                                              twisted (rotational deformity) by 90 degrees compared to the
                                                                              elbow and the radius is bowed dorsally. There is also subluxa-
                                                                              tion present in the elbow.
                                     Preoperative Radiographs
                                                                              Immediate postoperative radiographs (above) with CESF
                                                                              (circular fixator) in place.
                      Wheat Ridge Veterinary Specialists                                                                     2

    Postoperative views showing
    the fixator in place (left) and
    immediately following fixator removal. Limb alignment and
    length are significantly improved. Function and comfort in the limb are excellent.

                                  30 days PO                                                  90 days PO

                                                                      Postoperative radiographs at time of CESF removal (90
Postoperative radiographs at 30 days with the CESF in                 days PO). The limb is straight, the carpus and elbow are in
place. Limb alignment is much improved. Healing of the                alignment. The dorsal radial bowing has been corrected. Par-
osetotomy and distraction sites is progressing.                       tial reduction of the elbow subluxation has been achieved.

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