Using a People Search to Contact Lost Friends and Loved Ones by cocoen


									A people search can provide much information for anyone looking to make contact with past co-workers
or acquaintances, friends, classmates and family members. This type of search is easily conducted with a
specialized search engine with access to thousands of records contained in public and private databases.
You can then effectively determine the best way to get back in touch with these long-lost friends and
loved ones on your own terms, and rest assured they won't even know you've searched for their
information in the meantime.

What Information Can I Access During a People Search?

A people search can return various details about a person, such as phone numbers and addresses, email
addresses, property ownership information, relatives, age, sex and birth date. These details can be used
to call, write or email the person you're searching for. You can also help use this information to confirm
it is in fact the correct individual - and not just someone else with the same name.

Where Is the Information Obtained?

Public records such as property ownership information, white pages directories, voter registrations and
other documents are used to obtain the details provided in a people search. Many people also belong to
online social networks where their hometown and ages are disclosed, and professional networks can
provide contact and occupational details.

Private databases can provide further details such as relatives and aliases, or even additional contact
information such as cell phone numbers. These databases are constantly updated with new information
or updated facts about the person you're trying to reach.

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