October Sky Assignment by Yx3Jx5zC


									                      October Sky Assignment

October Sky has much to say about both the complexities of family
relationships and the delight in scientific exploration and inquiry that results
in breakthroughs that affect each of our lives. Homer’s father, who has
spent his life working in the mines, is proud of what he does, and is
disappointed in is son for not wanting to do the same. He thinks that Homer
and his friends are wasting their time on their rocket projects and he
resents Homer’s adoration of noted rocket scientist Werner von Braun.


Imagine that, like Homer, you could correspond with any scientist. Who
would that scientist be? Why would you choose this person? What
questions would you ask him or her?

Your assignment is to write an essay which answers the above questions.
Please keep in mind that this is an essay, you will be graded on ideas,
organization, sentence fluency and conventions. Attached is a graphic
organizer for you to use for pre-writing.

                   You will have 1.5 days to work on this in class.

                   You will turn in your graphic organizer.

                   Your final copy of the essay is due on Monday, June

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