Get Rid of Dark Circles: Best Natural Remedies

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					Get Rid of Dark Circles: Best Natural Remedies

Majority of the time, individuals need to deal with dark circles under eyes. Whether these are caused by
hang over, stress, lack of enough sleep or aging, the best thing now is the fact that there are already
various at-home ways for treating them. There is no longer a need for laser treatments or surgeries
because you only need to take a short trip to the nearest grocery store, relax for a few minutes and get
rid of dark circles.

Clichéd as it may sound, prevention is always the best medicine. There are now various ways for
preventing or reducing the appearance of dark circles under eyes, even though you might be genetically
predisposed. Due to the fact that dehydration can cause dark circles, make sure that you drink about
eight 8 ounce glasses every day and stay away from things that might cause dehydration, such as
caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Exercise and diet might also result to dark circles, which can indicate that
you do not get the correct nutrients. It is essential that you evaluate your diet for ensuring that you will
get enough for your day to day needs to be fulfilled. Lack of sleep and stress also result to dark circles
under eyes. In case this is your situation, make sure that you get extra sleep every night. These ways to
get rid of dark circles, to be honest, are easier said than done, especially since majority of use cannot
afford spending additional 5 minutes for sleeping or give up the morning coffee.

So, what are the natural remedies to get rid of dark circles?

    •   Massage almond oil around and under your eyes.

    •   Cut some slices of unwaxed cucumber and put them in the refrigerator before placing them on
        your eyes within 10 minutes.

    •   Massage peanut oil around and under your eyes.

    •   Apply turmeric powder paste with pineapple juice. Make sure this will not get into your eyes and
        rinse after five minutes.

    •   Put two bags of tea, chamomile tea if possible, in some cold water within five minutes before
        placing them in your eyes for ten minutes.

    •   Apply some crushed mint leaves below your eyes within 20 minutes to get rid of dark circles.

    •   Eat foods that are rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin E.

These are the natural remedies to get rid of dark circles quickly.

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