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Lottery Results
12 November 2011
Congratulations! You have won a prize in the Army Sports Lottery that was drawn on the 12 November 2011.
Ms Julie Mack pressed the buttons on this occasion: Maj (Retd) Dave Scott and Mrs Mary-Jane Little invigilated
throughout. You can now purchase up to 5 tickets, see your Admin Office or send your application direct to our
address at the bottom of these results.
             The next Super Draw takes place on the 3 December 2011. All prizes will be doubled

                                               New Lottery instruction 2011DIN10-034.

1st Prize (£10,000)
SR Armstrong                                            JSSU (Cyp), BFPO 57                                            04-19-38-39

2nd Prize (£5,000)
K Ware                                                  47 Regt RA, Thorney Island                                     09-10-13-40

3rd Prize (£4,000)
CA Wanless                                              3 Rifles, Edinburgh                                            13-30-32-39

4th Prize (£2,000)
CP Dawes                                                29 Regt RLC, South Cerney                                      06-18-23-40

5th Prize (£1,000)
S Irving                                                HQ 2 Div, South Queensferry                                    06-16-18-34

15 Consolation Prizes (£200 each)

GPJ Blunden                                             MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol                                        03-09-11-19
PA Franks                                               HQ 4 Div, Aldershot                                            22-24-34-38
S Hines                                                 DCMH, Catterick                                                06-22-26-33
MS Hackett                                              32 Engr Regt, BFPO 30                                          18-24-32-37
SC Wood                                                 1 R Anglian, Pirbright                                         02-12-29-35
GA Veale                                                3 Log Sp Regt RLC, Abingdon                                    06-07-15-16
JH Donnelly                                             Aberdeen UOTC, Aberdeen                                        01-15-25-31
KM Laird                                                19 Lt Bde CSS Bn, BFPO 806                                     05-18-19-23
P Poole                                                 23 Pnr Regt, Bicester                                          02-09-11-18
CM Brown                                                3 Yorks, Warminster                                            03-07-28-39
SG Daniel                                               FTU (UK), Salisbury                                            11-15-27-40
PA Marshall                                             MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol                                        06-24-25-34
M Yuille                                                14 Sig Regt (EW), Brawdy                                       06-08-19-35
JJ Cumming                                              4 Scots, BFPO 38                                               04-12-35-40
DA Moss                                                 2 Lancs, Preston                                               10-14-30-37

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    Change of Surname, Address, Unit Location etc.

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