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					Top 10 sites and Trusted PTC

Earn Money Just With Clicks PTC
Top 10 sites and Trusted PTC


Now people are so easily able to earn, so easy to start a business, because the availability
of diverse choices and business opportunities on the internet. Use of internet technology
has even made some people who use conventional ways to feel jealous and unrivaled.
Internet is a machine that can work for us for 24 hours to make money even when we are
sleeping or relaxing.

One option that has proved to be PTC (Paid To Click). PTC is a program where we will
get paid if we see or click on the ads that display advertising provider (PTC). PTC sites
benefit from advertisers when ads are viewed / clicked. In order for the ad is clicked then
the PTC site pays you to click on their ads.

At PTC, we act as an "end user", which means we have to actively click on ads served on
the PTC website. For every ad clicked, you will get a bonus. To increase revenue, we can
find a referral (referral is someone who is connected or joined some PTC site on the
recommendation of us) as much as possible without limit. And when we click on the ads
every referral, we will receive the bonus as well.
Generally, income derived

The calculation is done by using some assumptions as follows: the number of links that
display ads PTC sites are 10, revenue per click ads = $ 0.01 and ref clicks = $ 0.005 and
the number of active referrals 20 people.

If you follow only one PTC site:

You click 10 ads per day = link link 10 x $ 0.01 = $ 0.10.

20 referral link you click 10 ads per day = 20 x 10 x .005 = $ 1.00.

Your daily earnings = $ 0.10 + $ 1.00 = $ 1.10

Your weekly earnings = $ 1.10 x 7 days = $ 7.70.

Your monthly earnings = $ 1.10 x 30 days = $ 33.00

If you follow the ten PTC sites, then your earnings will be 10 x $ 33.00 = $ 330. Not bad,
The reasons for choosing PTC:

A. PTC is a program that is very easy to follow, no need any special skills, no need to sell
a product, and the registration itself is free. You just have to sit at the computer and click
on the ads aired.
2. PTC program is very flexible, ideal for those who intend to seek additional income
without interfering with your daily activities.
3. Income opportunities are immense. The more referrals then the more our income.
4. PTC is a legal business, because the main source of income comes from advertisers
PTC sites.

PTC program is very promising because of the work in Alexa, it is known that Indonesia
was ranked the third most played in the PTC program after the United States and India.
The rise of PTC users in Indonesia can also be seen from many forum contains the
discussion of this topic among others in the second forum, kaskus forum, Senior forum
and other forums.
How to Register

To enroll in the program is very easy to PTC. Anyone can sign up to one PTC program
providers (eg NeoBux site), and in principle nothing prevents you to become a member.
Due to almost all PTC sites pay their members with an intermediary payment processor,
then you must also have accounts on the payment processor like AlertPay (see how to
register AlertPay) or PayPal (see how the list of PayPal)
List of PTC

Based on the results of a survey of PTC sites we've done with reference to the many
indicators include indicators of traffic ranking sites, the level of confidence in the person
of a site (, link sites, many members of the site itself, proof of payment
to members , the comments of the members of the PTC, and the last is filtering the site -
the site of the word "SCAM" in the search engines engines. We recommend the 10 PTC
sites for you to register.
10 Reliable PTC Site!










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