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Flyers _ Newsletter - Mayfield C


                 Millridge CenterO U N D S F R O M
                                 for Hearing Impaired Mayfield City Schools

                          MILLRIDGE CENTER
                 Millridge Center for Hearing Impaired Mayfield City Schools

                                  February 9, 2012

     MCHI Annual Party                              Chemical Use, Abuse,
      Under the Sea                                and Addiction Awareness
                                                         Wednesday, February 15, 2012
                                                              9:15 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.
                                                             High School Auditorium
             Saturday, March 10                  5th Grade students will be attending this
    American-Croatian Lodge in Eastlake          meeting. Parents are also invited to attend
             $26.00 per person                   this very informative and important meeting.
See flyer on line or in your child’s book bag.

This is our largest fundraiser of the year.
Proceeds provide needed things for our school
and students. Please bring your family and
friends. Please try to solicit donations for
prizes. Your help and support are very
important to our school.

HELP. For the Party, we are asking that
you please send in empty tissue boxes
(cubes) and bags of beans as soon as              Dates to Remember
Flyers & Newsletter                               Thur Feb 9     7-8:30 pm - 4th-5th grade Parent
                                                                 Math Meeting
         On-Line                                  Fri Feb 10     Valentine’s Day parties
                                                  Wed Feb 15     9:15 am – 5th grade Drug
Go to then go
                                                                 Awareness Program -High School
to the MCHI home page. On the left                Thurs Feb 16   Preschool Travels Around the
go to the bottom and click on “Friday                            World
Folders.”                                         Fri Feb 17     4:30-5:30 Market Day pick-up
                                                  Mon Feb 20     President’s Day – no school
                                                  Tues Feb 21    Replacement Monday
                                                  Tues Mar 6     Election Day – Be sure to Vote
The Great Amaryllis Race                          Sat Mar 10     THE PARTY – Under the Sea
For results, be sure to look under “Friday
Folders” and ask your child about the
amaryllis in his or her classroom.
                                                Page 2

       Heinen’s ABC School                                   Preschool Pajama Day
                                                         Preschool students enjoyed pancakes and
        Donation Program                                 wearing pajamas to school.
                   You Can Help!
             Tasteful Reward Members
can elect to have up to 1% of qualified purchases
(September - April)donated to a local school
of your choice.To enroll in Heinen’s Tasteful
Rewards Program go to
or contact customer relations for assistance at
216.475.2300 ext. 2337.

Every September, we invite Tasteful Reward
Members to select their designated school

Last year’s participants may log into their
Heinen’s Tasteful Rewards profile to select
their school. Members need to enter their
e-mail address and their password then click on
“profile” in the top right corner of the page.           We found an earring during the Art Show.
After they enter their profile page they can             If it is yours, please contact us.
select the school of their choice and click
“save” at the bottom of the page. Customers                Needed: Extra Clothing
needing assistance to log into their profile page
may contact our Customer Relations Dept. at              If anyone is getting rid of girls or boy’s
216-475-2300 ext 2337.                                   pants sizes 2-6, we can use them for our
                                                         preschool students. Sweat pants are
Student Fees                                             especially good.
 Student Fees: Fees for the 2011/12 school
  year are now overdue. The fees are:                             Outdoor Recess
        Preschool $29.00
        K - $25                                         It’s cold weather time again. Please make
                                                          sure your child is dressed appropriately to
        Grades 1-5 - $40.                                 participate in outdoor recess (coat, hat,
 Checks should be made payable to                            gloves, boots, and snow pants). All
  Mayfield City Schools.                                  students are expected to go outside when
                                                           the temperature is above 20 degrees or
                                                              the wind chill is above 10 degrees.
Preschool Tuition for Peers
February Preschool tuition is due at this

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