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How to write ebook and publish it. tips to write ebook and publish it.

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note�from�jenny:             how�to
This book is only
24 pages long and will
take you 10 minutes to
read. Feel free to print

and write any notes. If
you follow this process,
you will have a book at
the end of the day. I
spent my day writing this
book and teaching you
everything it took me        an�eBook�in�
years to learn. Good luck.
Email me when you’re
finished. I can’t wait to
hear about your book.
You Can Do It!

                             how to write & publish an eBook in ONE day
                             © Copyright 2010 by Jenny Holmes
                             All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced,
                             stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means,
                             electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise
                             without written permission from the author.
                             ISBN # 978-0-9845794-4-0
                             Printed in the United States of America
                             The Publishing Place

              This book offers easy to follow steps for writing
              a book, formatting it as an eBook, publishing
              to Amazon for sales AND instructions on how
              to market your book on facebook.

              Let’s face it. You’ve had an idea for a book for
              years and just need someone to push you to
              sit down, write it and publish it. This book will
              help you organize YOUR book in just one day
              so you can publish it electronically or for print.
              Yes, you could keep writing, revising, adding to,
              deleting, editing and re-editing, but you already
              know you want to say and it’s time to stop
              dragging this writing gig on for another 20 years.
              The longer you write on it, the more things you are
              going to change. So why not write it, publish it
              and start making money? Then, if you decide
              to change something, do the revision.

              This writing plan is geared toward non-fiction books,
              but could be a great tool for fiction writers who need
              help staying on task.

           1 day

           5 sheets of plain printer paper

           a chair in front of a computer and a word
           program opened and ready to be typed on

           a good friend (second set of eyes) on standby
           to get an email copy of your book who will agree
           to drop everything and review/edit/proof

           Credit card with $125 availability to purchase
           your ISBN if you plan to make available for
           sell on Amazon.

           coffee . . . lots of coffee
           There is a suggested timeframe for each task.
           Some steps are on paper
           Some in your word document on your computer


   1       Book Title                5 minutes
           Write down your “Working Title.” If you have had an
           idea for a book you want to write, you probably have
           already spent some time trying to think of that perfect
           title. Maybe you haven’t thought of it yet, but it doesn’t
           matter, we’ll get to that later. Right now, write down
           your working title of the book.

  2     Phone a friend (or email):                       5 minutes
        Email 2 or 3 of your creative friends and tell them about
        your book. Tell them you are writing a book today and
        need a clever title (that isn’t already being used) and
        maybe a tagline and ask them to email you all of their
        ideas by noon today. Post it on facebook if you want –
        generate some buzz early! Offer to buy a frappy latte
        whipped cap to the person who picks the best title.

3                                                     5 minutes
         Write down 10 Things you know about your topic
         Nothing fancy. Just off the top of your head - the first 10
         things you think of.

 4      Now write down 10 more.   10 minutes

 5        Type your topic list.                    10 minutes
          Now it’s time to open Word. Type your list of 10 – 20 topics
          If a few more topics come to mind, type those too.

 8        Edit your printed book                   30 minutes
          Get your printed copy and a pen and sit down and read
          what you have written. Make corrections, additions. This
          is your first edit.

 7        Get your ISBN                    10 minutes
          This is the number that identifies your book and is
          standard worldwide. This is how you make your book
          available for sales worldwide both online and in bookstores.
          If you order this from, you can get a single
          ISBN for $125. There are other sites that sell them at
          varying rates (publishers who purchased in bulk and selling
          to make a little profit). I suggest sticking with
          And if you think you are going to publish more books, you
          might as well buy 10 at a time for a little over $300. Details
          on Bowker’s website. This number will go on your
          copyright page. (We’ll create that soon.)

          NOTE about ISBN number. If you want to write and publish
          this book and create a PDF for others to view, you don’t have
          to have an ISBN, but if you want to make it available for sale,
          you need to purchase this number.

          Now back to the book. It’s good to step away from your
          writing and then come back to it. You had coffee, took care
          of business by getting your ISBN, now you are ready to edit.

                                    1-2 hours
         Write at least one paragraph for each topic.
         Under each topic, start writing. Pretend you are telling a story.
         Write in your own style, your own voice. Don’t stop to correct
         anything, just write whatever comes to your mind. Your mind
         will create a flow that will result in your intended message.
         Make complete sentences. It’s called free writing.

         Just freely write what comes to your mind. Don’t go back and
         read what you wrote right now. Just write. When you are done
         with all the thoughts on one topic, move on to the next.

         Plan to write for 5 - 10 minutes on each topic.

         TIP: Stuck on one topic, move to another. Then go back. If you
         don’t have much to say about that topic, maybe it isn’t a chapter
         of its own.

         If you find you have more to say and you write more than 2
         hours, that is fine, as long as you are still writing new things
         and not going back to read!
        Space down so each topic is on its own page (or 2).
        Save. Print your book. Set aside.

                        COFFEE BREAK

9                                  30 minutes
        Chapter Titles: Clever or NOT
        Still working on the printed copy, look at each ‘topic’ and
        give it a real title. Maybe you plan to use clever song lyrics
        or phrases or maybe your topics EXACTLY as you have
        written them are perfect titles. Write new titles at the top
        of each page or circle what you already have to confirm
        it’s a keeper.

 10       Sort your book                         30 minutes
          Maybe when you listed the topics, you listed in order of
          importance in the book. But maybe when you did your free
          writing, you wrote something really clever that rose to the
          top as the best first chapter in the book – or the best final
          chapter. So spread your papers out on the floor, sort in
          order of the flow as you see it, then go through and number
          each topic in the order you would like to see them in the book.

11         Make edits official                    30 minutes
           With your printed, edited copy in front of you, go to your
           word document to make corrections, rewrites and additions
           on each topic. If you see something you now realize was
           just totally stupid, remove it or reword it.

           -Go page by page to edit
           -change topics to chapter TITLES and
           -cut and paste to rearrange the order of the chapters.

            Spell Check.
            Save. Print your book. Set aside.

14         Make Final Changes                       30 minutes
           Time to go through your newly edited pages or any
           changes from your editing buddy. This is you, round 3,
           cleaning up the copy and finalizing your book. Always
           go with your ‘gut’ when you view your buddy’s edits.
           If what they suggest makes something sound better,
           change it. If you like what you had better - don’t.
           It’s YOUR book.

           And by now, you should add your REAL book title.
           Whether suggested by friends or you dreamed up
           yourself, it’s time to choose. You can google or check
           Amazon. There are so many books out there, sometimes
           you will pick a similar one, but throw in a tagline, change
           a word or two and make it your own.

            Get more coffee!
            Crank up some Lady Gaga.
            You are about to become a
            published author. Woohoo!

 13      Reread your book: Edit #2                        30 minutes
         Get your newly printed copy and a pen and go through the
         book again. You are reading for flow, content and titles. You
         might decide to expound or add a chapter. By now, it is really
         close to perfect. If you work on it for another year, you are
         are just going to rearrange some words and will probably not
         add anything profound or better. Right now, you know
         EVERYTHING you need to know and to say.

         Simultaneously: Phone Another Friend
         (Email them your book!)

         Email the book to that editing buddy that you lined up prior to
         today who is prepared to look over your book and make any
         suggestions or recommendations in your quick turnaround
         timeframe. Don’t let them edit you out or change your voice,
         but be receptive to their ‘first-time-I-read-it feedback’ and
         judiciously review their changes, suggestions or corrections.

         Need a pep talk?
         You are 2 steps away from becoming a published author.
         Your buddy is editing, you are doing a final edit and in
         just a few minutes, you will make your final changes,
         format and publish to Amazon. If you need some
         encouragement RIGHT now, text me. 606.923.3371

12       Create a Copyright Page
         The following copy goes on the copyright page:
                                                          5 minutes

         (Name of book)
         © Copyright 2010 by (Author’s name)
         All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced,
         stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means,
         electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise
         without written permission from the author.
         ISBN # (the one you just purchased)
         Printed in (the United States of America)
         (My publishing company name)

         TIP: about filing a copyright – do or do not.
         Paying a fee to copyright a book is NOT required. The copyright
         Amendment Act of 1989 says that even unofficially copyrighted
         creative works have a built-in ‘copyright’ affect allowing the author
         to claim their originality without a form filing. However, if you
         choose to copyright your book, go to
         It costs $35.

15       Final formatting                        20 minutes
         Go to Document Setup and add up to 7 blank pages prior to
         the first page of your book.

         Page 1: If you have some art or some cover design, it goes
         on the first page. (not required. or use typography as a quick

         Page 2: Title of the book, Author of the book (you can look at
         the inside of other books you own.)

         Page 3: Add your copyright page with your ISBN.
         (format on page 12 of this book)

         OPTIONAL pages:

         Page 4: Contents Page

         Page 5: Acknowledgment Page

         Page 6: Introduction to Book

         Page 7: About the Author

17        How to Publish Your Book
          as an eBOOK on
                                                      15 minutes

          1. Go to and click “Self Publish” at the bottom
          of the page.

          2. Then scroll to “Kindle Books” and click “Get Started”

          3. You will “Create a New Account”
          (Content Guidelines are available on the site)

          4. Then you are ready to “Publish Your Content”

          The Site will walk you through everything to upload your book.

16         Create a PDF                         5 minutes
           Follow instructions in your word document to Print or
           Create a PDF.


19         Want a Printed Copy?
           If you decide you would like a printed copy of your
           book, The Publishing Place is a full service publisher.
           Rates on the website are start-from-scratch rates.
           So if you have made it this far and have a PDF of
           your book, we can get you printed copies at a
           special rate. Please email your final page count
           and the number of books you would like and I’ll
           get you a quote.

18         Facebook marketing for your book.
           Create a page on your facebook to introduce your new book.
           Follow these steps.

           1. From your home page, click on Ads and Pages
           on lefthand side of the screen.

           2. Click Create Page and follow prompts to upload
           art and information.

           3. Then announce it to your friends.

           OR use Facebook’s targeted marketing PAID
           advertising opportunities.

           1. At the bottom of the home page, click on Advertising.

           2. Then click on Create an Ad. You can follow the prompts to
           create your ad then decide how much you want to spend
           based on ‘clicks’ or ‘impressions.’ Facebook offers a tutorial
           that I recommend you watch. It not only shows you best
           practices for creating the ad, but also how to link to your
           own site and how to measure its effectiveness.

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