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									Locksmith Equipment For Lock Picking

By Ianne Mazzello

Lock picking is the process of analyzing and manipulating the mechanism of the lock device
without making use of the original key. While it is true that it can be related with criminal
purpose, it is also an essential skill for a locksmith. When you say lock picking, it means that you
open the lock without damaging the lock which will later allow it to be rekeyed. This is very
important with antique locks because it will be impossible to replace them in case a destructive
method is used.

A conventional pick set comprises of torsion wrench, twist-flex torsion wrench, offset diamond
pick, half diamond pick, ball pick, short hook, medium hook, saw rake and snake rake. There are
actually a couple of pick sets to choose from like pocket knife type pick sets, stainless steel hand
pick sets, spring steel hand pick sets and specialty hand pick sets. All of which are compact and
handy. These are ideal for simple tasks of lock picking.

If you are not the traditional type then you may want to try some electric picks. They are a lot
pricier but a lot of locksmiths prefer them because they allow you to do the job faster. If you
want something cheaper (they are almost half the price of electric pick guns), you can go for
pick or snap guns. Pick guns can be used to open most pin tumbler locks and it can work as fast
as 2 seconds to a few minutes depending how fast the locksmith is. Of course it takes time to
practice. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to open locks.

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