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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ARAB TIMES, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2012
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   No date for trial

 Soldier defers
 ‘plea’ in case
 FORT MEADE, Maryland, Feb 24,
 (AP): An Army private declined to
 enter a plea Thursday to charges he
 engineered the biggest leak of clas-
 sified information in US history.
    Pfc Bradley Manning also
 deferred a choice of whether to be
 tried by a military jury or judge
    Military judge Col Denise Lind
 presided over the 50-minute hear-
                         ing at Fort
                         Meade near
                         Baltimore. She
                         didn’t set a
                         trial date but
                         another court
                         session      for
                         March 15-16.
                         attorney David
                         Coombs pro-
      Manning            posed a trial
                         date sometime
 in April. He said the government’s
 proposed calendar could push the
 start of the trial to Aug 3, a date that
 Coombs said could jeopardize his
 client’s right to a speedy trial.
    Manning has been in pretrial
 confinement since May 2010. He
 faces 22 counts, including aiding
 the enemy. That charge carries a
 maximum penalty of life in prison.
 The others carry a combined maxi-
 mum of more than 150 years.                In this Feb 17, 2006, file photo a group organized by a Muslim leader protest against a Danish newspaper’s publication of inflammatory cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) outside the Danish
    The 24-year-old native of                                                                    Consulate in New York, while around the world Muslim communities erupted in outrage. (AP)
 Oklahoma allegedly gave the anti-
 secrecy website more than 700,000
 documents and video clips.
    Defense lawyers say Manning                                                                                  Intelligence
 was emotionally troubled and
 shouldn’t have had access to classi-
 fied material nor have been sent to
 Iraq for a tour of duty.
    A court-martial defendant can                                                                                                                             NYPD defends ‘tactics’
 defer entering a plea until the start
 of the trial and defer choosing a

                                                                                               Records detail ‘mosques’ spying
 judge or jury until shortly before
 the trial date. Doing so could buy
 the defense more time to investi-
 gate the background of prospective
 jurors or negotiate a deal, said
 Eugene R. Fidell, a former Coast                                                              NEW YORK, Feb 24, (AP): The New
 Guard judge advocate who teaches                                                              York Police Department targeted
 law at Yale.                                                                                  Muslim mosques with tactics normal-                  ‘Crawlers’ gleaned info from inside the houses of worship
                Formal                                                                         ly reserved for criminal organizations,
    The hearing — officially the start
 of Manning’s court martial — was
 more formal than his December
                                                                                               according to newly obtained police
                                                                                               documents that showed police collect-
                                                                                               ing the license plates of worshippers,
                                                                                                                                           Mosques targeted with cameras, informants
                                                                                               monitoring them on surveillance cam-        NEW YORK, Feb 24, (AP): When a             other secret NYPD documents                   ■ Universities including Yale and
 preliminary hearing in the same            US President Barack Obama waves                    eras and cataloging sermons through a
 courtroom. The defendant, his mili-        as he walks on the South Lawn to                                                               Danish     newspaper       published       obtained by The Associated Press,             Columbia have criticized the
                                                                                               network of informants.                      inflammatory cartoons of Prophet           they     show      police   targeting         department for infiltrating Muslim
 tary lawyers and the prosecution           board the Marine One helicopter to
                                            leave    the   White      House  in                   The documents, obtained by The           Muhammad in September 2005,                mosques and their congregations               student groups and trawling their
 lawyers all appeared in military                                                              Associated Press, have come to light
                                            Washington, DC, on Feb 23, en route                                                            Muslim communities around the              with tactics normally reserved for            websites. Police put the names of
 dress uniform by agreement, as                                                                as the NYPD fends off criticism of its      world erupted in outrage. Violent          criminal organizations.                       students and academics in reports
 opposed to the camouflage field                  to Miami, Florida. (AFP)
                                                                                               monitoring of Muslim student groups         mobs took to the streets in the               They did so in ways that brushed           even when they were not suspect-
 uniforms they all wore in                                                                     and its cataloging of mosques and           Middle East. A Somali man even             against — and civil rights lawyers            ed of wrongdoing.
 December.                                                                                     Muslim businesses in nearby Newark,         broke into the cartoonist’s house in       say at times violated — a federal             ■ In Newark, New Jersey, Mayor
    Manning stood when the judge                                                                                                           Denmark with an ax.                        court order restricting how police            Cory Booker said he was offended
 asked him for his plea, then let                   America                                    New Jersey.
                                                                                                  The NYPD’s spokesman, Paul                  In New York, thousands of miles         can gather intelligence.                      by the NYPD’s secret surveillance
 Coombs answer that he would not                                                               Browne, forcefully defended the legal-      (kilometers) away, it was a different         The NYPD Intelligence Division             of his city’s Muslims.
 be entering one Thursday. Aside                                                               ity of those efforts Thursday, telling      story. At the Masjid Al-Falah in           snapped pictures and collected                   On Thursday, US Sen Bob
 from that, Manning appeared calm           Holder defends record: US Attorney                 reporters that its officers may go wher-    Queens, one leader condemned               license plate numbers of congre-              Menendez asked federal authori-
 as he sat at the defense table, large-     General Eric Holder on Thursday defend-            ever the public goes and collect intel-     the cartoons but said Muslims              gants as they arrived to pray.                ties to investigate the NYPD’s sur-
 ly motionless and expressionless.          ed the Justice Department’s record of                                                          should not to resort to violence.          Police mounted cameras on light               veillance of New Jersey’s Muslim
                                                                                               ligence, even outside city limits.          Speaking at the Masjid Dawudi              poles and aimed them at mosques.              communities.
 He looked directly at the judge            financial crime enforcement, while                    The new documents, prepared for
 when she spoke to him and occa-            acknowledging that some of the behavior                                                        mosque in Brooklyn, another called         Plainclothes detectives mapped                   Later, NYPD spokesman Paul
                                                                                               Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly,          on Muslims to speak out against            and photographed mosques and                  Browne insisted that Newark police
 sionally at defense and prosecution        that sparked the financial crisis did not
                                            rise to the level of criminality.
                                                                                               show how the NYPD’s roster of paid          the cartoons, but peacefully.              listed the ethnic makeup of those             were fully aware of the operation.
 lawyers as they stood to address the                                                          informants monitored conversations
 court.                                        Speaking before an audience of about                                                           The sermons, all protected under        who prayed there.                             He did not get into specifics on the
                                            400 students and professors at Columbia            and sermons inside mosques. The             the First Amendment to the                    The documents provide a fuller             case.
    Manning spoke only a half-                                                                 records offer the first glimpse of what     Constitution, were reported back to        picture of the NYPD’s unapologetic               “In this particular case, (the
 dozen times, answering firmly and          University, where he received both under-
                                            graduate and law school degrees, Holder            those informants, known informally as       the NYPD by the department’s net-          approach to protecting the city from          department) did notify Newark offi-
 clearly, “Yes, your honor,” and,                                                              “mosque crawlers,” gleaned from             work of mosque informants. They            terrorism.                                    cials, before and after, and … a
 “No, your honor,” when asked if he         said the Justice Department has taken
                                            “bold, unprecedented steps” toward com-            inside the houses of worship.               were compiled in police intelligence          The AP has reported for months             Newark        liaison   officer   was
 understood the proceedings or had          batting financial crime.                                                                       reports and summarized for Police          that the NYPD infiltrated mosques,            assigned to the NYPD personnel
 any questions.                                                                                            Inflammatory                    Commissioner Raymond Kelly.                eavesdropped in cafes and moni-               when they were in there,” he told
                                               The Obama administration has been
    Compared to the full courtroom          criticized for not bringing more high-pro-            For instance, when a Danish news-           Those documents offer the first         tored Muslim neighborhoods. New               reporters.
 at Manning’s preliminary hearing,          file prosecutions in the aftermath of the          paper published inflammatory car-           glimpse of what the NYPD’s                 Muslim converts who took Arabic                  Earlier, Browne had denied the
 Thursday’s session drew only about         financial crisis.                                  toons of Prophet Muhammad in                informants — known informally as           names were compiled in police                 NYPD used mosque crawlers or
 20 courtroom observers, including             “We’ve found that much of the conduct           September 2005, Muslim communi-             “mosque crawlers” — gleaned from           databases.                                    that     there      was    a    secret
 a half-dozen journalists and some          that led to the financial crisis was unethi-       ties around the world erupted in out-       inside the houses of worship. And,            Recently, the NYPD has come                Demographics Unit that monitored
 Manning supporters. Observers              cal and irresponsible,” Holder said in pre-        rage. Violent mobs took to the streets      along with hundreds of pages of            under fire for its tactics.                   daily life in Muslim communities.
 were warned before the hearing not         pared remarks. (RTRS)                              in the Middle East. A Somali man even
 to fidget, wear sunglasses or sleep                      ❑       ❑        ❑                   broke into the cartoonist’s house in        planning a demonstration, one of the       try. He said police do not violate those      The officials spoke on condition of
 during the hearing — a likely refer-                                                          Denmark with an ax.                         people involved in the discussion          rules.                                        anonymity because they were not
 ence to the preliminary hearing,           Armenian payments law tossed:                         In New York, thousands of miles
                                            A federal appeals court on Thursday                                                            about how to get a permit was, in fact,       His statements were intended to            authorized to discuss the secret pro-
 when Manning supporters did all                                                               away, it was a different story. Muslim      working for the NYPD.                      calm a controversy over a 2007 opera-         grams. But the documents support
 those things in the audience section       struck down a controversial California law
                                            that allowed descendants of 1.5 million            leaders preached peace and urged peo-          “It seems horrible to me that the       tion in which the NYPD mapped and             their claims.
 of wooden court benches. About             Armenians who perished in Turkey nearly            ple to protest lawfully. Write letters to   NYPD is treating an entire religious
 another dozen journalists watched                                                                                                                                                    photographed all of Newark’s                     The effort highlights one of the
                                            a century ago to file claims against life          politicians, they said. Some advocated      community as potential terrorists,” said   mosques and eavesdropped on Muslim            most difficult aspects of policing in
 the proceeding on closed-circuit           insurance companies accused of reneging            boycotting Danish products, burning         civil rights lawyer Jethro Eisenstein,
 television in a nearby building.                                                                                                                                                     businesses. Newark Mayor Cory                 the age of terrorism. Solving crimes
                                            on policies.                                       flags and holding rallies.                  who reviewed some of the documents
    The only outburst was as the                                                                  All of that was permissible under                                                   Booker said he was never told about           isn’t enough; police are expected to
                                               The move came when a specially con-                                                         and is involved in a decades-old class-    the surveillance, which he said offend-       identify would-be terrorists and move
 judge adjourned the hearing.               vened 11-judge panel of the 9th Circuit            law and protected by the Constitution.      action lawsuit against the police
 “Judge, isn’t a soldier required to        Court of Appeals unanimously tossed out            All was reported to the NYPD by its                                                    ed him.                                       in before they can attack.
                                                                                                                                           department for spying on protesters           Booker and his police director                There are no universally agreed upon
 report a war crime?” protester             a class action lawsuit filed against Munich        mosque crawlers and made its way            and political dissidents.
 David Eberhardt of Baltimore said          Re after two of its subsidiaries refused to        into police files for Kelly.                                                           accused the NYPD of misleading them           warning signs for terrorism. Terrorists
 loudly. She didn’t respond.                pay claims.                                           “Imam Shamsi Ali brought up the                         Lawsuit                     by not revealing exactly what they            have used Internet cafes, stayed in hos-
    A 70-year-old member of the                The ruling, written by Judge Susan              topic of the cartoon, condemning              The lawsuit is known as the              were doing. Had they known, they              tels, worked out at gyms, visited travel
 anti-war group Code Pink,                  Graber, said the California law trampled           them. He announced a rally that was to      Handschu case, and a court order in        said it never would have been permit-         agencies, attended student groups and
 Eberhardt was referring to                 on US foreign policy — the exclusive               take place on Sunday (02/05/06) near        that case governs how the NYPD may         ted. But Browne said Newark police            prayed at mosques. So the NYPD mon-
 Manning’s alleged leaking of a             jurisdiction of the federal government.            the United Nations. He asked that           collect intelligence.                      were told before and after the opera-         itored those areas. In doing so, they
 video showing the 2007 Apache                 The California Legislature labeled the          everyone to attend if possible and            Eisenstein said the documents prove      tion and knew exactly what it entailed.       monitored many innocent people as
 helicopter attack in Iraq that killed      Armenian deaths as genocide, a term the            reminded everyone to keep their poise       the NYPD has violated those rules.            Kelly, the police commissioner, and        they went about their daily lives.
 a Reuters news photographer and            Turkish government vehemently argued                                                                                                      Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been                Using plainclothes officers from the
                                            was wrongly applied during a time of civil         if they can make it,” one report read.        “This is a flat-out violation,”
 his driver. The government says it                                                               At the Muslim Center of New York         Eisenstein said. “This is a smoking        emphatic that police only follow legit-       squad known as the Demographics
                                            unrest in the country.                                                                                                                    imate leads of criminal activity and do       Unit, police swept Muslim neighbor-
 was accidental.                               The court noted the issue is so fraught         in Queens, the report said,                 gun.”
    The judge, Col Denise Lind, also        with politics that President Barack                “Mohammad Tariq Sherwani led the              Browne, the NYPD spokesman, did          not conduct preventive surveillance in        hoods and catalogued the location of
 presided over the court martial in         Obama studiously avoided using the word            prayer service and urged those in           not discuss specific investigations        ethnic communities.                           mosques. The ethnic makeup of each
 2010 of Lt Col Terrence Lakin, a           “genocide” during a commemorative                  attendance to participate in a demon-       Thursday but told reporters that,             Former and current law enforce-            congregation was logged as police
 doctor who was convicted of refus-         speech in April 2010 noting the Armenian           stration at the United Nations on           because of the Handschu case, the          ment officials either involved in or          fanned out across the city and outside
 ing to obey orders after he refused        deaths.                                            Sunday.”                                    NYPD operates under stricter rules         with direct knowledge of these pro-           their jurisdiction, into suburban Long
 to deploy to Afghanistan because              The tortured legal saga began in 2000              When one Muslim leader suggested         than any other department in the coun-     grams say they did not follow leads.          Island and areas of New Jersey.
 he questioned whether President            when the California Legislature passed a
 Barack Obama was born in the               law enabling Armenian heirs to file claims
 United States.                             with insurance companies for policies
    At the a preliminary hearing in         sold around the turn of the 20th century. It
 December, cmilitary prosecutors            gave the heirs until 2010 to file lawsuits
                                            over unpaid insurance benefits. (AP)           over the tape and other personal items the                                                 of a North Carolina courthouse. Hunter          although it was mutually agreed that cer-
 produced evidence that Manning                                                            couple said she left in a box of trash while                                               has long wanted the tapes destroyed.            tain materials should, per the court’s
 downloaded and electronically                            ❑       ❑       ❑                they were helping her hide out as the for-                                                    “We are very pleased that this settle-       order, be destroyed,” lawyer David Pishko
 transferred to WikiLeaks nearly            Sex tape to be destroyed: The pur-             mer North Carolina senator ran for the                                                     ment achieved all that she had ever hoped       said.
 half a million sensitive battlefield       ported sex tape of former presidential can-    White House.                                                                               to achieve with this lawsuit,” said Allison        The Youngs also agreed not to talk pub-
 reports from Iraq and Afghanistan,         didate John Edwards and his mistress              Hunter lived with the Youngs while she                                                  Van Laningham, one of Hunter’s lawyers.         licly about the tape or the other items,
 hundreds of thousands of diplomat-         will be destroyed within 30 days after a       was pregnant with Edwards’ baby, and                                                          A lawyer for the Youngs said they were       which include photos of Hunter in a bikini
 ic cables, and the video from the          lawsuit over who owned the tape was set-       Young initially said he was the father.                                                    pleased with the settlement.                    as well as picture of her with her child.
 Army helicopter, which WikiLeaks           tled Thursday.                                    In the settlement, the Youngs agreed to                                                    “There were no ‘winners’ as such, in         There is also a tape of Frances Quinn
 dubbed “Collateral Murder.”                   Rielle Hunter sued former Edwards           give up their claim on the tape and other                                                  that each side had returned back to it that     Hunter’s birth. She turns 4 years old on
                                            aide Andrew Young and his wife in 2010         property, which has been held in the vault         Holder                Edwards           which it believed was its own property,         Monday. (AP)

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