Checklist for an Employment Agreement by pellcity27


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									              Matters to be Considered when Drafting an Employment Agreement

A.      Names of Parties.
        1.   Employer.
        2.   Employee.

B.      Term of Agreement.

C.      Place(s) where Agreement is to be Performed.

D.      Duties of Employee.
        1.     Hours of employment.
        2.     Best efforts to be devoted to employment.
        3.     Maintaining outside job or interest.

E.      Description and Location(s) of Working Facilities.

F.      Covenant to Maintaining Confidentiality of Intellectual Property
        1.   Trade Secrets.
        2.   Inventions and Patents.

G.      Shop Rights1 Policy.

H.      Compensation.
        1.   Wage, salary, or commission.
        2.   Overtime work; night, weekend or holiday differential.
        3.   Pay while unable to work due to illness.
        4.   Effect of termination or noncompletion of employment.

I.      Special Compensation Plans.

        1.      Deferred compensation.

        2.      Percentage of sales or profits.

        3.      Incentive bonus.

        4.      Profit sharing.

        5.      Stock options.

        6.      Pension and retirement plans.

J.      Expense account.

        1.      Travel.

        2.      Meals.

  Shop rights are a company's right to use technology whose deve
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