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									Northeast Mississippi
Community College
 Overview of Instruction and
      Student Services

   The purpose of Northeast Mississippi Community College is
   clearly specified in policy established by the Board of Trustees.

                                                             Northeast Procedures Manual 02-03
                                                         Section 100: Basic College Foundations

                    PURPOSE STATEMENT

    The Northeast Mississippi Community College is a public, comprehensive community
college that exists to meet the educational and vocational needs of individual students and
the community within the district it serves – Alcorn, Prentiss, Tippah, Tishomingo, and
Union Counties – by awarding the Associate in Arts Degree, Associate in Applied Science
Degree, and Certificate. Beyond this original scope, however, Northeast responds to the
needs of all who seek a college education.

     To accomplish the intended role and scope of the college, the
     following institutional goals were established:

1.   To provide degree and certificate programs that prepare students for
     continued studies or immediate employment.

2.   To provide a program of student services that will facilitate the educational,
     vocational, personal, and social growth of students.

3.   To provide developmental studies within the curriculum to strengthen the
     basic skills of students.

4.   To offer continuing education and community services by providing classes,
     workshops, seminars, and/or facilities.

5.   To provide employer-driven, industry-specific workforce education and
     training to business, industry, and individuals.

6.   To provide human resources, financial resources, instructional resources, and
     physical facilities necessary to offer quality instruction.

                                                                     (Board Policy – 132)

The College is organized into three (3) major

1.   Community and Economic Development

2.   Finance

3.   Instruction and Student Services

The following chart is the
  Organization Chart for
 Instruction and Student

              Overview of

      Northeast Procedures Manual

     To access this information see:


         Select: “Publications”

Click on: “2005-2006 Procedures Manual “
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SECTION            TITLE
  132         Purpose Statement

  306      Conditions of Employment

  319        Standards of Conduct

  334            Leave Policy

  371     Employee Evaluation Process

  400              Syllabus

  440           Grading Policy

  464          Distance Learning

  724             Purchasing

  765          Safety Regulation      7
                             WHO TO SEE AT NORTHEAST
SUBJECT                          PERSON            LOCATION            PHONE

Advising                         Tommye Walker     Waller Hall         662-720-7204

ACT Testing                      Tommye Walker     Waller Hall         662-720-7204

Admission Information            Lynn Gibson       104 Estes Hall      662-720-7239

Health Sciences/Allied           Rilla Jones       111 Childers Hall   662-720-7388

Athletics                        Ricky Ford        103 Estes Hall      662-720-7302

Band (Marching)                  Robert Plunkett   13 Hines Hall       662-720-7360

Bookstore                        Mitch McBride     Frank Haney Union   662-720-7243

Business Programs                Susan Graham      125 Gordon Hall     662-720-7424

Campus Tours                     Georgie Carroll   101 Estes Hall      662-720-7591

Campus Country                   Jerry Rains       20 Hines Hall       662-720-7320

Career Information               Tommye Walker     Waller Hall         662-720-7204

Change of Major/Field of Study   Shannon Tucker    104 Estes Hall      662-720-7290

Change of Name/Address           Jan Taylor        106 Estes Hall      662-720-7187

Cheerleading                     Ricky Ford        103 Estes Hall      662-720-7302

Child Care                       Sandra Ford       Waller Hall         662-720-7214
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                                   WHO TO SEE AT NORTHEAST
SUBJECT                    PERSON              LOCATION            PHONE

Chorus                     Bob Taylor          63 Hines Hall               662-720-7228

Continuing Education       Angie Langley       134 Hargett Hall            662-720-7249

Cooperative Education      Tommye Walker       Waller Hall                 662-720-7204

Dean of Instruction        Larry Nabors        122 Hargett Hall            662-720-7375

Dean of Students           Larry Nabors        125 Estes Hall              662-720-7207

Distancing Learning        Jenniffer Wamsley   133 Hargett Hall            662-720-7499
      (Internet Classes)

Engineering Technology                         107 Dean Hall               662-720-7299

Evening College            Larry Nabors        122 Hargett Hall            662-720-7375

Fee Payments               Seleta Howell       138 Stringer Hall           662-720-7340

Financial Aid              Janice Prather      105 Estes Hall              662-720-7210

Fine Arts                  Jerry Rains         20 Hines Hall               662-720-7320

Identification Cards       Brenda Green        Haney Union                 662-720-7311

Humanities and             Kathy Green         144 Anderson Hall           662-720-7267
  Social Sciences

Library                    Carol Killough      Eula Dees Library           662-720-7408

Math & Sciences            Kay Crow            103 McCoy Hall              662-720-7332   9

Nursing                    Becky West          112 Childers Hall           662-720-7236
                              WHO TO SEE AT NORTHEAST
SUBJECT                     PERSON                 LOCATION            PHONE

Parking Tickets             Brenda Green           Haney Union         662-720-7311

Pom Squad                   Robert Plunkett        Hines Hall          662-720-3600

Publications                Tony Finch             Frank Haney Union   662-720-7304
Occupational Education                             107 Dean Hall       662-720-7299

Student Employment          Dan Rupert             228 Waller Hall     662-720-7412

Student Housing             Brenda Green           Haney Union         662-720-7311

Tech Prep                   Ritchie Williams       122 Hargett Hall    662-720-7312

Testing                     Tommye Walker          Waller Hall         662-720-7204

Tiger Dancer                Robert Plunkett        13 Hines Hall       662-720-7360

Transfer Assistance         Tommye Walker          Waller Hall         662-720-7204

Tutorial Assistance         Tommye Walker          Waller Hall         662-720-7204

Veterans Affairs/Benefits   Chassie Kelly          Estes Hall          662-720-7262

Vice President of           Donald Sweeney         114 Stringer Hall   662-720-7235
   Instruction/Student Services

Weekend College             Larry Nabors           122 Hargett Hall    662-720-7375

Work Study                  Janice Prather         105 Estes Hall      662-720-7210

                                               1-800-555-2154                         10
                             Faculty Job Description

The individual instructor is the key component in accomplishing the educational goals of
the college. The instructor’s attitude, personality, knowledge, skills, and motivation
contribute to the creation of an effective learning environment. The three primary roles
of the faculty are distributed across teaching, advising, and service/scholarship functions.
The percentage of time spent in each role will vary based on the individual teaching
assignment. The teaching, advising, and service/scholarship roles have core
components that delineate specific responsibilities and attributes necessary for quality
instruction. Some of these components are listed as follows.


In order to provide effective teaching, the faculty member will:

1.    Consistently display knowledge of the subject matter commensurate with the
      requirements of the course being taught.
2.    Regularly review and revise student goals, objectives, and course expectations;
      and ensure that these agree with published documents (syllabi, college catalog,
3.    Communicate course goals and expectations to the students and assign grades on
      the basis of these expectations.
4.    Maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.
5.    Prepare and administer relevant learning experiences, using a variety of
      instructional methods (lectures, discussions, illustrations, rehearsals, laboratory
      work, etc.) to encourage student participation and foster independent learning.
6.    Construct and administer assessments and evaluations of student outcomes. The
      assessment results will be used to improve learning and the instructional process.
7.    Encourage students and implement procedures that enhance retention.
8.    Meet all classes regularly and promptly and manage student records (e.g., grades
      and attendance) for instructional and administrative use.
9.    Maintain regular office hours and be available for individual student conferences.
10.   Relate to students in a professional manner.
11.   Continue professional development and education in their discipline and share
      their professional knowledge and expertise with other educators.
12.   Help review and revise library holdings (both hard copy and electronic) in their
      area of expertise.                                                                    12

In order to advise students effectively, the faculty member will:

1.    Provide advisees with current information regarding their particular program of
      study, including required coursework, degree requirements, transfer
      requirements, job placement, scholarships, and career opportunities.
2.    Be available to advisees during posted conference periods or for scheduled
3.    Review student academic records and learning history (ACT scores, transcripts,
      placement scores, learning problems, etc.) and use this information to help the
      student plan their curriculum and schedule their courses in order to complete the
      planned course of study.
4.    Periodically review student academic progress and provide academic counseling
      and/or referral services for students who require academic intervention - (Student
      Success Center).
5.    Show concern/patience in assisting students with unfamiliar tasks and maintain
      student confidentiality.
6.    Maintain accurate records of student progress and implement procedures to
      enhance retention.
7.    Assist with recruiting prospective students by letters, phone calls, etc.
8.    Make students aware of college and professional clubs and organizations,
      particularly those that are related to their major.


In order to fulfill the service/scholarship role, the faculty member may engage in some or
all of the following activities:

     Participate in faculty, division, and college committee meetings.
     Sponsor and advise student organizations/clubs as needed.
     Keep abreast of current educational trends and innovations through professional
      development activities including conferences, workshops, and memberships in
      professional organizations.
     Evaluate and revise the instructional goals of the division and/or college in order
      to ensure continued educational progress and maintain accreditation of programs.
     Participate in faculty orientation, advisor meetings, recruitment/retention efforts;
      summer orientation, registration, and other college events.
     Pursue funding for special programs and/or innovations by writing grant proposals
      at the local, state, and federal level.
     Function as an effective NEMCC public relations representative to community, the
      local area high schools, and four-year educational institutions.
     Pursue scholarly activities and/or studies designed to enhance learning,
      instructional methods, and teaching philosophy in order to provide the most
      effective teaching for our students.
     Present and/or publish original research at professional conferences or in
      professional journals or books.


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