Adolescence in Film: �The Breakfast Club� by Q49221



         Adolescence in Film: “The Breakfast Club”

       John Hughes’s wildly popular 1985 film gave birth to the infamous
“brat pack” of actors and actresses and set the standard by which all teen
movies were evaluated for many years. Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy,
Emilio Estevez, Michael Anthony Hall, and Judd Nelson star as five totally
different high school kids (a princess, a basket case, an athlete, a brain
and a criminal) who get to know each other while thrown together during
an all-day Saturday detention session. This film gives credence to the
“storm and stress” view of adolescence, a time when their peer’s social
approval is imperative, their sense of direction in life is in flux, and the
feeling of alienation from parents is at its deepest point. Also included are
compelling insights into adolescent struggles with identity formation,
moral reasoning, self-esteem, and peer and parent relationships.
       After viewing the movie, pick one character that you find you best
identify with. In the first paragraph of your paper explain why you can
identify with the character and the issues/struggles he or she dealt with in
the movie. NOTE: you do not have to identify with same gender
characters. The next four paragraphs will be devoted each to one of four
specific developmental theorists- Freud, Kohlberg, Piaget and Erikson. In
each paragraph you should address the following:
       1. A general statement about the theorist and their contribution to
          developmental psychology.
       2. An explanation of the stage of development the theorist would
          believe your chosen character would be in. Make sure to name
          and describe this stage in DETAIL (afterall each paragraph is
          worth 15pts)!
       3. Support for your response to point #2 by citing a specific movie
          scene that would clearly show your character in that particular
          stage of development.
       This analysis paper should be typed, double-spaced and is due on
Tuesday, November 8th and is worth 75 test pts.
                  Paragraph#1 –- 10 pts.
                  Paragraphs #2-#5 --15 pts. EACH
                  This guide paper attached as a cover page for you paper –

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