MOS Legal Transcription Performs Quality, Confidential and Prompt Business Transcription by moslegalservice


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      MOS Legal Transcription Performs Quality,
     Confidential and Prompt Business Transcription

                                       MOS Legal Transcription Service, a
                                       front-ranking provider of transcription
                                       solutions for the bar, law firms, courts
                                       and various businesses, performs quality
                                       and confidential business transcription.
                                       The client can choose between verbatim
                                       and non-verbatim transcription and the
                                       project assigned would be completed by
                                       the stipulated deadline. The company has
                                       revealed that its solutions are beneficial
to professionals who didn’t attend a particular business meeting as they can
know the exact proceedings of that meeting. As a source of reference, they
provide something of a case study that companies can use to develop the
competitive streak in their employees.

Business Transcription Services

The company’s experts provide transcription of the following, maintaining
an accuracy rate of 99% at all times:

   • Board Meetings
   • Seminars
   • Focus Group Meetings

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   • Annual Meetings
   • Shareholders’ Meetings
   • Group Discussions
   • Conferences
   • Workshops
   • Symposiums
   • Interviews
   • Lectures
   • Speeches
   • Market research
   • Vox pops
   • Telephone calls
   • Group discussions

According to an MOS Legal Transcription Service representative, “We are
able to consistently achieve a high accuracy rate with a combination of hi-
tech technology to improve clarity of speech and reduce background
interferences, skilled and experienced transcriptionists, and a three—tiered
QA process.”

Assured Security and Confidentiality

MOS Legal Transcription Service does not share media entrusted to it with
any third party unless specified by the client himself. The transfer of media

                             MOS Legal Transcription Service                  Call: 8006702809

and completed transcripts between the company and client is through secure
and protected means. The company currently supports two modes of secure
file transfer – FTP and browser based (aided by 256 bit AES encryption).

About MOS Legal Transcription Service

MOS Legal Transcription Service is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and offers
competitively priced (savings of 30 to 40 percent can be realized) legal and
business transcription solutions to members of the law and general business
fraternity. The solutions are available to businesses of different sizes and
budget limits. The company’s transcriptionists have experience in
transcribing in different formats and are thus able to deliver individualized
solutions. The company offers a Free Trial of its business transcription
outsourcing solutions. For more information about MOS Legal Transcription
Service, visit

Contact Information
MOS Legal Transcription Service
8596 E, 101st Street, Suite H
Tulsa, OK 74133
Ph: 800-670-2809
Fax: (877) 835-5442

                             MOS Legal Transcription Service

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