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     Motivational sayings sometimes reach down and touch us in a deep and seemingly profound way. When the
     moment is right and the emotions are ready, the right saying can create an immediate and positive response.
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                                    What Is The Secret To Motivating Your Downline?
                                                           By David B. Ledoux

  What Is The Secret To Motivating Your Downline?
 by: David B. Ledoux

I just snapped.

I couldn't take it any more.

I starting sobbing, and I gripped the steering wheel with both hands in a choke hold. My vision blurred
from the tears as I drove the 2 hours back...another freaking no-show. I was in my $800 rusty van with
no heat and a hole in the roof.

It was March 1995. I had been married less than 30 days. Nearly my entire downline of 86 had quit,
leaving me with just 5 people. If I didn't recruit someone within 48 hours, I wouldn't qualify for a check.
And if I didn't qualify for a check, I wouldn't have money for gas, phone or food...

It was a low point in my career as a professinal network of the hundreds of low points in
16 years.

Have you been there?

If not, why not?

Think about that for a second. Has your MLM business brought you to the point of tears, ever? If not,
why not?

I recently asked networkers to email me their biggest problem. If you didn't get that offer, you can
check it out at Do you know what one of the most talked about
problems was?

How do I motivate my downline?

If you ever want to cause a brawl, ask that question at a mastermind of top leaders and your company
president at a big function sometime. There are as many theories on motivation as there are morons

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

in politics.

Here's my three cents on the issue.

I believe motivation is caused by a mental question. The question might be, "Why should I pick up the
phone and call prospects today?"

The question is repeated in the subconscious. Our inner dialogue triggers a routine in our mental
programming. The subconscious MUST TRY to answer every question it is asked. For example,
when are you going to invest in your business and finally buy MLM Bluprint?

So, our brain tries to figure out WHY it should make calls. It goes into memory banks, comparing the
question to previous life experiences, both REAL and IMAGINED. Remember when you asked that
person to the school dance in grade 9 and they said No? What if you call a prospect and they say
NO? Remember how embarassing that was?

The brain moves through the memory banks at warp speed, comparing both positive and negative
experiences with the current problem. An inner dialogue supports the comparision. The brain is
calculating the potential PAIN of making calls versus the potential PLEASURE of making calls.

Think of it like a scale. If you have more (or stronger) painful memories, then the brain will tip away
from the calls and get you to go make a chocolate sandwich and watch Survivor or Idol or something.

The opposite is true if the brain finds recent positive experiences. In baseball it's called a hitting
streak. In poker, its called a rush. In mlm, its called "Baby, I'm hot stuff!" Once you get on a roll, it's
like everything you touch turns to gold. The brain believes you're hot, and you start dialing like a
madman. Boom! Another hot one. Boom! Another hot one. You're unstoppable.

Motivation is a spiral vortex, like in the toilet or when you pull the plug in the bathtub. It can spiral in a
negative fashion, pulling you further down, or it can spiral in a positive fashion, making you hot stuff

The key lies in the mental pictures that we compare to the question. When your brain asks" Why
should I call prospects?" it can't tell the difference between REAL and IMAGINED pictures. If you can
focus on the mental picture of being a six-figure earner (think about the toys, the security, the freedom,
the fun!) then the brain will tilt in the direction of those mental images, taking ACTION to make them

In MLM Blueprint, we talk about Treasure Maps and Fridge Photos as a source of both motivation and
as a RETENTION tool. If your downline isn't motivated it's because their brain lacks MENTAL
PICTURES to compare the questions to. THAT'S why large events, team parties, trips and cruises, etc
are so valuable. They create mental movies of what's possible. If you aren't using TREASURE MAPS
and FRIDGE PHOTOS as a step-by-step duplicatable system in your organization, then you aren't
tapping your full potential.

When I walked on stage in front of 7000 people in June of 2000 to get my Million Dollar Earner's Pin, I
thought back to that day in March of 1995 when I wanted to rip the steering wheel off. In five years I
managed to figure out how to tilt the scales of motivation in my direction. I had lived that moment
hundreds of thousands of times in my mind....I knew exactly what I would be wearing, how it would Famous Secret Recipes
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sound and feel to be a millionaire.

When my brain asked, "Why should I call prospects today?" I KNEW WHY.

I appreciate you. Keep your WHY in your mind's eye at all times!

David Ledoux
Creator - The Ultimate MLM Blueprint For Massive Success.

p.s. send me your biggest problem in network marketing and I'll send you a free gift worth $35.

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          Learn the Multilevel Marketing Secrets Necessary to Explode Your MLM Downline
                                                   By Brian Garvin

Multilevel marketing secrets to create a solid downline are about developing the right relationships.
One of the best kept multilevel marketing secrets is right under your nose hiding as a "Golden rule".
You know, those golden rules your family taught you growing up.

 Treat others the way you want to be treated. If the only thing your downline represents to you is more
money, then you will not be exploding your downline very soon. You will end up having a lot of
distributors under you that wish they had someone else as a sponsor. Most will lose any motivation
they once had and start looking around for a better deal.

 Most highly successful MLM distributors with solid downlines won't tell you they are great motivators,
they are skilled coaches or mentors. They won't be shouting they are there for everyone of their
distributors or that they can be counted on for support 24/7. They won't tell you, but their downline sure

 You can have all the leads coming in you could ever ask for, yet if you do not have a personal value, a
relationship to offer them, these leads will have no lasting value to you. Cultivating and nurturing a
downline requires you to cultivate the right winning attitude and experience with treating people with

 In the beginning, you will have to pay the dues. Creating success in your own MLM business is one of
the multilevel marketing secrets. The steps you take to be of value to your downline is learning the
products and what everyone of them does and where the market for your products are.

 Another multilevel marketing secret is understanding the company's multilevel compensation plan,
inside and out. Make sure your downline understands this company plan. Don't be afraid to bring up it's
weak points to them. Get everything out in the open and your downline will respect you for your upfront

 Becoming the coach and mentor is another multilevel marketing secret. Become an expert. Know it all.
You want your downline to come to you when they need answers. If you don't know the answers, tell
them you will find out, then do it. Essentially, you are a role model for your distributors, they will be
taking their cues on how to be successful from you.

 Work with them, commiserate with them and share your success and failures with them, so they can
learn from you. When you can truly uplift them, then you are coaching and mentoring your downline. If
you are not able to walk your talk, they will pick this up from you too soon.

 Multilevel marketing secrets are meant to share. Learn all of the methods you can for generating good
leads. Know these methods and what makes them work. Use them yourself to generate your leads,
then teach your downline how to use them. Your success is not keeping secrets, it is about sharing
your knowledge with your downline.

 All these multilevel marketing secrets are really one secret. Great success comes to those that stay
positive, stay motivated and truly desire to share their success with others.

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