D5 Procedure for Overrun/Underrun by cRoe2oP


                   D5 Construction (DOCO)

With the signing of HB 1681 in 2005, Supplemental Agreements are no longer required to document
contract overruns in excess of 105%.

District Five’s policy is to encumber all contract overruns prior to payout. Therefore, management
encourages each Project Administrator (PA) to monitor their project spending throughout the life of
the project. Prior to any expenditure exceeding the contract/project amount, the PA must request
additional funding from the District Operations Contract Office (DOCO).

Requests for overrun funds must be based on an analysis of the remaining project work and the
difference of the calculated estimated overruns and underruns by the PA. (Review CPAM
Quantity Overruns)

To calculate, take the Original Contract Amount (OCA) less Initial Contingency Funds and any
additional Contingency Supplemental Agreements. This will be the new OCA that you will use to
calculate overruns and underruns.

     Contracts with an original contract amount (OCA) of $5 million or less may incur an overrun
      to the total contract amount up to 2.5% of the OCA.

     Contracts with an original contract amount (OCA) over $5 million with overruns in excess of
      2.5% of the OCA must have additional funds encumbered prior to the authorization of the
      work that will cause the contract (not pay item or project) to overrun.

At 75% payment of the OCA you will need to monitor your monthly payments IF your project has
incurred overruns. You can use this spreadsheet throughout the length of the project to track
quantities for payment. Included in this spreadsheet will be a cell for percentage of pay item
complete, next to each specific pay item. This will show an estimated amount of which pay items
will overrun and which pay items will underrun. If at that time you find that you are going to overrun
before your project is complete, then you will need to request additional funds from DOCO (D5-
contract_changes@dot.state.fl.us) by using the Spreadsheet for Overrun/Underrun Funds. This
spreadsheet is NOT meant to track quantities throughout the project. It is only meant to request the
funds from DOCO. You will need to separate the FAP and NFAP funds on this spreadsheet. There
is a separate worksheet tab for each.

Failure to meet this requirement will require an explanation from the PA/RE (or CEI PA/SPE
if consultant project) to the DCE. The DCE will prepare an ‘OOPS’ letter for the District
Secretary’s signature which is sent to DOT’s Comptroller.

         For federally funded projects refer to CPAM 7.3.11 for changes that are Non-Federal Aid
          Participating. All Non-Federal Aid Participating (NFAP) overruns should be
          reflected as NFAP on the appropriate worksheet and separated by each individual

    Instructions for Requesting Overrun Funds                                            January 2008
     If your project is FAO, please attach the FHWA Approval – Major and Minor
      Construction Changes form (Form 700-010-47) that has already been signed by the D5
      FHWA Area Engineer. Effective August 25, 2006, email this form to Interim D5 FHWA
      Area Engineer. The phone number is (850) 942-9650. CEI’s will need to send this form
      through their FDOT Project Manager for signature.

     DCE (or District Traffic Operations Engineer for Traffic Ops contracts) signature on this
      form will be obtained by DOCO staff after the PA submits the form to DOCO.

Instructions for Requesting Overrun Funds                                          January 2008

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