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 Capitalizing on Opportunities in Cord Blood Industry Growth

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Over the past 12 months, the cord blood banking industry has expanded through double digit growth,
due to new entrants in the cord blood banking industry, as well as revenue growth at existing
operations. To guide industry competitors, this report considers the questions:

    ·      What factors are causing a substantial number of new cord blood banks to open up

    ·     What will be the effect of these new entrants to the cord blood banking industry for existing

    ·      How can existing competitors maintain a position of dominance in the industry among this

Deeper analysis also reveals that existing cord blood banks follow a bi-modal distribution, either
experiencing flat-line growth (less than 3% per annum) or substantively building revenue (25% or
more per annum).

While a similar bimodal distribution existed in the prior 12 month period (trailing 12 to 24 months),
the peaks have continued to separate over the past 12 months, with the average flat-growth company
staying stagnant and the average revenue growth company increasing its per annum growth rate from
17% per year to 25% per year. This trend indicates an increasing shift in dominance toward fast-
growth companies, which begs the questions:

    ·      What are the differences among the cord blood banks that are experiencing flat-line
        growth, versus those that have substantively building revenue?

    ·       Why are the fast-growth companies continuing to increase their dominance relative to the
        flat growth companies?

Over the past 12 months, there has also been particularly fast industry growth within specific regions
of the world. This report considers the models and tactics used within those regions in order to identify
strategies that businesses in other regions should consider leveraging as approaches for growth.

In sum, this expanded and updated version includes:
   ·       Supplemental analysis of factors that have produced double-digit industry growth over the
        trailing 12 months

   ·       Guidance on how to break through flat-line growth to become a fast-growing competitor
        within the cord blood industry

   ·       Novel global tactics for growth that can be leveraged without respect to country

   ·      Results from a detailed survey of expectant parents to provide insight into the perspectives
        and decisions of prospective clients

Table of Contents :


 I. Rate of Entrants to the Cord Blood Banking Industry

 II. Revenue Distinctions among Existing Cord Blood Banks

   A. Flat-Line Growth Companies (< 3% per Year)
   B. Substantive Revenue Growth Companies (25% or More Per Year)
   C. Comparison to Prior 12 Month Period - Increasing Bi-Modal Distribution

 III. Effect of New Entrants for Existing Competitors

 IV. Leveraging Novel Global Tactics for Growth


 I. Summary of Conditions

 II. Background

   A. Fetal Cord Blood Characteristics
   B. Existing Treatments
   C. Future Applications

 III. Cord Blood Banking Industry

   A. History

   B. Private vs. Public Cord Blood Banks

       1. U.S. Public Banks

         a. Overview
         b. Number of Public Banks
         c. Geographic Distribution

       2. U.S. Private Banks

         a. Overview
         b. Number of Private Banks
         c. Geographic Distribution

       3. Programs for Families with Medical Need
      4. International Banks

        a. Overview
        b. Number of Private Cord Blood Banks by International Region

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